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Councillor Lunn a breath of fresh air

Council seems to be rolling along dealing with all kinds of things, but I have yet to see anywhere a mention of cutting expenses.
Oh well maybe that will come up soon.  When someone retires unless it is absolutely necessary do not replace them. That is what other jurisdictions do.

Alec you are a breath of fresh air on council.  You and several other councillors have taken a stand on important issues and come up with sensible comments unlike some of your peers.

The comment about the interpretive centre is one for the books.  “Let’s put the interpretive centre in Rossmore and the turbines in Belleville”
Everyone comments on that.
Why would anyone take up valuable land in Picton to place something like an interpretive near the high school?  What would they do take away the soccer field?
In the first place, we do not need IWT’s in the county and we certainly would never need an interpretive centre.

I have been wondering about the new subdivision or at least I guess that is what it is.  Seems to be very extensive with a four storey building for seniors who want to spend their last days cooped up in an apartment.  The location as I can make it out to be is a long way from down town and up and down a couple of hills.

Time will tell, but in the meantime Alec, keep up the good work.  We need you there.
Doris Lane

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  1. Dayton Johnson says:

    Some very good points made here but it’s getting petty arguing about usage of who uses what appliance or does without it because of their beliefs.Each Hydro One customer pays dearly for his fix in a restricted,laughable mode dreamt up by the McGintey stooges. Get to the meat of the problem….The Prov. Liberals led by a “down with his ship leader’ who has stripped local councils of their rights to decision making.That’s where the problem is and argueing amongst ourselves accomplishes nothing.It’s time we stepped up the physical protests at the local MPP office. Direct your anger where it counts,,,get more media coverage from a Toronto based TV station.Locally a protest march or blockade in tourist traffic will generate some interest for sure.If possible lets see those supportive councillors leading the march. They have voiced their opinion now it’s time to get active.

  2. Killashandra Ree says:

    I applaud the efforts of the new councillors who are taking a stand against IWTs (Industril Wind Turbines) in the County. I abhor when these monstorous projects are referred to as “parks” or “farms”, as if they are people friendly or ‘green’, full of growing things. All they do is kill birds and bats, cause people to become sick and ase so subsidised that out electricity bill will doulble every few years. That our children and grandchildren will have to pay for this folly over and over again, not only in dollars and cents but in the environmental damage to gain a few measley and intermittant watts of energy, that stiil require a gas, oil or coal fired backup plant makes absolutley no sense from any viewpoint.

    Councillors, Please, Please, continue the fight for the right to decide where and how many can be safely placed in the County (if any can be).

    Ontario requires less electricty year over year, as manufacturing and heavy industry moves offshore and we become more service and informtation oriented. Remember too, that the best winds in the County occur during the fall/winter seasons, and the highest demand for electricity is now during the summer months. We do not require additional power generation at this time. True, we may require more in the future, as few if any, are willing to give up the convenience appliances from microwaves, bug zappers, air conditioning, iPhones, games stations, Wii and Blue Ray players.

  3. Doris Lane says:

    I forgot to mention Heather Campbell when I wrote the above article. She worked very hard during the election and by all reports is doing an excellent job on council
    Congratulations go to Heatherr for all her good work
    Also another councillor who has returned is Robert Quaiff who was an outstanding councillor when he was in council before and is continuing in the same way.
    I enjoy reading Robert’s comments on various matters and it is obvious that he gives a lot of thought to his work.

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