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PEC mayor candidates on the issues – videos

Mayors-at-Picton-meetingThe three candidates for mayor of Prince Edward County joined Picton ward candidates at a standing room only meeting hosted by the Picton Business Improvement Association Thursday night. In the videos below, the mayor candidates give an opening statement, respond to two prepared questions from the BIA, questions from the audience.

Questions include:
What actions are you prepared to take toward ensuring the redevelopment of the harbour and its connectedness to downtown remain a priority project in the short term?

Would you support, or not support, a Picton by-pass ?

Where will the money come from to pay for harbour development and roads?

What are your plans to address affordable housing?

How do you see the recommendations of the Vital Signs report playing out?

How do you see balancing off the size of council and building a team when you are mayor?

How do you feel about council accessibility and how to include the public in council’s decision making process?

ADVANCE POLLS open Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014 from noon to 6p.m., at:
Ameliasburgh Town Hall, 13 Coleman Street, Ameliasburgh
Prince Edward Community Centre, 375 Main Street, Picton
South Marysburgh Town Hall, 3076 County Road 10, Milford
Wellington and District Community Centre, 111 Belleville Street, Wellington

Internet voting: Electors must register at between Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014 and Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014 at midnight to receive a PIN number. Once they have received a PIN, they are able to cast their ballot online until October 27, 2014 at 8 p.m.


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  1. Marnie says:

    Wolfe, I have known Keith most of my life and the idea that he would run for council just for the stipend is ridiculous. Anyone who would suggest this obviously does not know the man but has no problem in criticizing him. Roy Wight and Benny also were once on council and like Keith did it from an honest desire to serve their community not just for a stipend. We should be thanking these people not taking pot shots at them.

  2. Emily says:

    I welcome all the new comers to the County. You have brought new ideas, a fresh perspective and my experience, friendly genuine folks. I have never seen City life shoved upon us, actually quite the opposite wanting to belong and learn more about County life. I am proud you have chosen Prince Edward as your home and I hope you are not in anyway offended by the views of a small minority.

  3. Wolf Braun says:

    Marnie: ” As for MacDonald being on council only for the stipend”

    I’ve know Keith since 1972. He is/was good friends with my old neighbor Ben Prinzen and friend, the late Roy Wight. They all met every morning at the local coffee shop in Bloomfield back then. He’s not in politics, nor has he ever been for the stipends. He doesn’t need it.

  4. Wolf Braun says:

    My issue with The Times endorsing candidates is….

    … the front page says “Our picks”; page 10 headline reads “We endorse”.. both are written in the plural. So that begs the question whether or not The Times used an editorial board and spent time with 20+ candidates. I’d like to know. So should the readers of The Times.

    A newspaper (in general) is not an entity. It has no conscience, intelligence, or morals. So what it all boils down to is 1 or 2 individuals who work at that paper offering their opinion on a candidate. The majority of readers do not know these individuals personally, so why would they value those opinions? And let’s face it media outlets are just that, they are not the klaxon horn of truth and altruism commonly touted beneath the sacred umbrella of “journalism”. They are just businesses designed to sell copy and profit margins which dictate the depth of reporting. Typically, endorsements are partisan because of the early influences in the life of a typical “journalist” giving way to more suspicion as to the validity of such endorsements.

    Again, in general, the print media doesn’t have the resources to do in depth investigative journalism. Reputations are declining. Time to start repairing the reputations of the news media.

  5. Wolf Braun says:

    Emily: “Robert is welcoming new entrepreneurs to the County.”

    That would have been a very nice way of putting it. 🙂

  6. Marnie says:

    The take that some of you have on county life certainly indicates that indeed you are “from away”. That comversation with a post hole digger (if that is what he was digging) is a classic example. As for MacDonald being on council only for the stipend that is a below-the-belt observation that sounds ridiculous to those in the county who know him. If someone asks a county worker whether he is digging a post hole or pounding sand in a rat hole that conversation will not unfold as you predict Susan. That’s the beauty of living here. We do not have all of that city paranoia. Orders to dig a post hole or erect a new stop sign are not top secret. We have lives.

  7. Gary Mooney says:

    On Sunday from 1 to 2 pm there will be a rebroadcast of County FM’s mayoral debate, aired live this past Wednesday.

    Listen on the radio at 99.3 MHz or online at .

  8. Emily says:

    And were able to define MacDonald and Bailey very well. Sometimes it’s just time to go if you are taking up space but no longer contributing to the level required. You can’t sit silent but be the first to accounts payable for the stipend! The Times were correct in their notes on Bailey not representing Picton strongly in the 2006 election. Too many good alternatives to go down that road again.

  9. Mark says:

    I think the Wellington Times have served the community well in their indepth election coverage. They also do not hesitate to endorse in a small community. And they do that with analysis on each candidate. Good for them! A job well done.

  10. Emily says:

    You are nitpicking needlessly. Robert is welcoming new entrepreneurs to the County. Good on him to put out the welcome sign. Hardly speaking about you Wolf! You take yourself way to seriously.

  11. Wolf Braun says:

    Unimpressive OPEN LETTER TO COUNTY VOTERS in this week’s Wellington Times.

    Very disappointed that after some 45+ years of living, on and off, in The County that Mr.Quaiff still refers to some of us as from “away”. 🙁

  12. Susan says:

    Councilor- What are you guys doing today?
    Employee- why do you ask?
    Councilor – well is it a post hole?
    Employee – who are you?
    Councilor – well I am a Councilor
    Employee – well I don’t know what to tell you and I don’t know you
    Councilor – well why are you here when we have road repairs needed in Picton
    Employee – well my boss told me to do this
    Councilor – perhaps I should have spoken with your Manager, sorry!

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