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Jodie Jenkins wins Conservative nod


Jodie Jenkins has won the nod to lead the new Bay of Quinte riding federal Conservative party. The party vote was held Saturday at Centennial Secondary School in Belleville.  John Bonn and Don Bonter were also vying for the position.

Current MP Conservative Daryl Kramp  will seek re-election in the northern part of the new neighbouring riding for the 2015 federal election. With federal redistribution, 30 new ridings were created. Bay of Quinte comprises Belleville south of the 401, Quinte West, and Prince Edward County. Rick Norlock has been representing Quinte West.

The Liberal party selected Neil Ellis as their candidate earlier this year.


Jodie Jenkins

Jodie Jenkins

Jodie Jenkins, 38,  is the current vice-president of the Conservative Association for Bay of Quinte. He is finishing his first term on Belleville council.

Jenkins has previously ran as an NDP candidate in two provincial elections.

“I sincerely thank all of those who voted for me in the last municipal election, and all of those who have shared their vision of Belleville with me over the past three and a half years. It has been an honour to serve my community. This is not stepping away from my constituents, but hopefully continuing to serve them at a different level.”

Jenkins notes both the MPs ridings have received a substantial share of support from the federal Conservative government and he wants to ensure that support continues for the new Bay of Quinte Riding.

Jenkins said federal funding has assisted many projects in the ridings including, but not limited to, the Veterans Bridge and Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre in Belleville, the Essroc Arena in Wellington, the Picton Waste Water Treatment Plant and the millions of dollars invested at CFB Trenton.

“Virtually every public project of note that has contributed to the Quinte Region’s economic stability in the last eight years has had either full or partial funding from the federal government. It is clear to me that at the federal level there is a real difference that can be made for our communities.”

Jenkins lives in Belleville with his wife Shauna, and daughter Jacobie.

* * *

John-BonnCandidate John Bonn was late to enter the race at the end of September.
The 46-year-old lawyer is a Trenton native. He now lives in Belleville.

He completed his law degree at Dalhousie University. While in Halifax, he became involved in the federal Conservative Party and was president of the Dartmouth North Constituency Association during the 2004 election.

He and his family have lived in Belleville since 2004. He has been a partner with O’Flynn Weese LLP since 2005. Since he has sat on the boards of the Belleville hospital foundation, Hastings Children’s Aid Society, the Quinte Children’s Foundation and the Hastings County Law Association.

“I want the Bay of Quinte Region to realize its full potential as a great place to live, a great place for businesses to set up shop, and a great place for tourists to make their preferred destination,” said Bonn.

“We have seen many positive changes lately, and I want to build on those and help the Bay of Quinte region become Ontario’s next “place to be.”

* * *



Don Bonter

Former County apple grower and truck driver Don Bonter has announced his intention to seek the Bay of Quinte Conservative Party nomination.

He has been an active long-time member and president of the local Conservative Party both provincially and federally. He has served in elected positions on the Ontario Apple Commission, was director and president of Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association and an Ontario Director of American Agricultural Marketing Association

The owner of Bayview Orchards was also appointed to the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Board (OFPMB), to oversee all agricultural boards in Ontario for three years.

“Having deep roots in the area, I am very familiar with its history and its needs,” he said. “I have the time and experience having lobbied at the ministerial, deputy as well as premier level in government. I am dedicated to representing the Bay of Quinte area in Ottawa but must first win the nomination expected later this fall.”

The riding’s current candidate, Daryl Kramp, has been at all four of the nomination events. He will be running in the new northern section of the riding.

* * *

SUSAN SWEETMAN – Eliminated –

Susan Sweetman has been eliminated during the candidate qualification process overseen by the conservative party. The move leaves three competitors for this Saturday’s nomination meeting in Belleville. Candidates are qualified by the party itself.

Contestants must have a valid conservative membership for six months prior to submitting their nomination application. Sweetman’s was valid for five months and her request for a waiver from the party was not approved.


Susan Sweetman

Susan Sweetman

Susan Sweetman is the fourth candidate to seek nomination for the new Bay of Quinte federal Conservative riding.

Sweetman, 48, is executive director of the Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) at 8 Wing CFB Trenton. She is the fourth person to be seeking the new riding’s nomination. County apple grower Don Bonter, Quinte West grocer John Smylie and Belleville councillor Jodie Jenkins have already announced their intentions.

Current MP Conservative Daryl Kramp will seek re-election in the northern part of the new neighbouring riding for the 2015 Federal election. With federal redistribution, 30 new ridings were created. Bay of Quinte comprises Belleville south of the 401, Quinte West, and Prince Edward County. Rick Norlock has been representing Quinte West.

“Leading the resource centre, for military families of Canada’s largest air fase, has been an honour, a privilege and a challenge.  I have dedicated my life to public service.  Managing a $3.2 million dollar budget and a staff of over 70, has taken commitment, leadership and a lot of collaborative work within our community,” she said in a statement.

The mother of three boys is currently on loan to Ottawa, working on a national accreditation project with the Department of National Defence that is to set standards for all MFRCs across the country.

After being married and moving 17 times in 28 years of marriage, she and her husband decided to move to the County. They live on Christian Road.

“We chose to return to the County, for the sense of community, the people, the economic growth potential and the amazing landscapes and waterways.  People don’t always understand what a gem this area is; it is the best place in Canada.”

Susan was requested to participate at the Senate Roundtable on Sexually Exploited Youth in Conflict with the Law from 2001 to 2005.  Over those four years, she contributed to the review and revision of Criminal Legislation related to children and youth as well as the development of the Internet Luring Law.

“The laws and policies of our country form the structure of our society.  It defines how the most vulnerable members and the heroes of our society will be cared for now, and in the future.  Having someone experienced and educated in the legislative process will impact not only farmers, businesses and military families, but will benefit every single member of our riding,”   she said.

* * *

JOHN SMYLIE – withdrawn Sept. 8

John Smylie

John Smylie

Quinte businessman, philanthropist and 436 (Transport) Squadron Honorary Colonel John Smiley is seeking the Conservative nomination for the newly reshaped Bay of Quinte riding.

Smylie throws his hat into the ring with Belleville mayor Neil Ellis, the only other announced Conservative candidate to date.

Smylie’s campaign was given an enthusiastic sendoff by more than 100 ardent supporters gathered for the announcement at Tomasso’s in Trenton.

Known for his support of charities and causes, Smylie’s educational bent is toward economics and business, a great foundation for a Member of Parliament, said Pat Koets, a family friend and booster of the Quinte West grocery store owner.

“He plays fair, but he knows when to play hardball when he needs to,” she told the gathering.

Koets said Smylie became MP material for her when she heard a story about how he functioned during the ice storm in Brockville. The store brought in generators to keep it operating and to keep a cash register functioning plus they had many extra items brought in to serve their customers during the storm, including skids of batteries.

“John put those batteries on sale at the same time many other retailers hiked their prices,” she noted. “I knew then John was the person I wanted representing me and my community in Ottawa. Somebody who cares enough, who knows to be prepared, who knows his community, knows what’s going to be involved and will treat us fairly and not take advantage of any situation, an excellent Member of Parliament with our best interests at heart all the time.”

Smylie said he wanted to protect the quality of life for everyone in the new riding located in the Quinte region, which he called a “Canadian paradise.” He said he had a sense of pride for this area and he just felt motivated to stand up for this community with its natural attractions and huge potential.

“The growth of viticulture in the County, the potential of agribusiness in this area in combination with the natural attractions of the Bay of Quinte, the Trent River and the County, the spinoffs of tourism, agribusiness and the service industries is boundless,” he said. ‘I’m not afraid to stand up for this community and be a voice in Parliament who can champion the needs of the Bay of Quinte region,” he added.

Ryan Williams, a member of Smylie’s nomination committee, encouraged those attending the meeting to buy and sell party memberships and get out and support Smylie through the process.

“He supports many causes, charities and organizations. He’s a champion of CFB Trenton and he’s a great leader who can tackle the important work that needs to done to bring growth and prosperity to this area,” he said.



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  1. Gary says:

    I guess the word smithing didn’t go over big on the eve of Remembrance Day.

  2. Wolf Braun says:

    Jack Dall: “Got to be a better way”

    Agreed. But, until all Parties remove ‘fund raising’ as part of their Purpose, not much will change.

  3. Gary says:

    Why? The Conservatives have a good man. He certainly has proven he is flexible, moving from the left wing NDP to the far right wing Tories!

  4. Jack Dall says:

    Got to be a better way

  5. Wolf Braun says:

    Jack: “Let me get this straight. The only criteria is that you have to buy a membership to allow you to vote. Do you suppose the other party,s might use that?

    All parties do that when selecting local candidates. That’s why each candidate is busy selling memberships. The belief is that if you sell a membership that person or persons will vote for you and not the other candidates.

  6. Jack Dall says:

    Let me get this straight
    The only criteria is that you have to buy a membership to allow you to vote. Do you suppose the other party,s might use that .

  7. Wolf Braun says:

    Correct Gary. Anyone can buy a membership and then participate in selecting the candidate.

  8. Gary says:

    Jodie is the majority choice of local Conservatives.He is their choice to represent the riding. They found better qualities in him than Bonter or Bonn.

  9. R.Richman says:

    An NDP now Conservative, yes thats my man a person that can not make up his mind. But what does it matter they all tear apart the other parties platform, promise you the world then back water on it.

  10. Snowman says:

    Lawyer Bonn may have underestimated his foe?

  11. Argyle says:

    Really, bad choice.

  12. Jack Dall says:

    The Liberals must have been the people doing the voting.

  13. KJB says:

    Does anyone know why Susan Sweetman was eliminated

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