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Local Liberals part of policy creation at convention

President John Brisbois at the convention with former speaker Peter Milliken. Lenore Begley photo

President John Brisbois at the convention with former speaker Peter Milliken. Lenore Begley photo

An emphasis on the middle class, environmental sustainability and strong federal/provincial cooperation will be the focus of coming policies, says John Brisbois.
The president of the Bay of Quinte Federal Liberal Association and some members were among more than 3,000 delegates in attendance at weekend’s Liberal Biennial Convention in Montreal.

Leader Justin Trudeau noted in his speech Saturday that Canadians don’t expect the government to perform miracles as they know it cannot resolve all issues. “What they do expect, however, and rightly so, is that the government help them have a real chance to succeed. The chance to get a quality education and a good job. The chance to be able to reimburse their debts and to be able to retire with dignity. We’ve had some great discussions so far this weekend.”

“The Biennial Convention creates policy for the 2015 election,” said Brisbois. “Local Liberals were in attendance for sessions that develop economic initiatives, election strategy and sustainable development to name a few.”

Brisbois said the tone was set in the opening address by Chrystia Freeland and Lawrence Summers – both noted authors in the field of economics with a theme that economic growth can be created to benefit everyone not just the 1 per cent.

Trudeau’s focus, he said, “starts with the core liberal ideas of freedom and opportunity. The idea that no matter where and to whom you were born, you start free, and should have a fair shot at success. Upward mobility should be a realistic prospect for everyone. If you remain hard-working and forward-thinking, you should be able to build a better life for yourself, and pass on even more opportunities to your kids.

“The growth we have seen over the past three decades has  been the product of a broadly supported agenda. Investments in education, fiscal discipline, openness to trade. All of which the middle class voted for, repeatedly,” said Trudeau. “The original promise of that agenda was that everyone would share in the prosperity that it creates. That hasn’t happened. That’s not a political point. It’s a fact. If we don’t fix it, the middle class will stop supporting a growth agenda. That will make us all poorer.”

Policy resolutions adopted at the convention include A national framework for mental health, Aboriginal issues, Canadian Pension Plan enchancements, the National Action Plan on Dementia, Health Care, Fracking, and Death with Dignity: Legalizing Medically Assisted Death. Details here:

He also appealed to past Conservative voters noting “People in Ottawa talk about the ‘Conservative base’ as if it is some angry mob to be feared. They’re wrong,” Trudeau told delegates. “As all of you know, the 5.8 million Canadians who voted Conservative aren’t your enemies. They’re your neighbours. These are good people. People who thought they were sending strong local leaders to be their voice in Ottawa, but got nothing in return but Mr. Harper’s voice in their communities.”

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  1. Wolf Braun says:

    “Did the provincial Tories and Grits policies fit with their purpose?” … Mark

    I can’t answer your question since I’m unable to locate what each of their purpose is – their reason for being. If you know what they are do please share.

  2. Mark says:

    Wolf do you usually answer a question by asking one? Mine were easy for you. Did the provincial Tories and Grits policies fit with their purpose? I am not debating you, just asked for clarity on your purpose/principle crusade.

  3. Wolf Braun says:

    I don’t think I can set you straight Mark. Not until you grasp the concept of PURPOSE and PRINCIPLES. You’re stuck on policies.

    The way for you to get there is to frame each one of your questions and see if they fit the purpose and principles of our federal government. What is your understanding of why government exists? What principles do our elected officials and bureaucrats follow when creating policy? Can you answer either or both?

  4. Mark says:

    Wolf you are really into this Purpose/Principle thing. What was the Conservatives purpose when they deregulated Ontario Hydro. Did that policy fit? What was the Liberals purpose when they brought in the Green Energy Act? Did that policy fit?
    Political parties purpose is to retain or Gain power. The principle is all about $$$.

    I am sure you can set me straight on this.

  5. Wolf Braun says:

    “Local Liberals part of policy creation at convention”

    I’d really love to know how such policies are vetted to ensure that they meet the PURPOSE of the Liberal Party of Canada as well as the PRINCIPLES of the LPC. Anyone ?

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