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End of innocence – just in time for all-nighter

Well here we go. Open full time as of tomorrow night and all the carnage that comes with that. It’s the idea of me sleeping that I like to put in to play so I can remember what it’s like. What a pile of whiny boy crap. I can sleep thru a hurricane. I only need something mildly horizontal and I’m taking a nap. Being up late just helps me justify my otherwise lazy personna.
It’s a bit of a wonky week. We start off with a split program that reunites on Wednesday just in time for the all-nighter and, of course, the world premiere of Eclipse Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Give me some of that good Twilight gravy.
Had a dude at the drive in a few weeks back by the name of John Dumont. He’s a writer doing a book about iconic canadian professions that are disappearing. So he picked projectionist.
I may have mentioned him in a previous newsletter. Dude was so close to me all night we may have to go on a camping weekend. Anyway, I’m sure that will be a huge seller and I can’t wait to assume my rightful position on the publicity tour bus. I also can’t wait to see what the Easter Bunny brings me.
Speaking of misplaceds icons, and we were, how about that World Cup? I actually am getting into it. In other news Big Turk is not a chocolate bar. Ok it’s not exactly relevant but that stuff in the middle is nasty.
Pretty low impact weekend just rolled by and as it turns out, nobody cares if they get him to the Greek on time or at all.
We have a Facebook group. I understand we have for awhile and that’s a good thing but we just started administering it and when I say we I mean Amanda. So we can send out news blasts and updated movies and show times. Dark.
So if you aren’t part of it, catch the wave. I want to be the biggest group for a drive in on the web. And then we cn crush the others with our armies. Facebook world domination.
As I type this the G8 or 20 or 17.5 is going on. The next time they do something meaningful will be the first time and they arrested some guy who was out taking his weapons for a ride when he got stopped by some very polite police officers.
They took him to Gitonimo North (I’m just spelling it like it sounds) where he was forced to stay in a room decorated by Debbie Travis and the kids at Restaurant Makeover Conditions were rough as they are in most Canadian jails. He was forced to do metric time which is 3 for 1 and he wasn’t allowed out of the jail unless he asked really nicely.
Dude had like several knives and a couple chain saws and was talking about a lot of freaky things. No warning bells there. In other stories he was released later when the police ruled he posed no threats.
Other than that, I did some stuff, and then it was over. A poem by me.
Except for the Father’s day thing which was totally awesome I got to hang with my kids. Doesn’t get much better than that.
Here’s the breakdown on the movies.
We open full time now so every stinking night. What’s going to happen is Friday thru Tuesday we’re showing Grown Ups with The Bounty Hunter and on the other screen it’s The Karate Kid playing with The A Team. That’s how we roll up to and including Tuesday. Wednesday night is an all nighter It’s also the world premiere of Eclipse.
Heres the breakdown of films.
ON Screen 1
Bonus shows Wednesday
Letters To Juliet
Remember Me

ON Screen 2
Grown Ups
THe Karate KId
Bonus shows Wednesday
The Bounty Hunter
Death At A Funeral

Hey what can I say. Some  film companies suck less that others.
That’s all I got for now Have to get this to the B-man
Have a great week folks and we’ll see you at the movies. Paul

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