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County gains $2 million toward watermain upgrades

Repairs being made to a watermain break last January at Mary and Chapel streets.

Repairs being made to a watermain break last January at Mary and Chapel streets.

Picton’s Main Street – from Chapel to Bridge – will benefit from an infrastructure grant for up to $2 million toward the replacement and upgrade of watermains.

Mayor Robert Quaiff said the County’s application to the Ontario Communities Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) was announced Tuesday morning.

“Total cost of the project is $2.7 million, so the OCIF covers 72 per cent of the overall cost,” said Quaiff. “The project will result in the upgrade of water mains, connections, and sanitary and storm sewers on Picton Main street from Chapel to Bridge streets.”

Quaiff said the project would also see the replacement of some of the curbs, sidewalks and lighting in the same area.

The construction contract is to be awarded in the fall of 2015, with a target completion date of December 31, 2016. The Picton Business Improvement Area is to be consulted throughout the duration of the project in order minimize impact on the downtown core.

OCIF funds small, rural and northern municipalities to help build and repair critical infrastructure. The province approved 78 projects through OCIF, which provides $100 million per year in funding for critical road, bridge, water and wastewater projects. $50 million is available per year in fair and transparent formula-based funding and another $50 million per year in application-based funding.

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  1. R.Richman says:

    The county has always been a poor county. We lived within our means and got by. Each section of the county managed its own affairs and did not drink champayne on a beer budget. then came amalgamation winerys and tourism, we were discovered. Came the city folk who loved the rural life with bigger property and half the taxes that they were use too.
    PEC’s problem is simple, stop spending. No more grants no more new employees no to anything. Get control first by getting a new CAO for half the money. They are out there and they are just as good as what we have.

  2. Mark!!! says:

    Its CountyLive comments section bingo/drinking game:

    – Someone blamed the tourists for something: DRINK!
    – Marnie wishes for simpler times: DRINK!
    – Someone doesn’t like wind energy: FREE SQUARE
    – “We need fresh faces on council”: DRINK!
    – “We need more women on council”: DRINK!
    – “Why do I, THE TAX PAYER have to _____”: DRINK!
    – Steve Campbell says something crazy: CHUG!

    I’m sure I’ll think of some more.

  3. Gary says:

    Paul, I tend to agree somewhat. As an example the Beer Store, Liquor Store, Grocery stores make a bundle but the tax return to the municipality is no different than if they were not raking it in.

    We the taxpayer also pay for the roads that heavy traffic use to get to private operators. One could argue that they benefit at our cost. The roads also get pounded by bulk water haulage from Picton to rural properties. This also places more stress on the water & wastewater infrastructure for Picton taxpayers. Of note it is my understanding that this water is supply costed only and is not charged wastewater fees unlike the users in Picton who pay for it in and out, even it does not go back into the system.

  4. Paul says:

    The cost of tourism on infrastructure is brutal, few benefit from it while many pay for it…

  5. R.Richman says:

    Lets hope someone calls Bell the gas company or any one else who may need to tear up the strreets so they can do their work at the same time. Over the years every time the main street of Picton is resurfaced, months if not weeks later a section of the new street surface needs to be torn up for a up grade.

  6. mike taylor says:

    Snowman, you are wrong on a few points! Municipal drinking water in Ontario is funded 100% from only the users of the drinking water system. Look it up bud, it is called the sustainable water and sewage systems act 2002! The days are gone when other departments funded other departments within a municipality. Your point on raising taxes on non user’s homes is flawed! yes not all of us use “all” of the municipal services (arena’s, libraries,sidewalks), but sharing the burden across every tax payer within a municipality is how communities are built!

  7. baysider says:

    You are so right Snowman. When are the rest of the public going to get it

  8. Snowman says:

    The idea that rural people use Municipal water and sewer every time they drive into town thereby driving up the cost is one that you really need to prove with facts.
    We all pay taxes towards the cost of running arenas, libraries,Shire Hall etc.
    There are three reasons for high costs in The County’s water system.
    -low number of users per metre of pipe in the ground.
    -lack of system maintenance/replacement esp. by the former
    Town of Picton
    -virtually no large industrial users as compared to other
    similar sized systems.
    Raising the taxes on non user’s homes is not the answer. That will drive low income and older rural rate payers from their homes.

  9. Gary says:

    Snowman,I don’t believe Picton taxpayers flock to your home to use your services.

  10. Snowman says:

    72% subsidy to Picton water and sewer users. So,when my well and septic need work, where to I apply for my 72% funding?

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