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Socks finally settles in forever home – with family

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A Sheltered Life – stories as told to Maggie Haylock-Capon, by Liza, resident greeter at the Loyalist Humane Society. (Photographs by Alan R. Capon)

(If you are unable to adopt a cat or kitten, there are many other important ways to help the LHS. Donations of Javex and other household cleaning products, garbage bags, grocery bags, litter, cat food and kitten food are welcome. The Loyalist Humane Society is located on County Road 4, (Talbot Street), near the intersection of Tripp Road.)


Gilly and her mom toured the shelter, after visiting with Rocky. Gilly met an adorable tiger kitten and was invited to name him. She christened him Middy and named his sibling Boo.

When 12-year-old Gilly of Kitchener met Rocky, it was love at first sight. She poured a bowl of cream for him and he purred his gratitude. The two have been corresponding for several months and last week met in purrson for the first time.

When 12-year-old Gilly of Kitchener met Rocky, it was love at first sight. She poured a bowl of cream for him and he purred his gratitude. The two have been corresponding for several months and last week met in purrson for the first time.

Hi, Everyone,
It’s Liza reporting from the Laundry Room, at the Loyalist Humane Society, where each day brings new excitement. Last Wednesday was a red letter day here, for we had some very special visitors. Gilly, the 12-year-old girl who sponsors our own Rocky, arrived from Kitchener to meet him in purrson. Her family also sponsors Inky, who was able to have dental surgery thanks to their generosity.

Rocky was too excited to sleep, the night before Gilly was scheduled to arrive. Mrs. Moffat brushed him until his coat shone, but he was still concerned that he would not make a good first impression. He need not have worried. When Gilly finally met him, it was love at first sight. She spent a long time with him and saw his special bulletin board where her letters to him have been posted. Then, she and her mother toured our shelter and made the acquaintance of all of the residents. Before Gilly left, she gave Rocky a large carton of Temptation treats, while Inky was gifted with several tins of gourmet cat food. It was a happy day, indeed, and we were all pleased for Rocky who has at last found his forever family. Owing to his age, it was agreed that it could prove traumatic for him to move to Kitchener, but Gilly has promised to visit him again and will write to him from time to time.

There was also some very exciting news, last week, about Socks, the feral cat who has been fostered for the past 18 months by my ghostwriter, Maggie. Originally from Consecon, Socks was live-trapped with her two kittens and brought to our shelter almost two years ago. She managed to escape when the bottom latch on the door of her crate was accidentally left open. Mrs. M. and Gail did not think she would go far, for she had two little ones depending on her. Obviously, they over-rated her maternal instincts for she never looked back. It was not until almost a year later that Mrs. M. realized she was the stray cat that Maggie had been feeding. A shelter photo of Socks was matched with a picture of the panhandler and her suspicions were confirmed. Socks had travelled through the fields to Maggie’s farm barn which, as the crow flies, is not a long distance from our shelter.

Maggie tried time and time again to live-trap Socks, but with no success. She did manage to tame her somewhat and for the past few months has been able to pet her on occasion. This spring, she noticed to her dismay that Socks was once again going to have kittens. Efforts to catch her were renewed but failed once again.

One day last week, when Maggie went into her backyard, she spotted Socks lying under a tree. It was unusual for her to come so close to the house and when she moved, her slender silhouette made it  immediately apparent that she had given birth to her kittens. Then she circled her benefactress’s feet and Maggie was shocked to see that the little cat was trailing a bloody mass behind her. She knew right away that Socks was in urgent need of help. Maggie called our own Mrs.M. who hurried to the scene and the two of them were able to capture Socks and put her in a pet carrier. Maggie’s husband, Al, found a flashlight and began to search the barn for the kittens. He found them within minutes. Socks had delivered them in an empty stall. The four little mites were put in a box and taken, along with Socks, to Maggie’s veterinarian.

The news was not good. Socks’ uterus had prolapsed and the vet said that there were only two options. He could spay her or she would have to be put to sleep. Maggie immediately chose to have her spayed. Her vet told her he would try to save Socks’ ovaries so that she could continue to nurse her kittens, but as it turned out, this was not possible. Her milk is expected to dry up within ten days. Maggie has bought formula and is planning to bottle feed the kittens when it becomes necessary for their continued survival.

Socks is now resting comfortably, with her young, in a small, enclosed space in Maggie’s barn. She is content and to everyone’s surprise, actually welcomes attention. At long last, she has found her forever home.

And speaking of forever homes, we have many fine felines here who would very much like families of their own. Let me tell you about some of them.

DieselDo You Think This Fur Coat Makes Me Look Fat?
Diesel is a handsome black gentleman approximately three years of age, who came to our shelter with his Mrs., a beautiful black and white cat named Ella. He thought that black was supposed to be slimming, but is a little concerned that he may look a bit on the portly side.

EllaStop asking dumb questions, Diesel, I’m doing my yoga exercises.
Beautiful Ella keeps fit with yoga. A great beauty, this black and white miss is three years old and would make a beautiful accent piece for anyone’s living room.

FrancoWhile the cat’s away, Franco will play
When Liza trotted off to greet some shelter visitors, Franco promptly appropriated her bed. He insists that her mattress is softer than his.

Liza-shelter-divaWe are not amused.
Shelter diva Liza is out of sorts. That rascal Franco has stolen her bed, once again. If looks could kill, he would be history.

Hoosier was named for his fondness for snoozing in one of the cupboards at our shelter. He’s young, friendly and affectionate and purrfect for anyone whose cupboards have mice.

A beautiful tabby cat, Lilith enjoys sunning herself in the windowsill. If you are in search of a friend to join you in catching some rays, be sure to stop by and see her. Bring sunscreen.

A delightful little Calico, Anonamiss is friendly, quiet, and very smart. Mrs. M. says she refuses to go outdoors, much preferring to spend her time indoors.

Cleo, who is formerly of Wellington, is very people-friendly but has a strong dislike for other cats. If you are seeking a one and only, look no further. This lovely tiger miss is definitely for you.

Mac’s back! A handsome tiger cat who was auditioning for his forever home at Pet Valu. Mac is once again back at our shelter. Who knew that he hated dogs with a passion? After making his opinion of them clear on several occasions, he came home in disgrace. A cat with character, he would make an ideal family pet, but only if you do not have a family dog.

It’s Ella again. She’s finished her yoga exercises and says she is eager to find her forever home with someone who enjoys a healthy lifestyle and enjoys working out. She would very much like to bring her husband Diesel along but is willing to leave him for the right offer.

Bo-JinglesMr. Bo Jingles
Young and very handsome, Mr. Bo Jingles would be the ideal family cat. He’s friendly and open to offers. Formerly a resident of Wellington, he would be willing to relocate.


Nubbins, the little blind cat who came to us with Natasha this spring, has found a sponsor. Now, 20 of our senior and special needs cats have sponsors.

Nubbins, the little blind cat who came to us with Natasha this spring, has found a sponsor. Now, 20 of our senior and special needs cats have sponsors.

News Flashes from Franco
This week I am sad to report that our good friends, Cutie and Leggett Ridge have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Both will be greatly missed.

On a happier note, there have been several adoptions. Alexandra’s kittens, Skye, Squeaky, Valley Girl, Smoky and Cuddles all have found there forever homes. Natasha, one of our older residents, also has been adopted through our Seniors for Seniors program. Nubbins, the little blind cat who came to us with Natasha this spring, has found a sponsor. Now, 20 of our senior and special needs cats have sponsors.

Several fundraisers for the LHS will be coming soon. Lorain Sine will stage a benefit concert for us on July 20 and our annual yard sale will take place on Aug. 16 and 17. Another special event, Paddle for Paws also is taking place Saturday. How fortunate we are to have so much community support.

Catch you later,

From the Desk of Liza
Have you heard the latest? Mrs. M. has received an e-mail from a Toronto designer, seeking the loan of some of our rug rats for a fashion shoot that is to take place in Prince Edward County soon. Bunnies were also mentioned but we do not have any of those. I do hope those kittens remember to use their litter pans before leaving here for the shoot. Imagine the chaos that would result if they became nervous while being cuddled by the models. Lights, camera, action – Nooo! not that kind of action! Quick, the Febreze!

Rumour has it that I may be invited back for another guest appearance on Live @5 to promo Lorain Sine’s next benefit concert and our annual shelter yard sale. Program host, Bill, and I have become very good friends. If you recall, I was a little nervous the first time we met. When he encroached on my personal space I tried to punch him. It was very embarrassing and I truly regret the entire incident. Of course, Bill knows star quality when he sees it and does not hold my momentary lapse against me. All big stars have meltdowns, after all.

-Until next week,

Guests support Humane Society at alumni’s gala birthday party

Liza explores her new "gazebo", a beautiful summer home generously donated to the shelter by a local resident.

Liza explores her new “gazebo”, a beautiful summer home generously donated to the shelter by a local resident.


Franco patiently waits to take a tour of the gazebo.

Franco patiently waits to take a tour of the gazebo.

Hello, Everyone,
It’s Liza here, reporting live from The Laundry Room, command central for the Loyalist Humane Society. This week’s big scoop is all the low-down on the gala birthday party held for one of our alumni, T.J., the handsome orange cat who is employed as the official greeter at Picton’s Pet Valu store.

Trish Daley with T.J., who celebrated his first birthday on Saturday, June 1st.

Trish Daley with T.J., who celebrated his first birthday on Saturday, June 1st.

T.J. celebrated his first birthday on Saturday, June 1st, and his owner, Tricia Daley, (who also owns Pet Valu), decided to make it a memorable occasion. All of her customers were invited to join T.J. for cake on his special day. and what a cake it was! Our roving reporter Franco says it was shaped like a litter box and studded with miniature Tootsie Rolls that looked like – well, you know.

Although he has become a local celebrity, T.J. has never forgotten his humble beginnings at our shelter. He said he did not want any of his guests to bring him presents. Instead, he asked them to make donations to the LHS. We were greatly touched by his generosity and all of us here wish him a very Happy Birthday.

While many of us at the LHS may dream of achieving fame and fortune, sadly few us of will ever soar to stardom as T.J. has done. However, Franco has reminded us that it comes at a price. He confides that T.J. reports for work each day wearing a tie. He also wears a hat when the occasion demands it.

Last week, I hopped on my soap box to tell you about “The Old and the Beautiful” – the senior cats at our shelter who would make ideal pets if only given the chance. Now, I would like to introduce you to some of them. You will also meet “The Young and the Restless”, who also needs loving homes. Please follow me.

Doing-TimeDoing Time
It’s the invasion of the Rug Rats. These curious kittens, who are currently “doing time” until their adoption, enjoy spending a few hours out-of-doors when the weather is fine.

Our roving reporter, Franco, is mature, educated, and best of all, AVAILABLE. Once the Mayor of Prince Edward Heights, he was a man about town who ate dinner at a number of households. Eventually, he was brought to our shelter as it was felt he would do better in a stable environment where he might even find a forever home. He is currently employed with the Loyalist Bugle and shows considerable journalistic talent. If you would like assistance in preparing your grocery lists, he could be the ideal cat for you.

Apparently, Franco is not keen on the idea of being spirited off to a forever home. He has been here almost forever and clearly showed his displeasure when the idea of moving on was suggested to him.

Miss-WhippleMiss Whipple
Miss Whipple is a little down these days. Worried that she has a weight problem, she has tried several diets and has even considered an exercise program. A mature cat who longs for a family of her own, she fears that her rotund appearance may influence her chances for adoption. After all, it is hard to compete with some of those svelte, leggy beauties that reside at our shelter. Blessed with a pleasing personality, this sweet tiger cat deserves consideration. But you may need to padlock your fridge.

Freddy was brought to us last winter, when a compassionate woman found him sheltering in her dog house. Sadly, he had frozen the pads of his feet and because of this very painful condition he has remained in his crate here for many weeks. Recently, he decided to venture outside it and is now exploring the laundry room. Freddy’s recovery has been slow and he is still experiencing tenderness in his paws. He is a special needs cat who will require a devoted owner. No one deserves a forever home more than The Fredster for he has suffered a great deal in his young life. We all hope that he will find that special someone.

Peppermint-PattyPeppermint Patty
Peppermint Patty, the delightful daughter of Candice Cane looks ready to take on the world.This beautifully marked kitten will soon be ready for her forever home. Perhaps the most appealing of all of this season’s rug rats, she is a favourite here and we will be sad to see her go.

Spring-FeverSpring Fever
Shelter residents settle down for their catnaps, during which they dream of finding their forever homes. You could make their dreams come true. Be sure to visit and meet our sleeping beauties.

Rocky’s on top of the world these days. This battle-scarred senior now has a sponsor and enjoys a bowl of cream each day “for medicinal purposes”. A shelter favourite, he assists Mrs. Moffat in the kitchen.

A ginger cat with attitude, this spunky senior dreams of his glory days while napping in the windowsill. If you enjoy afternoon naps and reminiscing about the good old days he would love to meet you.

A striking black and white cat, Pebbles is eight years old. With many good years left, she would be the ideal companion for a senior citizen or retired couple. She is quick to observe that she is not “an old fuddy duddy”. Don’t discount this lovely puss because of her age.

Madame-RMadame R
Our resident fortune teller, Madame R has finally left her tent. She reports that on warm days the heat is unbearable in there. She has decided to leave her crystal ball behind for the summer months and has moved to a comfy bed in the kitchen. Those wishing to know the future are asked to return in the fall when she will once again be reading the cards.

A handsome red puss, Tiger is 14 years old. He came to the shelter when his owner entered a retirement residence. He would very much like to spend the remainder of his retirement years in a loving home where he would receive lots of attention.

Skip (make that Skip Town) was adopted from our shelter but soon went missing from his new home. He was later live-trapped and brought back to us. A handsome young gentleman, not yet a year old, he us seeking a stable home environment with a family who will appreciate his finer qualities.

Here she is, Miss Italy 1991. Tortellini claims she was once a great beauty but fell on hard times after winning her crown. This senior tortoiseshell cat would very much like a home of her own in which to spend her golden years. If you enjoy lasagna, the occasional glass of wine, and the opera, drop by to meet Tortellini.

Say hello to Cleo, a mature cat who was surrendered to our shelter because someone in her household developed allergies. A loving cat who would be the purrfect addition to any family, she is hoping for a new home.

Want fries with that? Ketchup, a young red and white cat who enjoys burgers, is earnestly seeking a new home. With BBQ season fast approaching, he can’t wait to spend long summer evenings on the patio with a family of his own.

Captain-MorganCaptain Morgan
There’s black magic in play at the LHS. These gorgeous cats are all seeking loving homes. Among them is Captain Morgan, who enjoys a tot of rum now and then.

And this just in, from Franco – – –

Hi, Folks,
MacBig news about Big Mac! If you recall, this handsome tabby was hanging out at the Pet Valu store, waiting for his forever home. The customers loved him and the staff thought he was the cat’s pyjamas. Then disaster struck. When a tiny Yorkshire Terrier entered the store with his owner, there was a Mac attack. Everyone was shocked by Mac’s behaviour and he was sternly reprimanded. Unfortunately, he paid no attention. Having put the Yorkie to flight, he decided to challenge other, larger dogs. Other fights ensued and Mac was returned to our shelter. Now, our Golden Gloves champion is in search of new digs. People-friendly Mac will thrive in a home where there are no dogs. He is firmly convinced that there are no good dogs, only dogs that must be put in their place.

From the Desk of Liza:

Just a reminder that the LHS will be holding its annual yard sale in July. If you have items that you would like to donate for it, please stop by, as we have storage available.

Franco has just reminded me that on July 20, Lorain Sine and Friends will be performing in a benefit concert for our shelter at Picton United Church. If you are a fan of country and western music, you are certain to enjoy this show. Lorain and her sisters have been wonderful friends to us and a big help with our yard sales.

Also, there will also be a Paddle for Paws fundraising event for Loyalist Humane Society, starting at 10 a.m. June 22 at the McFarland Conservation Area on Glenora Road. Open to any type of paddle craft.  Prizes, Dragon Boat demonstration. cost is $25 per person and pre-registration is required.  Contact Kerry at 613 393-2263 or

-Until next week,

* * *
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About the Author: Maggie Haylock is a freelance writer and former newspaper reporter who has co-authored several books with her husband, Alan Capon.

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  1. Annabel Murray says:

    As a two cat owner I am happy for the cat who found a home and respect the kindness of the people who willingly gave the cat a home…a loving and caring one. It is by example of “sharing and caring” in this life that we can make a difference to our neighbor, friend, or pet. Bless you for your kind deed and following your heart.

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