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Hat’s off to man carrying Harper sign.

There is a gentleman walking Picton Main Street showing the courage of his convictions to carry a sign…”HARPER IS RUINING CANADA”. To him I take my hat off. It’s only a ripple. But next maybe a wave, then maybe a tsunami. Canadians as a whole are a docile bunch, but, I think finally we have been pushed too Far. What’s your opinion?

Larry Rose

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  1. cHRiS says:

    get a video interview, countylive!

    the government is owned.

  2. virginia says:

    We have never been Harper fans in this household. The Neocons have always been a scary bunch.

  3. Doris Lane says:

    Chris is correct both Harper and Dalton have done an injustice to Ontario and Canada with their so called budget bills which will prove to have an negative effct on us
    love the saying–“HARPER IS RUINING CANADA”

  4. Chris Keen says:

    No matter whether their use is legal or not, both Harper and McGuinty’s use of Omnibus Bills, which include items that have absolutely nothing directly to do with the budget, is disgraceful. The non-budgetary items included in both bills are far too important to the future of the Province and Canada to have been rammed through with little or no debate. We should all be out on Main Street banging a pot!!

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