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Flawed County Sustainability Group IWT Commentary, Meaningless and Misleading?

Dear Mayor Merton and Members of Council,
I am submitting this open letter on behalf of myself to offer information that I hope will provide you with logical constructs that indicate the relevance of the public commentary of members of the County Sustainability Group (CSG) in regards to Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT).
It is my personal opinion that CSG IWT commentary presents logical flaws which render the commentary meaningless and, in fact, misleading as a cultural abstraction. The premise of what are the culturally determined merits of acquiescence to the presence of wind turbines, as presented by the CSG, to the “great  unwashed” human primate inhabitants of the Prince Edward County (PEC) environ makes an all too common appearance at the duly chosen Council deliberations. This cultural abstraction has been fervently contested in contemporary commentary relevant to the Gilead wind project at Ostrander point.
The CSG has pronounced ideologically based imperatives to induce relevance of their commentary in reference to the acceptance of IWTs in PEC.
One of these imperatives is an evolutionary inspired edict regarding the prognosticated survival of, our and others children and grandchildren in a human technology augmented, environmentally appreciative world, that you and the Council have apparently, according to their commentary, been contemplating. This begs the question; What are the merits of CSG IWT ideological cultural abstraction among the human primate representatives of the biodiversity that is PEC? In spite of my inability and reluctant disposition to determine the motivation for the merits of the CSG IWT commentary, I state that it, the commentary that is, has logical flaws which have perplexing connotations. The significant empirical flaws among these connotations are:
1) I have no confirmed empirical evidence that each and every member of CSG is a contributor, in a tacit or explicit manner, to their IWT commentary. An individual member, or an influential group of members, may skew this commentary.
2) I have no confirmed empirical evidence of the absolute number of members, only the number of members providing commentary.
3) I have no confirmed empirical evidence as to whether membership in the CSG is limited to human primate County residents.
I view the following points as flaws in logic since you and your duly elected PEC Council, regardless of your impetus in this respect, do not have any legal recourse to enact change in this regard. Subsequently the commentary of the CSG as a stakeholder defined entity is also meaningless in this context:
1) Given the few CSG members who actually contribute to IWT commentary, I can only conclude since it has been media pronounced that they have “many members”, the commentary represents a small sample of the membership.
2) Further, this small sample and their commentary can only be considered arbitrary since most IWT proponents could be members of other pro-IWT groups, perhaps even from outside PEC boundaries, that might conspire to contaminate the empirical righteousness of their commentary, encouraging ideological compliance.
3) As a logical extension, most PEC human primate residents could perhaps have a (Groucho) Marxist view of pro or con IWT groups and as such might not want to be part of the ideologically based empirical countenance of any of those groups that would have them as members, even if they were aware of them.
In conclusion I opine that I deem it significant to note that for the aforementioned logical flaws the CSG IWT commentary should not be deemed a meaningful benefactor for relevant stakeholder inclusion in the PEC human primate IWT cultural abstraction.
Yours facetiously, David Norman, Rogue Primate of Bloomfield
(Note: I am submitting this document for publication on with the proviso that it be published in its entirety, sans edit or editorial and inclusive of this directive.)
cc: Todd Smith, MPP Daryl Kramp, MP

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  1. David Norman says:

    @ Doris Lane
    Thank you so much for your statement “David that sometimes happens when you make a comment–i just ignore it and it usually goes through”. I truly do appreciate the fact that you are trying to alleviate my concern of inherent bias. I do enjoy your contributions and sense in your language that they are sincere and heartfelt. Perhaps one day we will have occasion to indulge our prides and raise a toast together in victory… and if not in victory, in mutual respect.

  2. David Norman says:

    @ Administrator
    Clearly by your statement you are enjoying having a laugh at my expense… interestingly I take great pleasure in acknowledging that. However, I did not suggest that you were “clever”. It is my understanding that that element of the WordPress Platform is controlled to extent, by the administrator. I can only go by experience, since I am not privy to your determinations, and note that this is the first occasion that I have encountered this exclusion after composing many reiterated comments with similar wording. For the aforementioned reasons it is difficult for me to accept your justification that “For all: We may not always agree with what you’re saying, but we’re pleased to provide the space for you to say it!”

  3. Doris Lane says:

    David that simetimes happens when you make a comment–i just ignore it and it usually goes through

    re the work beginning at gilead what else do you expect from the McGinty government a couple of years ago Leonna said the county is going to have turbines whether they want them or not

    they may not have money for health care and education
    but they have lots to give big payouts for wind and solar

    get ready to get the candles and oil lamps out–the cost of electricity is going through the roof

  4. Administrator says:

    @David| – Wildly amusing you think countylive could be so clever as to devise and implement a comment duplicator censor. Truth is, we’re not – but the WordPress platform we run on clearly is…. Not nearly as interesting as a despicable tactic.

    For all: We may not always agree with what you’re saying, but we’re pleased to provide the space for you to say it!

  5. David Norman says:

    I originally attempted to post the following comment under the County Live article “Hydro work could begin at Ostrander wind site by month end”. When I clicked the “submit” icon I was greeted with the message that ” Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!” County Live has now installed a “censorship” mechanism which seeks out keywords from individual commentary and then arbitrarily determines not to publish. A despicable tactic which County Live will no doubt justify with trite and unrelated examples. If County Live does not desire my commentary then they could just honestly and deliberately ban me from publication.
    @ Chris Keen
    Dear Chris, thank you for providing the link to the article, Location, Location, Location … Migration, Migration, Migration by Wayne Wegner; The misgivings I had on my anti-IWT stance were shattered by this article, the most comprehensive and insightful treatise that I have had the pleasure to encounter. If a person can read this and not be changed then they are truly my foe, a threat to my survival and my willingness to survive, and I will engage them as such. Let us not settle for the prevention of this IWT development, let us go further and dismantle these hideous crucifixes on Wolfe Island and beyond.

  6. David Norman says:

    I’m sure at this point, folk might wonder why I’ve so purposely set out to criticize and mock the CSG and a few of its vocal members in relation to their Industrial Wind Turbine(IWT) suppositions. This is unfortunately, an essential and often effective tactic to dismantling the ideological barriers that they have unwittingly and in some cases purposely created. They have been the authors of their own fates in this regard by presenting commentary that is condescending and presumptuous. Like the Whip-poor-will that is sacrificed to an IWT blade, they have made themselves to subject collateral damage. Pleas by CSG members to “not shoot the messenger” are disingenuous since as Marshall McLuhan in his famous treatise, “the medium is the message” pointed out, groups and their members represent the systems and procedures by which technological mediums such as IWTs become reality. The members of the CSG cannot disengage themselves from the reality of this medium and must accept personal responsibility for the consequences they create and promote.
    I have been asked what solutions I might offer to the ominous predictions of climate change. I say “predictions” here because despite statements of its scientific reality, climate change is in fact a misnomer and cannot in fact be proved scientifically… it can only be given merit by the credentialed suppositions of “scientists”. There is simply not enough empirical data and studies available to support conclusions derived from scientific method. As a scientist, I chose to believe in the merits of the climate change hypothesis.
    I offer the following example, of which there are many similar others, as a more “natural” solution: Extensive cropping of hemp is a far more efficient and quicker way of achieving carbon sequestration and lessening the production of other greenhouse gases, particularly when replacing grain and fodder crops for animal meat and dairy production. In this process we create highly nutritious food in the form of hemp seed and flour, biodegradable products such as hemp insulation, hempcrete, fibre for cloth and plastics. The additional benefits are that hemp prospers even on marginal agricultural land, does not require the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides which have been recognized as human carcinogens and are otherwise wreaking havoc on animal life. As well, hemp cropping is an extraordinarily effective manner to achieve soil remediation of heavy metals and other introduced soil pollutants, thus helping to cleanse the water table. As an aside, in areas where extensive hemp cropping occurs, there is a noted increase in bird populations, particularly songbirds. Hemp cropping is also the most efficient way to produce fuel sources such as ethanol and biodiesel. Prince Edward County represents an ideal setting for this industry. With some industrial hemp infrastructure, achieved at far less cost than just even the Ostrander IWT project, many jobs would be created and farmers would benefit from a certainty of cash crop remuneration with far less risk and energy output.

  7. David Norman says:

    opps, my apology for the faux pas. I misspelled Mayor “Mertens” name just like Jason Alford, Member, County Sustainability Group, did in his “open letter”.

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