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Sales of LHS fundraising ‘paws’ best in the district

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A Sheltered Life – stories as told to Maggie Haylock-Capon, by Liza, resident greeter at the Loyalist Humane Society. (Photographs by Alan R. Capon)

(If you are unable to adopt a cat or kitten, there are many other important ways to help the LHS. Donations of Javex and other household cleaning products, garbage bags, grocery bags, litter, cat food and kitten food are welcome. The Loyalist Humane Society is located on County Road 4, (Talbot Street), near the intersection of Tripp Road.)

* * *

Hi, Everyone,

Liza doing a little spring cleaning.

It’s Liza reporting live, from The Laundry Room, gathering place for the “in” crowd at the Loyalist Humane Society. There is some wonderful news here, this week. Senior correspondent, Girlfriend, who has been under the weather, is now recovering from a nasty virus. She is expected to resume her reporting duties, next week. Yesterday, she felt well enough to take a short stroll in the yard, accompanied by our own Mrs. Moffatt. She assures me that she will soon be back at her desk, with more sensational scoops for our readers.

The big buzz here this week is the generous community response to PetValu’s Pet Appreciation Weekend. Owner Trish Daley and her co-workers, to date, have raised almost $3,000 for donation to the LHS, through the sale of paper “paws”, which now are decorating the windows of the store. Picton’s Pet Valu is first in its district in paw sales and sixth, Canada-wide. Congratulations Trish and staff!

Levar and Denzel are available for adoption at Pet Valu. Staff member Fiona Patton is shown with Levar.

Paws will be sold until the end of April, so if you have not already bought one or more, be sure to stop by Pet Valu in the Sobey Plaza.
Pet Appreciation Weekend led to the adoption of one of our favourite residents, a young tiger miss named Sugar Baby. She found her forever home last Sunday. Mrs. M. took her and Miss Manners to Pet Valu where they auditioned in hopes of finding families of their own. Two more LHS residents, Denzel and LeVar were also at the store for this event.

Mixie and the Mixmasters are the talk of our shelter, these days. Mixie is a gorgeous calico cat who came to us at Easter time. A day after her arrival she gave birth to three delightful kittens – Bunny, Chick, and Jelly Bean. Their eyes now are open and soon they will begin to explore their world. Each spring, many wayward girls like Mixie make their way to our shelter to have their babies. It certainly makes things crowded sometimes, but no one minds, for who can resist those tiny kittens?

Last week, I introduced our new advice columnist, Dr. Stella Wigglebum. Letters from our residents are arriving for her daily. Here’s one from a Damsel in distress.

Dear Dr. Wigglebum,

I have been here at the shelter for some time now and my search for a forever home is beginning to seem hopeless. What do I do wrong? I am always a bridesmaid, but never a bride. I have been short-listed many times, but never chosen. Can you give me any advice?

Dear Damsel in Distress,

With that plain, pin-striped suit of yours, you are not exactly dressed to stand out in a crowd. You need to adopt a gimmick and cultivate a sense of style. Take Zeke, for example. He leaps onto the shoulders of our visitors to gain attention while Doren gives them love bites. Girlfriend squawks at everyone in that old lady voice of hers and Spitty Riley swears like a trooper. These cats have character. People won’t forget them any time soon. Perhaps you could work on your purr. People always like a cat with a fine singing voice.

You need a spin doctor to update your image (a red collar would brighten up that business suit you wear) and coach you on how to make a good first impression. Never let visitors suspect that you are dying to go home with them. Be aloof. Stop meowing “pick me, pick me”. Make them work for your attention. And above all, never hawk up a hairball during an audition.

Yours truly,
Dr. S. Wigglebum

Damsel is a lovely cat who has often been overlooked in her search for a forever home. We hope that by taking a few tips from Dr. Wigglebum she will soon be on her way to an exciting new life with a family of her own.

And speaking of cats in search of families of their own, lets take a quick tour of the shelter to meet a few of them.

This beautiful tiger and white miss did not wait for a referral from social services to find us when she fell on hard times. She marched straight to our door the other day, suitcase in paw. If you are seeking a young, resourceful cat who believes in affirmative action, please come and meet her.

Pasqui and Cami
New arrivals at our shelter, Pasqui and Cami are felines of mystery. Mrs. M. says Pasqui is a dilute tortoiseshell (is that the same as a washed out blonde??). Her name sounds very French and no one knows what it means. Obviously well-bred and very beautiful this pair would add a decorative touch to any household.

Haylee Higgins
Rescued by one of our volunteers, Haylee came to our shelter a few weeks ago and shortly afterward gave birth to two kittens. Sadly, both died and Haylee became ill. She is now fully recovered and has been spayed. This young tiger puss is now ready for a new life, in a home of her own.

Rusty was discovered abandoned in a pet crate on the steps of a local vet clinic. His owner(s) had left him there, apparently, in hopes that the staff would help him to find a new home. A beautiful orange cat who enjoys attention, he would be a good fit in any household.

Tyson’s Wife
Tyson’s Wife was a member of a polygamous cult led by Tyson Tomcat. Although he had many wives in his cat colony, this black and white beauty was his favourite. When the colony disbanded, Tyson’s Wife found a home at the LHS. She is urgently seeking a family who will love her and give her a name of her very own.

Damsel is a young cat with a sweet temperament who is often overlooked by families seeking to adopt. She has been considered many times, but never chosen. If you could give her story a happy ending, she would be delighted to make your acquaintance.

Pebbles is a mature cat with a drinking problem. She’ll lap up whatever is on tap. A puss with a mind of her own, she is not fond of her fellow felines and would do best in a home where she would be the only cat. If you have a tabletop fountain at your house, she would love to meet you.

Orange Julius
It’s been almost a year since Orange Julius came to us as a kitten. He is a sociable young man who needs a forever home with someone who has another cat or is willing to adopt one of his shelter buddies to keep him company.

Bite Me’s Brother
Like Tyson’s Wife, Bite Me’s Brother is having an identity crisis. He is searching for a family who will give him a home of his own and a name to go with it. A mature cat with a gentle disposition he would be the ideal companion for a senior citizen.

Little Grey
Little Grey, who was named for Lexy of Grey’s Anatomy, is eager to find her forever home. She says she enjoyed a brief fling with Dr. McSteamy. but is now ready to settle down. She is quick to point out, that unlike her namesake, she cannot boast the initials M.D., but she does know basic first aid and has assisted more than one of Doren’s 14 bite victims.

Mary Grace McGillicutty - a LHS foster kitten

Beyonce - LHS alumni

PawNotes From the Desk of Liza:
There have been a number of adoptions at our shelter, in the past week. Among those who found their forever homes are Sugar Baby, Top Shelf, Popeye, and Blaze.

In other exciting news, artist Irene Dickau, the sister of one of our volunteers, has donated a beautiful oil painting of a kitten peeking over the rim of a bucket to the LHS. Tickets will be sold on it during events including the Rednersville Road studio tour and Bloomfield Crafts and Creations, a monthly craft fair held at Bloomfield United Church. A draw for the winner will take place, this fall. Be sure to buy a ticket!

Don’t forget the E-Waste Day at Prince Edward Collegiate Institute, on Saturday, April 21. The proceeds from this event will be donated to the LHS.

Bunny and Jelly Bean

The recent arrival of Mixie and her three kittens is a timely reminder that we will soon be needing a lot more kitten food here at the shelter. We would greatly appreciate the donation of kitten food, cat food, and cleaning supplies.

In closing, I am embarrassed to report that Doren has now scored Bite #14 and the victim was none other than our own Mrs. Moffatt. It seems that Doren has not taken Dr. Wigglebum’s advice to heart. He is still bidding for attention by putting the bite on everyone he meets.

-Until next week,

* * *

Dr. Stella Wigglebum joins Loyalist Humane Society staff

Liza purrfectly content

Girlfriend under the weather

Happy Spring, from everyone here at the Loyalist Humane Society! It’s Liza reporting from The Laundry Room.
I’m sorry to report that our senior correspondent, Girlfriend, is under the weather. Mrs. Moffatt is very concerned for her and, last week, took her to see our good friend, Dr. Steve. Girlfriend was diagnosed with a nasty respiratory infection and blood tests showed that her thyroid is not functioning at the proper level.

She is now on medication and is recuperating in the isolation ward.

All of us wish her a speedy recovery.


This week, I am excited to introduce our new advice columnist, Dr. Stella Wigglebum. Stella, who is a Beabull, is an interesting cross between a Beagle and a Bulldog, is the resident Ann Landers at County Live. She belongs to staffer Amber Martin, with whom she shares a desk. Our 250 residents sometimes have problems that they would like to discuss, but are too embarrassed to bring them to Mrs. Moffatt or one of our volunteers. Cats are very private people, after all. Stella is happy to answer letters from shelter residents and promises to offer sage advice. She received her first letter, this week, from our very own Doren who wrote:

Dear Dr. Wigglebum,

I have a terrible problem that has become a real stumbling block in my search for a forever home. I hesitate to confess it, but I bite. There are now 13 recorded incidents of these love bites and there is a sign on my crate that reads  “unpredictable”. I just can`t help myself. Whenever I see a hand or a finger, I cannot resist the impulse to nip it, to draw attention to myself. I really like my victims and do not mean to hurt them. I just want to tell them how happy I am to meet them, but they think I am being mean. Can you help me to make a better first impression.


Dear Doren,

You must have been watching that TV series, Twilight. Anyone hoping to get close to you should be armed with silver bullets and a cross. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Love bites will never make you popular with humans. You must develop a socially approved way of demonstrating your willingness to become friends. Try leg-winding, loud purring, or head-butting. Humans always fall for these tactics, believing they are signs of affection. With a bit of luck, you will cover their pantlegs in hair and annoy them with your persistence, but at least they won`t require band-aids – just a lint roller.

Yours truly,
Dr. Wigglebum

Now, back to The Laundry Room. This was a special Easter for several of our residents who found their forever homes, just in time for the holiday weekend. These lucky cats include Spanky, Goldie, Iris and Andrew, Peeping Tom, Eyes, Beans and Bangers, and Tabbi. We are all very happy for them.

Of course, there are still many cats at our shelter who are eagerly seeking placements. Let’s meet some of them.

Mixie and The MixMasters (sorry no photo available)
Mixie is a beautiful calico miss, er, missus, who arrived here to await the birth of her family. On Easter weekend, she delivered three delightful kittens – Bunny, Chick, and Jellybean. It certainly made our holiday weekend. When these little ones grow a little older, they will be seeking their forever homes. So will Mixie. Keep them in mind.

A handsome black cat with a silver-gray undercoat, Woodward was sent for an audition at Robyn`s Nest, recently, but was too shy to be coaxed on-stage. A beautiful young cat with a sweet disposition, he is earnestly seeking a quiet household where he can enjoy considerable one-on-one time with his owner.

Ringtail has been spoken for, but asked to be featured this week as a reminder that dreams do come true. His picture has appeared here in the past and today he is happily waiting to start a new life in his forever home.

All of these slumber party participants are available for adoption and would like nothing better than to snooze in a sunbeam in a home of their very own. Claudette, who always sticks out her tongue, has had dental issues in the past, but as you can tell by her full figure, they have never affected her appetite.

Black is beautiful. Denzel definitely has star quality and would be an addition to any home. This handsome black cat could be good luck for you. Come up and see him some time.

Mouse – This Week`s Centrefold
Just a year old, Mouse came to our shelter with his mother, Mama Malachowski. Recently, she found her forever home, but he is still waiting for a family of his own. He`s handsome, debonair and available. This cat in the pin-striped suit would be happy to interview you for the position of owner.

A charming tiger miss, Damsel is always there at dinnertime. This sweet-tempered little cat has often been a runner up among adopters making their final choices, but sadly she has never been chosen. It`s time that someone in search of a new best friend decided to make her their number one choice.

Like Ringtail, Jessie also has been spoken for and she wants her fellow shelter residents to know that they should never give up hope. A forever home could be in their future, too.

Lumpy is, well, lumpy. Despite being a little the worse for wear, he is still a charming cat who deserves a chance at happiness. All he asks is a cozy bed and lots of love.

This handsome gray tabby cat is earnestly seeking a family of his own. He would be a good fit in any household and a decorative accent on any chair or sofa.

PawNotes from the desk of Liza:
Two very special residents from the Loyalist Humane Society this week are auditioning at Robyn’s Nest. Popeye is a lovely tiger and white puss who came to us with a badly injured eye. Unfortunately, it was necessary to have the eye removed. Today, Popeye is a healthy, happy cat who is ready to find a forever home. The loss of an eye has not proved to be a handicap for this sweet-tempered cat.

Tilty had a serious ear infection when he was a kitten and there was nerve damage that affected his balance. His head is now inquisitively cocked slightly to one side. For anyone seeking a companion who always appears to be listening, there could be no better choice that this lovely black cat.

Mr. Moffatt to the rescue

It was Mr.Moffatt to the rescue when two kind-hearted people drove to the Loyalist Humane Society on Good Friday to report a cat stranded in a tree in Picton. He arrived on the scene with his extension ladder and successfully extricated a frightened black and white cat from the trunk of a very tall tree. With a deplorable show of bad manners this ungrateful puss bolted off without so much as a thank-you. All of us here at the shelter are very proud of Mr. M. for being so kind to a cat in distress.

Students at Prince Edward Collegiate Institute will be taking part in an E-Waste collection day on Saturday, April 21, at the school. All proceeds will be donated to the LHS. We are very grateful for their generous show of support. A similar donation was made to our shelter, last year.

Time for me to check on Girlfriend, who has been nicknamed Sneezer Disgustus by her fellow patients in the isolation ward. With a bit of luck, she will feel well enough to resume her reporting duties, next week.

-Until then,

* * *

Girlfriend reveals surprising hook up at LHS condo

Spokescat Liza, too sleepy to put paw to paper

Hello, All,

It’s Liza reporting live from The Laundry Room, the happening spot at the Loyalist Humane Society. I fear I have come down with a serious case of spring fever. I just can’t seem to stay awake these days. Much as I would like to fill you in on all of the recent happenings at our shelter, I am just too sleepy to put paw to paper. Our senior staffer, Girlfriend, has kindly agreed to bring you up to speed while I continue my nap. Word has it that she has another big scoop, this week. Over to you, Girlfriend.

Thank you, Liza. I have big news for all of our readers, this week. Fasten your seatbelts, for here it comes. It’s even better than Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. Spitty Riley, our feral beauty queen, has a live-in! No one is more surprised than our own Mrs. Moffatt, who thought that Spitty was far too anti-social to be wooed and won.

Spitty Riley

The gentleman who captured her heart is none other than relative newcomer, Grover, a handsome polydachtyl, who was brought to us after being found loitering at a local bed and breakfast establishment. When Mrs. Moffat assigned him to Spitty’s dormitory, she had no thoughts of playing Cupid. After all, when she attempted to engineer a love match between Liza and Franco, she failed dismally. Much to Mrs. M.’s shock and surprise, Grover marched over to Spitty’s house (yes, this foul-tempered Madame has her own kitty condo) and pussy-footed inside. There were a few tense moments, for Spitty never puts out the welcome mat. Mrs. M. expected to see Grover come flying through her front door, in urgent need of first aid. Instead, Spitty was instantly smitten. Now, the two love-birds have snuggled up together and Ms. Riley is purring contentedly.



Crawford, our resident legal advisor, is strongly urging Spitty to consider a pre-nup agreement. He’s worried that, in the event of a split, she could lose her condo to Grover. He points out that this charming fellow was hanging around a B and B, no doubt looking for an in. When Plan A failed, he moved on to Spitty’s condo. Most of us feel that Crawford is mistaken. Grover truly loves Spitty and this twosome will live happily ever after.

There have been several adoptions at our shelter, in the past few days. Among the lucky cats who have found their forever homes are Harley, Porkchop, Lord Buffington, and Round Robin. We are very happy for them and wish them well.

Of course, many of our residents are still searching for homes of their own. Come with me and meet a few of them.

This beautiful black and white cat came to us recently, when a member of her family was diagnosed with allergies. She is five years old and is spayed and de-clawed. Meeka is an indoor cat and would do well in a home with no other pets. This friendly puss will never claw the furniture or climb the drapes.

A handsome black and white cat who harbours no love for his fellow felines, Spanky would make the perfect “only” cat. He came to us after his family moved to a new home. He seemed unhappy in his new digs, so they brought him to us. This beautiful five-year-old puss is people friendly and would prefer a waterfront home, since he enjoys fishing.

Miss Manners
Miss Manners has been with us for several months now. She was brought here when her rescuers found her wandering near a Picton nursing home. This young tiger cat is affectionate and, as her name suggests, extremely polite. She would be a good fit in any household and is guaranteed to mind her P’s and Q’s.

Top Shelf
A lovely tiger cat who spent her early days with us in high places (she slept on a shelf near the ceiling), this gentle puss is now much more confident. She would blossom in a forever home and could be the ideal choice for a senior citizen.

Basket Cases – Domingo, Carreras Cary) and Pavarotti
Our three tenors seem to have been overcome with lassitude, much like our spokescat, Liza. If you are an opera fan, one of these pusses would be delighted to snuggle on your lap when you play your favourite classical CDs. Domingo confides that they know how to rock out, too.

Did you know that black and white cats are properly called Jellicoes? Mrs. M. told us this when she named one of our black and white newcomers in recognition of this fact. A shelter visitor observed that Jellicoe’s markings are unusual and he appears to be wearing a mask. Perhaps Jellicoe’s real name is Jesse James. This handsome puss will steal your heart, if only you give him the chance.

What’s in a name? Often, our residents are named for their character traits i.e. Spitty Riley, Hissy Missy, Hoover, and Bite Me. Grumpy, who insists he is just not a morning person, really is not grumpy at all and can be coaxed to purr on special occasions, such as his birthday. He is seeking a forever home with a fellow curmudgeon with whom he can share his rather jaundiced view of the world. He says cheerful people annoy him and cat lovers who chuck him under the chin are his pet peeve. Don’t overlook him when you visit our shelter. He’s really a lovable grump.

Tynan, as you can plainly see from the deplorable condition of his front porch, hardly can be described as Mr. Fix-it. Instead of concerning himself with home repairs and new carpeting, he prefers to lounge about, just watching the world go by. Actually, Liza has a lot in common with him these days. This young tiger puss would be happy to accept a position as a chair warmer in your home, but don’t count on him for any household repairs.

Sugar Baby
Always overlooked, this sweet little tabby cat is both loving and loyal. Perhaps, shelter visitors fail to notice her because tiger cats seem plain, in comparison with some of our more flashy residents. If you are seeking an affectionate cat who will be your bff look no further. When looking at the many tiger tabbies in our shelter, remember Spitty Riley. She is one of the most beautiful cats ever to grace this shelter, but has a vocabulary that would embarrass a sailor. Personality counts for a lot and Sugar Baby has more than her share. Besides, as tiger cats go, she is a little beauty.


Ha ha ha ha ha

Paw-notes from the desk of Liza:  Girlfriend has aroused me from my nap to tell you about a few recent shelter happenings. Pardon me if I yawn during this report.

– A young gentleman named Sawyer Smith knew that all 250 of us could not come to his birthday party, so he brought the party to us. Last year, Sawyer asked his party guests to bring presents for our residents, instead of buying him gifts. This year, on his eighth birthday, he made the same request but this time he and his young friends personally delivered our presents (lots of cat food). As resident spokescat, I thanked Sawyer and his party guests for their very kind gesture and the two of us shared a  Kodak moment. We are all very grateful for the kindness of this young man and his friends.

Sawyer’s mom said she had taken him and his party guests bowling, as a birthday treat, but observed that they seemed to have more fun at the shelter, where they played laser tag with some of our residents. That made all of us very pleased and proud. Happy Birthday, Sawyer, you are a fine young man and you have lovely friends.

– The claws are out here at the LHS – at least for the three de-clawed cats who recently arrived at our shelter. These pusses are in need of special homes. They must be indoor cats and would do best with families who have no other pets, since they cannot easily defend themselves in the event of an altercation. If you are seeking a cat that will never claw your sofa or climb your drapes, one of these lovely pusses would be ideal for you.

– Now, on to coming events. Picton’s PetValu store will be holding an Appreciation Weekend and Adoption Day on Saturday, April 14th. Be sure to stop by for a chance to meet some of our residents. Who knows, one of them may even follow you home.

Whoa! Love the roadside sign for this column! Thanks, Maggie for helping me be the best spokescat ever.

Update: Haylee, the lovely young tiger cat rescued by our kind-hearted volunteer, Wendy, has gone undercover. Most days, she can be found sleeping under her security blanket. A stray cat that Wendy has been feeding, all winter, she was brought to our shelter when she became ill. She is now fully recovered, but there is the chance that she is preggers, so she is still under observation. Haylee has confided that she wants to adopt Wendy and is working up her courage to tell her so. However, she is a little nervous about mentioning that there could be a big surprise, in time for Mother’s Day. Wendy visits her daily and it’s plain to see that these two have bonded. We are all hoping for a fairy tale ending to this heartwarming story.

Now, if you will excuse me, I must get back to my nap. It’s hard work being a spokescat.

-Until next week,
Liza (and Girlfriend, too)

* * *

Mr. Nobody’s donation pleases everybody at the shelter

Liza lying down on the job

Happy Spring, Everyone!

It’s Liza, coming to you from The Laundry Room at the Loyalist Humane Society, with an up-to-the-minute report on all the latest happenings. Our big news flash this week is the adoption of our two resident glamour pusses, Inky Dinky Doo and Pretty Boy. Inky has been with us for almost a year and Pretty Boy is one of our long-time residents. We are delighted that these two, beautiful cats now have found there forever homes. Another one of our residents, known as Tabby With a Blue Collar, also was adopted. Her new owner says she is hogging his bed, but he loves her anyway. Dangler also found a family of his own and Arthur and Ringtail have been spoken for.

Our senior correspondent, Girlfriend, is depressed this week. Her toy boy, Woodward, has been sent off to Robyn’s Nest to audition for his forever home. Mrs. Moffatt decided that Girlfriend now will share her condo with Boo Boo Hillary, from the old folks home. Poor old Hilly owes her life to our good friend Dr. Steve, who suggested a new medication for her that healed the many sores that were covering her body. Now that she has recovered, she needs a quiet place to stay and Girlfriend’s condo was chosen. Of course, Girlfriend, who is half deaf, thought the new lodger’s name was Hoo Hoo, Hillary. She now meows “Hoo Hoo” whenever referring to her roomie. Of course, Hilly responds by meowing “Whaat? whaat??” It’s all very confusing.

Despite her disappointment at losing Woodward, Girlfriend forced herself to pen a story about the visit of the ubiquitous Mr. Nobody to our shelter. I’ll let her tell you about it.

Hello, Everyone,

Senior correspondent Girlfriend, shares her scoop.

It’s Girlfriend, senior correspondent with The Laundry Room Bugle, with an exciting scoop for you. Our shelter had a visit from Mr. Nobody, a real doll, who is a friend to the junior kindergarten students at Pinecrest School in Bloomfield. They take turns taking him on visits to special places in their community. Then, they report back to their class on his adventures. Last week, he came here with twins Kade and Britain and their dad.

Our special guest toured the shelter and met all of our residents. We presented him with a stylish collar and told him how happy we were that he had come to see us. As he was leaving, Mr. Nobody gave us a big box of cat food, a donation cheque from one of the teachers at Pinecrest, and some empty pop cans that we can crush and sell. It is Mr. N’s third visit to the LHS and we are proud to have him as our friend.

Back to you, Liza.

Albert, Dickens, and Mary Grace peeking through the glass

Hi, it’s me again, with an update from my ghost writer, Maggie, who has given a forever home to a stray cat named Zoe and her litter of five kittens, born last July. She says this little family is doing well. Zoe, who is a feral cat, slowly is becoming tamer and the kittens, who are almost full-grown, are thriving. A new window was installed in their playroom in Maggie’s horse barn, last summer, and they enjoy watching the world go by while perched on a shelf beneath it. The photo above shows Albert, Dickens, and Mary Grace peeking through the glass.

Although there have been numerous adoptions here, this month, (Marty, Mama Malachowksi, and Avril also found their forever homes and Tilty (aka Sailor) is spoken for) many of our residents still are waiting to find families of their own. Let’s go on a quick tour of the shelter so that I can introduce you to some of them.

Pumpkin and Cheetah
These BFFs arrived here separately, but quickly bonded. One is seldom seen without the other. Both handsome fellows, they would very much like to find a forever home together. They would do best in a quiet household with a patient owner who would help them to adjust to their new surroundings.

Iris is a friendly young Calico cat, who arrived at our shelter with her friend, Andrew. They were brought to us by a caring person who reported that they had been panhandling on the streets of Bloomfield.

Andrew – This week’s centrefold
A young and handsome silver tabby, Andrew has been rescued from a life on the streets with galpal Iris. He would very much like a chance to rehabilitate himself as a house cat and is hopeful that Iris can be adopted with him. He says they have been through a lot together and he wants her to be part of his new life.

Goldie is a striking red and white cat who enjoys sunning himself on the patio here at the LHS. He would be equally happy to catch some rays from your windowsill. He’s young and looking for love with his very own forever family.

Haylee – the cat who adopted an owner
Haylee is not yet available for adoption. It seems she has chosen her own forever home and is just waiting for official confirmation. A stray cat, she made her way to the home of one of our new volunteers, this winter. Our volunteer, who has never owned a cat, began to feed her and grew attached to her. When she suspected that Haylee might be ill, she called on Mrs. Moffatt, who captured the little tabby stray and brought her to our shelter. Haylee is now healthy and happy and has been hinting broadly that she would like nothing better than to go home with the kind volunteer who cared for her this winter. Said volunteer has not yet made a firm commitment, but since she wanted to make sure that Haylee’s name was spelled correctly for The Bugle, it seems she may have a proprietary interest in this lovable little cat, even if she hasn’t guessed it yet. We have crossed our paws that Haylee and Wendy will become a family.

Tarzan is king of the jungle at the LHS. This beautiful gray and white cat is young, friendly, and available. He’s now seeking a forever home, having failed to find Jane at our shelter. He would be a good fit in any household.

Sally and Bite Me
Sally, one of our resident beauty queens, and Bite Me often discuss what it would be like to have a forever home. Each time one of our residents is adopted, they wonder when their special day will come. If you are thinking of adding a cat to your hearth, be sure to ask for them when you visit our shelter.

Herbert Hoover
Hoover says he is growing a little tired of all those jokes about his voracious appetite. He adds that if people really knew what it was like for him when he was a homeless person, they would understand why he is always one of the first at the dinner bowl. If you are looking for a cat that is not finicky, Hoover is for you. He promises to clean up his plate and ask for seconds, at every meal. Waste not, want not is his motto.

Palletta and Tabitha
These two friends are patiently waiting for their forever homes. Eager to make a favourable impression, they always put their best paws forward when potential adopters tour our shelter. Don’t overlook this pair, if you are seeking a new best friend.

Our shelter’s mystery puss, DeVree is young, beautiful, affectionate, and always overlooked. No one here can understand why a cat with her qualifications has yet to find her forever home. DeVree would make a fine companion for a senior citizen or could be the perfect family cat.

Paw-notes from the desk of Liza:
Our new roadside sign has helped to raise our profile in the community. Many people have told us that until they saw it, they did not know we were here. It has helped us to recruit several new volunteers, too.

St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated here at the shelter, but our party got a little out of hand when Spitty Riley refused to stop beating the Irish drum that belonged to her grandfather. Spitty seldom leaves her hooded bed, but when she does decide to join the party, everyone else runs for cover.

We were all very proud to have Mr. Nobody visit our shelter again, with his young friends. It made us feel like a real part of the community.

-Until next week,

* * *
Yearbook information funny, but residents now older and much wiser

Woodward and Girlfriend

Hi, Everyone,

Liza, reporting from her comfort zone

It’s Liza, reporting live from The Laundry Room, the “in” spot at the Loyalist Humane Society. My senior correspondent, Girlfriend, and I have some interesting scoops for you, this week. This will come as a big surprise to Girlfriend, but my headline story is about HER.

Recently, I mentioned that our new correspondent had a huge crush on Franco. Jokingly, I called her a cougar, for it is well known that she is in her teens. Much to my surprise, right after last week’s fashion show, she captured the heart of our shy male model, Woodward. If you recall, he hid under her bed, when it was his turn on the catwalk. He has now moved into her condo and they have become a couple – an odd couple, I might add. It must have been those pearls she wore last week when she was our commentator. She has certainly won Woodward’s heart, despite a considerable difference in their ages.

More big news. Ten-Ton Trenton, also affectionately known as Wide Load, has found his forever home. Charlie Fox has been adopted, as well. Both were popular residents at our shelter and will be missed. Mrs. Moffatt says our grocery bills will drop, now that Ten-Ton has taken his departure.

Girlfriend seems to be full of good ideas, these days. Last week, she suggested a fashion show. This month she has interviewed several of our residents for what she calls a “Getting to Know You” feature. She asked these cats to show her their old yearbooks and we have taken the liberty of reproducing their  interesting thumbnail biographies here. Come with me to view the results.

Sex – male
Ambition – Opera singer
Fate – Karaoke at the Legion Hall

Vicki Icky
Sex – Female
Ambition – Name change (who wants to be known as an “icky”?)
Fate – Subsequent marriage to cousin, Ricky Icky

Sex – Male
Ambition – Employment at a B and B
Fate – Fired for sleeping on the beds


Terry and Goodie – the tiger twins
Sex – one of each
Ambition – Hitcats in a cheese factory
Fate – Mattress testers for Sleep Country

Sex – Not since my surgery
Ambition – To return to home community of Consecon
Fate – Arriving to find they’ve closed the library

Pumpkin and Webster
Sex – both male
Ambition – Bodyguards in Hollywood
Fate- Hired by Mickey Mouse

Sex – male
Ambition – to win a hot-dog eating contest
Fate – Acid Reflux

Sex – female
Ambition – Pole dancer
Fate – Swinging from a scratching post while Temptations are tucked into her costume

Top Shelf
Sex  – male
Ambition – to be renamed Top Drawer
Fate – Becomes Low Cat on the totem pole

Sugar Baby
Sex – female
Ambition – Homemaker
Fate – Spinster

Sex – female
Ambition – To find a sugar daddy
Fate – An arranged marriage to Franco

Uncle Sam
Sex – What’s that?
Ambition – To learn about the birds and the bees
Fate – Discovering that ship has sailed

Girlfriend has asked me to emphasize that all of the above residents of our shelter are now older and wiser and would make wonderful forever friends. Visit our shelter to watch their auditions.

Paw-notes From the Desk of Liza:
The shelter is very grateful for the community support it receives. As spokescat, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Picton barber, Mark Redmond, who has donated a Looney to the LHS for every haircut he gave, during the month of February. A big thanks, too, to Pinecrest School teacher Melissa Rickard and her grade six glass who made a donation of almost $150. to our shelter after Christmas. Instead of exchanging gifts among themselves, they decided to give their money to the LHS.

Mrs. Moffatt has asked me to mention that we are still in need of volunteers. If you can give two or three hours of your time to the shelter, each week, it would really make a big difference in our lives. We also need donations of wet cat food for the little ones and the senior and special needs cats who can no longer eat kibble.

-Yours ’til next week,

First fashion show was talk of the shelter

Hello, Everyone,

Girlfriend looking regal in her pearls.

It’s super model Liza, reporting from the Loyalist Humane Society where our first-ever fashion show was held this week. This highly successful event was suggested by my senior correspondent, Girlfriend, who assumed the important role of commentator.

Without further adieu, let’s move on to her exciting account of this star-studded event. Over to you, Girlfriend – – -.

Thank you, Liza. Our highly successful fashion show was the talk of the shelter, last week. I’d like to introduce everyone to our models and tell them about the gorgeous furs that they wore with such flair.
Our shelter spokescat, Liza, was the first model to take to the stage wearing a smart, red and white fur perfect for public appearances. Because she’s always on the go, she chose a short, easy-care jacket that will take her from casual events, such as our annual shelter yard sale, to glamourous nights on the town, such as her purrsonal appearance at Angelo’s Restaurant in Picton, last Christmas.

One of our male models, Woodward, developed a terrible case of stage fright at the last moment. He was to have modelled an elegant, black velvet suit, but when it was his turn on the catwalk, he was nowhere to be found. We later discovered him hiding under the bed.

Bobbitt, who once had a wife named Lorena, is a handsome bob-tailed cat. He looked striking in a black and white fur worn with panache.

McSquinty was dashing in a grey, pin-striped fur, purrfect for the office. For the occasional night on the town, he has only to add a red tie and matching pocket handkerchief.

Calico Kate
Our own little queen in calico, Kate Mainhouse, modelled a striking fur in a rich blend of black and tangerine and white tips. Definitely not an outfit for an introvert, it suited Kate’s lively personality to a T.

B.W. looked svelte in a black and white fur, purrfect for the office. With the addition of a bright scarf and saucy red tam, her lovely coat will take her to The Laundry Room (the where it’s happening spot at the LHS) for an after-five romantic date with Franco.

Our beautiful model, Mattie, chose a full-length fur in soft shades of beige and tan. It’s the purrfect look for this classic beauty.

A distinguished looking Crawford took to the catwalk in a striped fur coat, ideal for the rising young executive. Note the white silk Ascot tie.

Handsome in a pale grey tiger-striped fur, Arthur would look equally at home in the office or out on the town. It’s a furrocious look, guaranteed to impress the ladies.

Damsel in Distress?
No, it’s just our Damsel showing off her playful side in her jauntily striped tan fur coat. A beautiful girl, she is dressed for a fun weekend at The Laundry Room, watering hole of all of the “in” cats at the LHS.

Inky Dinky Doo
Our model, Inky, has star quality. He’s modelling a full length black fur coat with tan scarf, his favourite choice for evening sing-a-longs on the back fence. Note the extravagant length of the fur tips.

DeVree and Callie
These two beautiful models are showing off colourful nighties in an exciting blend of ebony, orange, and white fur. DeVree is very sleepy, as you can tell by her yawn.

Gorgeous in gray, Anna models a lovely silver-gray fur coat with subtle stripes. An elegant puss with a secret past, she has all the mystique of a silent film star.

Cooper and Mumbles
Cooper and Mumbles are very much in fashion with their smart black and white fur leisure suits, purrfect for lounging at home, but also dressy enough for an evening at The Laundry Room.

Our fashion show was for everyone, even sweet old Lumpy who is so-named because  he is no longer the Mr. Smoothie that he was in his youth. He modelled a tangerine fur smoking jacket but was strongly cautioned against smoking in his bed.

Blake models his fur Speedo against a backdrop of summer greenery. This ever-so-sexy swim suit is guaranteed to wow those foxy felines on the beach.

Miss Loyalist 2012
It was the moment everyone had been waiting for – the crowning of the most beautiful cat in the shelter, our own Miss Loyalist 2012. Our judging panel included Franco, Crawford, Zeke, and Geisha, who is quite a beauty herself. After much deliberation it was agreed that the title should be awarded to Spitty Riley, despite the fact that this feral cat is no Miss Congeniality. After she had shredded the winner’s sash and tossed her trophy at the presenter (Zeke), the judges agreed that the first runner up would receive the coveted title, instead. A bouquet of catnip was then presented to Sally, a gorgeous long-haired tabby. First-runner up was Mattie and second runner-up, Penny.

Back to you, Liza – – -.

As you probably have guessed by now, our first fashion show was a resounding success. One look at the photograph of our audience (above) and you can see how interested everyone was in this year’s furs. Please note that all of our models are seeking their forever homes and would be delighted to sign a lifetime contract. See their agent, Mrs. Moffatt for details.

Some of our models backstage

In closing, I should mention that a quilt raffle is being held soon, in support of our shelter. Mary Jane Buchanan was the quilter and Dorothy Mitchell stitched and bound this beautiful coverlet. We are lucky, indeed, to have so many caring people who work very hard to raise money for the LHS.

-Until next week,

* * *
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About the Author: Maggie Haylock is a freelance writer and former newspaper reporter who has co-authored several books with her husband, Alan Capon.

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