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Lawn signs stolen from private property

On Wednesday, an early morning walk and subsequent follow up revealed that up to 20 signs had been stolen from private property.  The stolen signs were those stating “Naturally Green – Turbine free”.

Communication with and from the municipality made it clear that none of their staff were involved nor were the signs in violation of any bylaw or regulation. The OPP (Constable Steinberg) were informed and were very helpful acknowledging the act was one of theft or vandalism. The actions of both agencies was reassuring and effective. My compliments to both!

It is not the first time signs have been taken down, especially during election campaigns but generally all political parties actively discourage such behaviour. Citizens have a right to express their views, as Constable Steinberg affirmed, whatever those views may be. This right is a fundamental one in our democracy and now it appears that this right is being abrogated by
these acts of vandalism. Sadly it is not the first loss of democratic right that has accompanied the advent of industrial wind turbines in the county and elsewhere in Ontario.

My hope is that proponents of wind energy such as WPD, Gilead and County Sustainability Group will join in condemning these unlawful acts. Whatever our differing views civility and the rule of law should not be abandoned.
Robert McMurtry

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  1. Dan Wrightman says:

    Today at 10am wind power was only producing 53MW, while hydro, natural gas, nuclear, coal, and biomass were pumping out 17532MW of power. Just another example that proves wind power is an epic failure.
    The sygration website shows the hourly numbers.

  2. Ken Globe says:

    Unless it’s converted, electricity can’t be stored

    And as per Dayton’s post, I guess it comes down to the filthy lucre for your property.

  3. Dayton Johnson says:

    Ya John Thompson it’s a hot spell alright….too bad turbines can’t supply enough power to run all those AC units,,especially mid-day when the sun is at peak. Too bad turbine power can’t be stored or powered up and down as needed.Too bad turbines in my township have affected property values to a point where they are virtually unsaleable. It is what it is…Can’t argue with facts.

  4. David Norman says:

    Golly-gee John, thanks for clearing up those production figures! And here I was thinkin’ this was relative to peek demand. You made it as clear to me as say, the sun’s reflection off the hundreds of remaining “Naturally Green – Turbine Free” signs on the majority of South Marysburgh properties.

  5. Suzanne Lucas says:

    Here is another interesting article. It demonstrates that There is a democratic process that works – unlike McGuinty’s GEA.

  6. John Thompson says:

    The total power from wind generation is derived by adding the hourly production figures and comes to 3912 MW for Friday. In order to meet the total requirement, 27270 MW was needed from burning coal (from mountain top removal no doubt) and 5645 MW from burning non renewable fuel at Lennox. Solar did well with all of that sun. Hot enough for ya yet?

  7. Doris Lane says:

    Susanne a great article you posted. Everyone should read it
    Yesterday we used 22,000 megawatts of electrcity in Onterio and 77 megawatts came from wind–those big ugly things like Wolfe Island sure help a lot

  8. Suzanne Lucas says:

    Sorry to change the subject here but I just read an intersting little piece about wind power’s reliability. Check it out.

  9. Gil says:

    Hi Guys, I’m against The Turbine Installations Programs “wherever” until the Safe Zone Official/Provincial Gov.”Tests’ are done by the Dalton Regime.
    So, while Queen’s Park sit’s on THEIR___ Dictorial Mandate of Their “GREEN ENERGY Policy”( Hey WE are the Bosses — WE DICTATE What!!!!Leadership!

    Why not direct this Gov.Spin energy to fill all the FOOD BANK Requirements and Concentrate on those that really need HELP Today in THE COUNTY and CANADA.!!

  10. Ken Globe says:

    If we follow the logic of Doris and others, we must believe that the theft of Conservative election signs in the past Federal election were done by the followers of the local Liberal and NDP constituents…

  11. David Norman says:

    Donna, there are comments in this thread which come from folk who are both pro and against Industrial Wind Turbine development, which do not include accusations of vandalism or blame directed at the other. Yet you chose to present an inclusive bigoted view of “anti-winds” as a group… this is indeed “petty and unfounded”.

  12. Gary Mooney says:

    Isn’t it time that we moved on to some other topic? We “anti-winds” are so well financed by the coal mining industry that the cost to replace these signs is trivial to us,

  13. Donna says:

    Thank you, Marnie. For the anti-winds to make such petty and unfounded accusations is rather insulting, but perhaps demonstrates the level of their desperation.

    IMHO it must have been the WIND that blew the signs away! Goodness knows it’s a plentiful and untapped resource in the County. 😉

  14. David Norman says:

    This is a “good sign” so to speak… ideological vandalism is actually a very positive indicator that the “message” is reaching and engaging the general public. These acts are the inevitable response of the unsophisticated, coerced by ideological persuasion. This is the fundamental nature of sociopathy. I see this, and in fact welcome this every time I write or read an internet blog on the subject of the fallacious propaganda promoting Industrial Wind Turbines as a “green” technology… much of the critical response (commentary) comes in the form of what I term, anonymous verbal graffiti… an attempt to vandalize the “views” of another.

  15. Marnie says:

    No one is defending the actions of the sign stealers, but to assume that it was a vile plot by the pro-winds is taking it too far. How do we know that some of the pro-wind signs were not taken? I think somebody was yanking your chain, Lori, and received the desired reaction. It was wrong to take the lawn signs,no matter what they supported but it is equally wrong to point fingers without proof and in so doing add fuel to the fire. Shame on you for attempting to increase the animosity.

  16. cHRiS says:

    thanks for freesign

  17. Lori Smith says:

    As only anti-turbine signs were stolen and not any of the pro-wind energy signs, it seem ridiculous to try and pin the thefts on kids playing pranks. If that were the case, then all sorts of other signs would have been stolen and/or damaged. Shame on you for condoning this behaviour. Stop defending the actions of these people who obviously trespassed and violated these homeowners’ freedom of expression and rights. I’m sure we would hear you loudly complain if someone came onto your property and stole something off of your lawn.

  18. Marnie says:

    It is impossible to know for certain that Pro-wind people took the signs. They well could have been taken by a prankster(s)who wanted to stir things up. Anyhow, the presence or absence of signs will not tip the scales for or against wind turbines.

  19. Beth says:

    Ok, some of you are likely reading way too much into this. Probably just a bunch of bored individuals, looking to stir up some trouble. Perhaps that is the only motive there.

  20. Doris Lane says:

    The people that took the signs down are simply pro-turbine people who wish to rent
    their land to make a buck
    Someone told my neighbour she would like to remove the sign and make a turbinre out of it I know for certain the ladies family are pro turbine and have rented a lot of land.
    Too bad this is causing a rift in the county. People do not see the short term and long term effects to what they are doing
    Their children will be able to see the effects and the extremely high cost of electricity and all the products that use electricity tp make them

  21. Marnie says:

    Could it be that whomever stole those signs did it simply to provoke all of the rhetoric that has appeared about it here recently? Civil disobedience? Terrorists?

    The recent sign thefts are really not much different that the periodic games of mailbox bingo in which a lot of rural mailboxes are destroyed by brainless souls wielding baseball bats. It is unlikely that the sign thefts were a vile plot to destroy democracy. The perpetrators may have thought it was a bit like stealing garden gnomes. That really bends people out of shape. Whatever their motive, it was a wrong and stupid thing to do, but if they were trying to stir the pot to create even more controversy they certainly succeeded.

  22. Mark says:

    Civil disobedience is necessary?

    Who are the “terrorists” now?

    I don’t know how you sleep at night, man… I really don’t. Its gotta be such a scary scary world for you to live in.

    I’m sure we can read all about it in your weekly twelve letters to the paper.

  23. Mark says:

    The only nut job is the belief that these Industrial Monsters will benefit anything. They are a scam and we all will pay a huge price beyong energy prices for this boondoggle. It’s still just uncomprehensible that anyone would want these things in the County. A County that is famous within the country for it’s beauty and nature. It is a real shame that big government and big business can impact so many and destroy so much. I do believe that civil disobedience is necessary.

  24. BV says:

    Jack= NUT JOB

  25. Paula Peel says:

    Our beautiful “Naturally Green – Turbine Free” sign was stolen and so was my neighbours’. The signs were on our own property and were well behind the 911 sign, which is where we had been told by County staff to put them.

    Who would have stolen our sign? And just as important as “who” is “why”? My feeling is that it was done by people who believe they are doing the right thing by pulling up those signs and that Gilead, wpd and County Sustainability are thanking them right now for their efforts. They see themselves as heros, not vandals. That is why Gilead, wpd Canada and County Sustainability must join in condemning these acts of vandalism.

    We have since put up another sign. We didn’t call the OPP this time but if our new sign is stolen we will.

  26. Doris Lane says:

    Chris Keen on June 21sr gives the web site where you can finD out about signs
    When you look at that you would wonder how anyone would know where a sign could be placed. I guess someone will have to study The by laws very carefully and then go around the county and tag all the signs that should not be there
    Should keep some of the county workers busy for the summer

  27. Henri Garand says:

    I don’t recall any reports about the removal of “Support Clean Energy” signs. These have been posted for a long time in the County, and some are still up on Big Island despite the cancellation of the Byran wind project.

    Why are only anti-wind signs being stolen? Why is there such eagerness to find another explanation for the disappearances—and to excuse the culprits?

  28. Mark says:


    You are certifiably ridiculous.

  29. virginia says:

    Most likely it’s kids who are feeling their oats, as summer begins.

  30. virginia says:

    It could just be people who are tired of all the rhetoric.

  31. Sue says:

    The by-laws regarding signs on property or on stores or on walk ways have always been very difficult to actually find. The rule it always seems is put it up and if nothing happens then it is ok. Take for example the massive sign on Main Street Bloomfield for Emmanual Baptist church. Did anyone ok that sign. Makes every B & B sign seem so small and they fall under a by-law.

  32. Mark says:

    Well I’d lay a pretty good wager that it isn’t anti-wind persons committing the crime.

  33. As the article makes abundantly clear the signs were in compliance with municipal regulations. In general they must be placed behind the civic address to be compliant and all signs were.
    I note that none of the industrial wind turbine proponents have condemned the acts. Monitoring of responses from Gilead, WPD and CSG will continue.

    Robert McMurtry

  34. Jack says:

    Although some people want to pass these actions off as a form of vandalism , in reality they are the acts of terrorist,s impeding an individual,s right to free speech and the police should deal with them in that light. These so called acts of vandalism through personal experience will not stop there and can do nothing but escalate.

  35. Elizabeth Globe says:

    There is often (but not always) a 66′ road allowance. But be sure you check with the County or look for your property stakes.

  36. Gil says:

    As long as the “County’s” Designated Ditch Trimming Area Allowance” is not impedded,
    I must assume “it’s our Property”.
    Bring on the Signs.

  37. Chris Keen says:

    It appears signs cannot be within 1 metre of the property line. (7a)

  38. cHRiS says:

    surprisingly unrelated to this notice:

    Over the next several weeks County staff will be monitoring signs placed within the public road
    allowances or attached to County owned road signs. Signs that are not in compliance with the SignBy-law will be removed.
    Before placing any sign, please contact the Building/By-law Enforcement office to ensure the size
    and location complies with the Sign By-law and to determine if a permit is required

    -how many feet from road does public road allowance extend ?

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