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Council wants electoral boundary to be called Prince Edward Quinte

County Council wants the new federal electoral riding to be called ‘Prince Edward Quinte’, not ‘Bay of Quinte’.

The words “Prince Edward” will fall from the federal electoral map for the first time since 1867 if the proposed “Bay of Quinte” riding is approved.

The Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission have issued their final report and Prince Edward County Council sent letters to Ted Hsu, MP Kingston and the Islands and Daryl Kramp, MP Prince Edward-Hastings advising of council’s opposition to the new district named Bay of Quinte.

Council believes an opportunity may still exist to have the commission consider the district name change to “Prince Edward-Quinte”.

Council on Tuesday is to resolve “That Committee of the Whole Motion CW-141-2013 as adopted by Council on April 23, 2013 as it relates to the federal electoral riding boundaries and naming, be re-sent to Daryl Kramp, MP Prince Edward-Hastings requesting his support in naming our new electoral district “Prince Edward-Quinte”.

Prince Edward was a federal electoral district  represented in the  House of Commons from 1867 to 1904. It was created by the British North America Act of 1867, and consisted of the County of Prince Edward. The district was abolished in 1924 when it was merged into Prince Edward—Lennox riding.

Portion of the proposed southern Ontario area electoral map from

Ridings map proposed

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  1. IM Messenger says:

    This is just a reminder when the mayor wanted to change the electoral boundaries of the county reducing wards to 10. And how the people didn’t like this one bit. Seems the mayor is wearing the same shoe he fought to cut off his own foot regardless of he had to go barefoot or not. Such a falsehood to integrity. Follow the money!

    I think in the future, I dare to say, that you will eventually see PEC be barely represented not by as little as 10 wards but much less, as it gets amalgamated into Hastings more and more, little by little. The silence of the people. The gov’t will have more power of them and so will the police in times of public protest.

  2. Phil Baldwin says:

    Yes, the name “Prince Edward” has been included in one riding configuration or another in the House of Commons since Confederation, and council wanted this tradition maintained. As an historian myself, I have a deep respect for tradition. But the name “Bay of Quinte,” too, has a long tradition in the region that predates Confederation. What’s more, it doesn’t play any favourites among the three municipalities.

    As someone who grew up in the County, and lives here now, I am not supportive of the council’s proposal, and I consider it to be damaging to the cohesiveness of the new riding. We are much stronger together, and the County council members are not being team players in the region when they make moves like this. Belleville and Quinte West have not lodged any protests about the new name not mentioning their municipality specifically, and here we have the County council causing a fuss. This does not help our reputation with our partners, especially considering that the council has also needlessly damaged relations with Quinte West recently over what was in effect a fait accompli with the airbase (whether you are a supporter or not).

    The Conservatives and Liberals have already held their founding meetings for their new associations under the new “Bay of Quinte” riding name, and things are already registered with Elections Canada. Council’s protest is much too late in the game and very disruptive, to say the least.

  3. Why says:

    What’s wrong with Bay of Quinte Riding?

  4. Wolf Braun says:

    Does anyone know if our Mayor and County County had any input into the final naming ? Seems to me that’s the first thing that we should accept from the Feds.

  5. Why says:

    The problem is that there would have to be an agreement. County Council doesn’t know how to do that.

  6. Anon says:

    I believe there was once a “Quinte” riding. Let’s just call it that.

  7. Wilf Day says:

    If Belleville, Quinte West and Prince Edward can all agree fairly soon, Daryl Kramp can introduce a private member’s bill to change the name before the next election. This happens a lot. But first they have to agree. How about Quinte–Prince Edward?

  8. Loretta says:

    We should include both communities in the name. But please, Please, PLEASE, Do Not hire any consultants to report to council on this!

  9. Why says:

    This is the Bay of Quinte Region is it not? Perhaps everyone would be happy of it was called Prince Edward, Belleville, Quinte? I don’t get it.

  10. Marnie says:

    Why would Prince Edward County residents stand by without voicing any protest while losing their identity? It’s worth a fight to keep our name. Things became ugly when it was deleted.

  11. Phil Norton says:

    At first glance, this issue will probably pit Prince Edward County against Quinte West. The facts are: why would Quinte West want “Prince Edward” to be the name of their riding? It has historic significance for only our half of the riding. “Bay of Quinte” represents the entire region. Some will prefer the royalty terminology; others will prefer the natural landscape terminology. This will get ugly.

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