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Councillor seeks support for painting rainbow crosswalks during Pride Month

UPDATED: Council showed support to create two rainbow crosswalks in honour of Pride Month – at a cost of approximately $1,900 to be paid for by PEC Partners (Base31, formerly Loch Sloy) who had offered to contribute to a project the Picton BIA felt was important.

St.-Jean noted the Picton BIA has a mandate to beautify and improve its area, and the funding was offered by Base31 to the BIA following a presentation, but he noted discussions could be held later to see if there’s interest for rainbow crosswalks at Bloomfield and Wellington.

Council also learned Belleville is installing five rainbow crosswalks and Quinte West is also considering them. Paint choices are being discussed. The design near the Metro grocery, as the road is part of a connecting link, must be created ‘ladder-style’ meaning, colour-asphalt-colour-asphalt. The paint is to be durable, but will wear. Any discussion on maintenance, or keeping the crosswalk for a longer period of time, would have to come back to council.

Councillor Phil St-Jean will seek council support to create two rainbow crosswalks at each end of Picton to celebrate inclusion, diversity and equity during June’s Pride Month.

The resolution, to be discussed at Thursday’s Committee of the Whole meeting, states that in partnership with the Picton Business Improvement Association (BIA), and through a financial contribution from PEC Partners in celebration of 2LSGBTQ+ communities, the crosswalks will celebrate Pride month and symbolize love, acceptance, and inclusivity.

Should council approve the painting of rainbow crosswalks, the suggestion is they be create by the fairgrounds on Picton Main Street and near the Metro grocery store on Picton Main Street.

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  1. Gary says:

    Let’s just let things alone. There is no need for rainbow crosswalks. Everyone enjoy your lives and do so without impacting others.

  2. DAVE THOMAS says:

    Clearly most naysayers have no idea about the spending power of the gay community. Painting stripes on crosswalks is not only a good gesture, it’s good for business!

  3. Dave Gray says:

    Former prime minister said the state has no right on what goes on in a bedroom, lets leave it that! Dont need rainbows cross walks.

  4. B Wilder says:

    Please note that the purpose is celebrate INCLUSION, DIVERSITY and EQUITY. It is about including everyone not just white privileged men!

  5. Dennis Fox says:

    Remembrance Day is held to honour those who have died in wars to defend our freedom. Pride Month is held to educate this who do not respect others and want to limit their freedom due to their sexual orientation.

    There is no comparison between these two events – perhaps you can explain the difference to your 12 year old nephew to alleviate his concerns. Hopefully one day, there will be no need to educate those who hold bigoted thoughts – education is the answer and it takes time.

  6. angela says:

    This money could be better spent elsewhere in our town. We already have gay pride flags and gay pride month which is great, but painting the crosswalks seems unnecessary.

  7. Dave H. says:

    My 12 year old nephew asked why we have a month for gay pride and only one day for veterans? Maybe we need a crosswalk of poppies.

  8. Dennis Fox says:

    Too much of our tax dollars are spent on supporting business and on visitors – I would rather see it use to support and promote people. As for the slippery road paint, grit can be added or they make non slip paint. I think painting the rainbow is a good idea.

  9. BA says:

    Older people fall down on painted roads! They are slippery when wet. I would prefer money used to support businesses such as advertising Picton Main Street and keeping the public toilets open – Visitors are constantly complaining.

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