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Man, people are stupid!

Steve Campbell

I have two topics for this column, and they are totally unrelated. So don’t apply the title to the second part, or I might get sued. That part is not about being stupid. Just silly.
This is an unprecedented column. I am about to give a tip of the hat to Dalton McGuinty.
For those few of you who think Dalton is the Saviour of Ontario – Jesus reincarnated, except driven by politics and egotism instead of ethics and heart – you may want to clip this bit and pop it on your fridge with your ‘Dalton Rules!’ fridge magnet.
And he does rule. A good Ruler doesn’t listen to anyone, because they have a God-given gift to be right. Historically (in the Old Country), it’s often because you have an ancestral bloodline of inbred cousins and aunts and uncles. And potloads of money and gold and other valuable stuff. And thugs who will kill anyone who disagrees with you.
In modern times, it’s because you have the gift of dodging political meteors, covering up boondoggles, and making deals to ensure you have the right amount of seats to remain in power.
Dalton created the Nanny State, in which all of us are considered too stupid to make up our own minds, so he builds legislation to comfort us.
I’ve often railed against it, because stupid rules tend to make us less responsible for our own behaviour, while building court-worthy cases against the people we would like to blame for our own stupid actions.
Now we’re so worried about liability, that simple jobs take forever to complete. We lose our focus on ‘getting the job done’, and spend most of our time dancing around, crossing the Ts and dotting the Is, and checking with the legal department.
But, as I travel around the County all summer long delivering magazines, I started to see that people are, in fact, stupid. (This is the part Dalton fans will want to clip.)
Dalton is right! We are too stupid to run our own lives!
For example, back out of your parking space in the Canadian Tire parking lot, or any large parking lot in town. You can check all three mirrors, and twist around to look out the back as you’re in motion getting out of your spot. And a wandering, oblivious couple will appear three inches from your bumper, just waiting for you to bust their knees. Apparently ‘detecting danger’ is no longer one of our survival skills.
I’ve seen young mothers with baby strollers (which seem to be a quarter of the population of Picton) standing ready to cross the street between two parked cars. They are standing in the right spot, but the baby is stuck out three feet into the traffic!
Believe it or not, I saw a guy with a parked SUV rearranging his truck, and he set his baby (in a certified Safety Seat) in the middle of the traffic lane!
This could go on forever – and I know you have your own stories of blatant stupidity – but I also saw a woman doing a U-turn in the middle of summer at the top of the Town Hill!
Pick your worst place to pull a U-turn, and that would be it. Maybe later she drove around and around in the centre of the Tim Horton’s lights, looking for an exit.
This is painful for me, because I like humans. And I like to think they can think. But here’s my hat tip, Dalton. People are stupid and you saw it first.
One more quick story from a friend of mine. He attended the great Bath celebrations of the War of 1812, and this is his story:
“All along the road they’ve got pylons and yellow tape, to make sure people don’t fall into the deep trench that runs along the roadway.”
“But there was one six-foot spot with no yellow tape. And I saw this guy, who was about 75, go down there to cross over. He stood there, and apparently figured he could jump the four feet over the four-foot trench.”
“He lost his balance and, thank God, a teenager was right there and grabbed him by the back of his collar, lifted him off the ground, and hoisted him back.”
“The senior guy went on his way, and the teenager looked around to see if anyone saw the incident. ‘A thank you would have been nice,’ he said.”
Really, I think stupid people should be culled from society through natural causes. Through attrition. Darwin saw this, and me too. But not Dalton. If Darwin and I are right, and stupid breeds stupid, we’re all doomed.

Completely Indispensible?
Now on to Part 2: I laughed out loud when I read in one of the papers that our (still) new CEO had hand-selected three people to ‘take his place’ while he was gone. Presumably on a vacation, out determining how fast a County pickup can actually go, or at a critical meeting on whether the price of Garbage Bag Tags should be raised to $50 per tag.
Is this kind of back-up really necessary? It’s not like he’s the Captain of a ship and, if he goes for a snooze, he’ll find himself aground in South Africa.
I know. I’m an excellent business manager myself. I know, when I need to leave the shop on deliveries, County Mag’s designer and Everything Girl Janet Davies says: “Oh, no! How will I carry on without Steve’s brilliant insight and keen managerial skills?! How is it possible for me to do a job I’m well-skilled at, without having Steve physically present in the room? I am lost!”
Seriously, she actually says: “My, it’s suddenly quiet in here, maybe I can get some work done!”
This is another of my bizarre analogies.
How important are you, that you can’t leave for a couple of days, without the Kingdom of the County crashing down around your ears?
Sure, the news report said that the ‘stand-ins’ would only receive a little extra pay. A mere pittance really, considering they have been determined to have the skills to warm the seat cushion of the CEO in his absence.
And what’s the deal with having a line-up of three people? I’m sure Merlin Dewing is going to be valuable, but he’s not President Obama.
Do we need three people in case one is killed in a plane crash, the second is suddenly diagnosed with Swine Flu, and the third was caught in a porn theatre on Yonge Street in Toronto. (Actually, watching porn in theatres is not a crime, but a County official travelling to Toronto is unforgivable.)
I think the CEO should get over himself a bit, and save us some money, by doing what other people do. Go away. Come back to a load of paperwork accumulated while gone. I’m sure the Great County Ship of State will not collapse in the meantime.

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  1. Marnie says:

    I agree, Ken. The roundabout makes it much safer than it was, even if the occasional person goes the wrong way on it.

  2. Ken Globe says:

    That roundabout is a godsend, I usually come into town via
    County road 1, and there was a major accident there at 1 and 33 and least 3 times a year.

  3. Marnie says:

    Talk about stupid people – we met a large truck going the wrong way on the roundabout. When my husband rolled down his window to politely tell the woman at the wheel she told him to “F” off. Nice lady.

    Last week, we got out of our car in a Picton parking lot and watched as an older woman in a large van tried to get out of a tight parking space. Her rear bumper was almost touching another vehicle. My husband spoke to her through the open window of her van and cautioned her that she was perilously close to another car. He knew it was difficult for her to gauge just how close her rear bumper was and was prepared to watch while she backed up as far as was safe. She politely told him that she had been driving since she was 19 and needed no help. Another courteous motorist.

  4. Doris Lane says:

    Paul a lot of drivers never attemt to stop at stop streets at all which makes drivers on the main street watch every stop street to see what is going to happen.
    As far as the roundabout goes it is an accident waiting to happen–once you are in the circle you are suppose to have the right to continue with out the worry of someone coming into you BUT dont count on it

  5. Paul Cole says:

    Pedestrians do have the right of way and drivers must stop or slow their vehicles to allow them to cross. Since we been hearing about the jay walkers how about the driver who rolls past the white line at a stop sign and forces pedestrians to walk around their vehicle.

  6. Marnie says:

    Sorry, Doris, but I fail to see how it is offensive to suggest that God seems to look out for those of us who have the bad sense to jaywalk.

  7. Doris Lane says:

    Marnie—I am a native and I did not appreciate your comment about god looking after fools and natives.
    I do jay walk but only when I see that a car is stoping and the driver motions for me to cross
    However there are many people in town who simply walk across when they feel like it.
    From my experience in Toronto when a boy ran in front of me from behind a bus
    he ended up on my hood
    I got off on the criminal charge bit but had to pay in the civil charge
    A policeman told me the pedestrian is always right and the driver is at fault. So drivers watch out don’t hit anyone or you will be at fault.

  8. Marnie says:

    You’re right about the rules governing crosswalks, Ken, but there are motorists out there who still seem unfamiliar with them. There are those 7th generation folks who do wander trustingly into the street whenever the notion strikes them (and pray that’s all that strikes them). They are of a species known as the county native and based on their survival rate, God must look after fools, drunkards and county natives. Ironically, I don’t believe there is any record of an individual being struck and killed by a vehicle on Picton’s Main Street. There is however, record of a local woman being killed in a crosswalk (may have been before you came here Ken). I also had a friend who was hit by a car in the crosswalk in front of the Regent and seriously injured. I do not trust crosswalks. That’s why I jaywalk after looking both ways and assessing the speed of oncoming cars and trucks.

  9. Ken Globe says:

    I’ve been down here for 13 years now Marnie. Common sense also dictates that you do not step in front of a moving vehicle, or push your stroller in front of one. At least that’s what I was taught at a very early age. The cars are required by law to stop at the crosswalk if there is someone crossing, and the lights are activated.

  10. Marnie says:

    When the deal was struck to disband the town force, promises were made that we would still see a police presence on Main Street. They stuck an officer in front of the Regent a few times and that was it. Now, it is not unusual to see scoff-laws parking in the designated police slot near the library. They know that cruisers are rarely parked there.

  11. Mark says:

    Marnie makes a good point. When is the last time an OPP officer was seen outside of the big air conditioned SUV and walking the street. What do we have, 40 to 50 police officers in this little county for some baffling reason and not one can hit the beat.

  12. Marnie says:

    Not from around here Ken? Those 7th generation UELs have survived for a long time, so they must have some traffic smarts. Many people do use the crosswalks from what I have seen. You will always have others who cross at other points on Main Street, often for good reason. If you are at Books and Company and you want to go to the CIBC, it is not likely you are going to trudge all the way up to the crosswalk at the Regent,then all the way back down to the bank. Like it or not there are times when we have to cross the street using common sense and vigilance rather than the cross walk. And if you feel safe in our crosswalks,you have a false sense of security. I regard them only as suggested crossing areas nbot safe passage to the other side of the street. Maybe what we need is what we used ot have before we lost the Picton police department. In the olden days town policemen directed traffic on Maim Street when it was busy and walked up and down the streets.

  13. Ken Globe says:

    I guess I should have been more clearer. I was mainly referring to the Main Street corridor from the top of town hill to Lake Street. There are three standalone crosswalks, and the sets of lights at the cenotaph/Tim Horton’s intersection(s). With the number of vehicles parked on the street, it can get really hard to see if someones between them ready to march out on the street to play a real life game of dodge ’em, or if you’re travelling west in the late afternoon and the sun is directly in your eyes, you might not see the 7th generation UEL marching over to pick up his or her mail from the post office. At least with the crosswalks, you can push the damn button, lights will flash and people will know your intentions. The reason most crosswalks are installed is because enough people have been hit and/or killed in that area. I watched a guy activate the crosswalk at Metro, start to cross, and had to jump back because a grey van with two older ladies in it weren’t paying any attention and drove through nearly hitting him. My wife was almost hit last year at the crosswalk at Main and Elizabeth, and yes she had activated the signals. People who disregard the signals and pedestrians on the crosswalk should be fined.

    As for the parking lots, yes people need to slow down in them, people also need to stop parking in front of the doors “only for a minute” that is usually a fire lane, and I wish the stores would grow a pair and have these vehicles ticketed and towed. The striped area in front of Sobeys is a loading zone for the pet store, but no one seems to care and parks there anyway. Then they get upset when the transport for the pet store comes in and really causes congestion. There must be a disease for some people in this county where they cannot walk more than 200 feet.

  14. Mark says:

    And just how is anyone supposed to get across the street anywhere’s from the Community Centre all the way to the Regent Theatre without jay walking? How do does a person on the south west side of Picton reach Shire Hall without jaywalking?

  15. Marnie says:

    What about the ignorant drivers who blithely ignore pedestrians in the crosswalks and drive too fast in the parking lots at Metro and Sobeys? Jaywalkers there may be but we also have our share of stupid people at the wheel these days.

  16. Ken Globe says:

    At some point in time something like this will happen, and the people involved won’t fare so well. I’ve seen about three instances of acts like this in the past week alone minus the collision. People darting out in traffic, sometimes with kids.

  17. Ken Globe says:

    I still think half the people of Picton don’t know how to cross Main Street safely, or know how to use the crosswalks. There will be an accident with some mouth breather who will insist on marching out in traffic to get to the CIBC, or Town & Country and have an unfortunate meeting with a truck or some big vehicle driven by a non-local who doesn’t “know better because that’s the County way”.

  18. m york says:

    David, lol you would think everyone should learn from this but NOT…. However its not to late to stop the madness here in P.E.C. Why do we seem to need to wait until our resources are all gone ie: county vechiles,employees,bldgs (libraries), water, roads, etc., etc.,, before we do something about it?????

  19. David Norman says:

    @ m york… interesting informative observation and comment. Only thing I disagree with is your statement “I’m not one to go around bashing people who are not county folk, however it seems to be the ones who move down here and take over power that want everything changed and not for the good.I truly believe its because they believe what works in the city should work for the smaller municipalities NOT.” I can assure you that this approach does not work all that well if at all in the city either.

  20. m york says:

    Well last night i went to take the dog out for his nightly walk and i came across the county water crew. I stopped for a minute to have a chat as they were taking a quick break. What i learned when i inquired was that yes the county does have its own backhoe but apparently there no longer able to use it?????? So yes another job contracted out, and don’t get me wrong the contractor they had is a very reputable guy. And when the people of the county ask how many employees this dept. has you would be shocked to learn only 2, with 1 student, and 1 about to retire. This is all since the restructuring/split in water and sewer dept. was done by Shire Hall/CAO. I don’t think the County has put much thought into whats really going on out there because if they did they would realize its going to cost a lot more to contract everything out not to mention the loss of jobs for the community. I mean how does this save money if they have to move away to find jobs. And do you seriously think a company is going to come to Picton to fix one sewer/water problem NO, they will wait till they have a few to make it worth their while. And do we really want to hand our water over to someone who knows nothing about the infastructure. We need to take care of ourselves first and foremost. I’m not one to go around bashing people who are not county folk, however it seems to be the ones who move down here and take over power that want everything changed and not for the good.I truly believe its because they believe what works in the city should work for the smaller municipalities NOT. By the time this new restructuring is complete it will of cost us taxpayers an amount that we will never be able to recoup. They continue to hire these positions that are fluff positions and have not even started with the top dogs like they said they were going to do. I even heard a few days ago that we are paying the rent for our new CAO, i would love to know IF this is true and if it is then someone needs to loose their job forthwith.I would love to see a town meeting take place with our Mayor and CAO in order to see where their heads are at or aren’t at…..

  21. m york says:

    I to agree with your statements, however if there are things that we do have control over, which i know there is, then shouldn’t we be doing that here in the County first and foremost. I also would like to know why the minutes for the council have not been updated since June, I believe this information is valuable so we are able to stay informed instead of reading it after it happens. The council and committe of the whole minutes have not been updated. Anyone know who to call to inquire to this? And i still stand by what i said earlier, we need to look out after each other and especially the ones that can’t do it for themselves 🙂

  22. Marnie says:

    I agree,Mark. When did we start needing so much “stuff” in order to be happy? Unless we learn how to do with less we may be in for a very rude awakening. Credit is too readily available and bank slogans such as “You’re richer than you think” seduce people into borrowing. One day we will have to pay the piper.

  23. Doris Lane says:

    Mark can you do the same quote for the county as you did for the province. People would like to know how bad the situation is here in the County
    WE know a large piece of the pie is beyond the council control but it just makes it more important to control the piece that we can

  24. Mark says:

    Marnie, not only do we need to learn to live with less, if we do not it will be forced upon us like a tidal wave. Most Ontarion’s do not realize the grave financial crisis we are in.

    257 Billion of debt
    Borrowing 58.4 million each day
    Every Ontarion owes $17,825 towards this debt
    It costs 10 billion a year interest to finance the debt

    Times ahead are not promising. We have to take the pain and get the house in order. We are living beyond our means and it cannot continue much longer without severe repercussions.

  25. Marnie says:

    Yes, M. York, I feel that diligent employees should be acknowledged for a job well done but it is a fact of life that this does not always happen. Sometimes, we just have to consider our pay cheques sufficient evidence that our efforts are appreciated. Besides, you can’t have it both ways. Often on this site there are loud complaints about over-paid county employees who are loafing on the job. Now, you think they should be praised for their hard work. Which is it? To be fair they are paid far better than most people in this community and receive many more benefits than the average worker.

    I have a lot of sympathy for those struggling to keep up with rising costs in this community but we can’t blame it all on council. Some expenses are out of its control. Council hits our pocketbooks, it’s true but look at the price of gas, the cost of groceries, clothing, dental care, and the charge for home repairs etc. Almost every month we receive notification that the charge for some service or other has been adjusted (fancy word for hiked again). Council does not have the only hand in our pockets, in all fairness. Maybe we need to learn to live with less without feeling sadly done by. Those of us in today’s work force need to save more and spend less to ensure that we are not struggling to make ends meet in our old age.

  26. m york says:

    Marnie, Lets be honest here, how often have you ever seen an employee who was acknowledged for doing something good? And i am not talking supervisors or managers. When do you ever see a a Shire Hall staffer, hmm when they want acknowledgment. Now you say, “Lets be fair,” well where is this fairness getting the senior who can’t afford to pay their water bill, or the working man who can’t afford to put their child in hockey, or any other taxpayer who can’t afford the groceries on their table. I am speaking for the little man here. Have you ever asked how much the other municipalities are paying for their services, if not you really should. And yes Doris most of the employees do live here, that is the ones who are non-mngt. lol.

  27. Doris Lane says:

    Are the people who work for sewer and water paid out of general revenue or does their salary come out of the outlandish rates we pay for water and sewer?
    The sewer plant has cost us well over what it should have because of poor planning and also some concessions to individals that probably should not have gotten any.
    We have people working in high commissions in the county who are related to other people who get bonuses from the county
    Some one was referring to the rotten apple at the bottom of the barrel–probably more of those apples than we know about.
    Gee trying to keep a few perennials alive this summer is probably going to cost me a fortune.
    Oh well as long as the people who work for the County don’t suffer why should I complain. If we did a poll probably we would find that most County employees don’t live in the County. They probably live somewhere where costs are not so high

  28. Mark says:

    There is little to celebrate in regards to the sewage plant. Cost delays in tendering, cost overuns,too expensive from the get go.And in the end it is decided to pump up hill!It’s cost has hurt us dearly. And the taxpayer picks up the fumbling by paying on average over $200 bi monthly for water and waste. And that is the users not all taxpayers. And before it starts if rural should not assist in some costs through tax $ then why would a Picton resident pay for a roof on Mt Tabor as an example? It’s a County or it isn’t I say.

  29. Marnie says:

    No, M. York, my name was not on the ballot. Was yours? We did not elect Merlin, it’s true, but we did vote for those who chose him.

    It seems unfair to criticize the mayor and other members of the administration for appearing in the photo of the opening of the sewage disposal plant. It would be rare indeed to see plant operators cutting the ribbon and no sign of dignitaries. Be fair.

  30. m york says:

    Marnie, I can’t recall, was your name on the ballot???? And yes it is easy to play the blame game especially when the vote at Shire Hall was so close in handing the decisions over to the new CAO. Mayor and Council are our elected officials not the CAO, I as well as the rest of the taxpayers had our say the day we signed the x in the box of who we wanted to represent us. At NO point was Merlin Dewing’s name in there, of course, i could of blinked and missed it.All i am sayiing is that there are less meetings at Shire Hall and a lot of the jobs ordinarily done by Council are now being re-directed so why are Council members continuing to take a full pay check? Everyone else is having to take cuts here and there but lets face it, it should start at the top. We’ve needed restructuring for sometime now but i have to laugh at how its being done. Has any of the top dogs actually lost their jobs or are they being re-deployed to a different department? The little guy at the bottom of the pole is always the first one to go, you know where all the big dollars are,NOT… I also had to laugh when I saw in the paper, the opening of the new sewage plant, isn’t it nice how once a year the big cheese comes out of their office, Mr. Mayor included. I have to ask where the actually workers are as i am sure they have spent many hours their doing the actually work. Another kick in the ass for the employees of Prince Edward County, I presume they were told they weren’t needed for this event????? SHAMEFUL

  31. Marnie says:

    Kudos to you for running, Doris. Our loss that you were not elected.

  32. Doris Lane says:

    Marnie there were about 8 of us who ran for Picton,about 5 in SM,about 4or 5 in Hallowell. So people did have a choice. Most of us who ran spent a few dollars of our own money on the campaign and believe me it is not any easy thing to do to run for council.
    LES THAN 50% of th electorate voted, the reason present council refuses to change the structure of the government

  33. Marnie says:

    Easy to place all the blame on the shoulders of Shire Hall but we have to accept some of it ourselves. Few locals chose to run in the last election. Few seemed concerned enough about the status quo to challenge it. Those who represent us today were duly elected by the residents of the county. How many who are now complaining bitterly about council on this site have ever tossed their hat in the ring? And formerly we did have a local as our CAO and it seems he did not please too many.

  34. m york says:

    Mark, Would love to have a chat.

  35. Mark says:

    Well M York. It is this simple. The County Municipal Government has been disfunctional since amalgamation. Shire Hall has a culture that discourages talent and represents a hiearchy that knows all and is elitest. It cares not for their employees or the taxpayer. It is as rotten as an apple in the bottom of a bushel of apples.Contact me and I can tell you the full story of just how rotten to the core it is!

  36. m york says:

    Well all i can say is, continue to bring in the individuals from out of town that know nothing about the infastructure and pretend that they do. Pick up a phone people ask Quinte West and other municipalities if they tried this a few years back and it ended up costing them millions of dollars to go back. So why can’t we learn from their mistakes and not go down this path of contracting everything out, because were ten years behind the eight ball on everything we do….. Election time can’t come soon enough for me because when things go tits up here in the County we all will have the words on paper saying, “we told you so”.

  37. Paul Cole says:

    And I didn t vote in the last election, no one seemed up the challenge to me,Guess that makes me one of the smart ones..Geez that can t be right..

  38. Paul Cole says:

    Stand at the top of the Town Hill for 10 minutes on a friday afternoon in the summer Mr.Keen and watch the visitors.As to my oppinion regarding Mr.Hudak I felt some sort of comparison was in order just imagine if Tim Hudak was steering the ship…And Mr.Keen this article isn t about “Blown Away” its about the CEO and Stupid people hmmm ?

  39. Doris Lane says:

    m york–that is precisely the problem the new managers know nothing about the infrastructure of the County. We have a history of bringing in people to do a job they know nothing about. In one instance, awhile ago, an organiation was run completely by volunteers and then they brought in paid help–it has never worked the same since.

  40. m york says:

    Prince Edward County’s way to fixing everthing is by contracting everything out, selling all equipment and laying everyone off. Well, thats all fine and dandy but other municipalities have all tried this and realized it was way to expensive and had to reverse the decision, buy all new equipment and hire back the employees. One would think that we would learn from these other municipalities and not make the same mistake as they but NOPE that would be to easy. Someone once said to me,“ The reason the new upper mngt. wants to sell is because they know nothing about the County infastructure, so if you don`t know you get rid of it“. Lets hope the Newbies do a little more thinking before the sell the rest of the town.

  41. Chris Keen says:

    @Paul Cole – it’s hard to imagine that you actually read the “Blown Away” column and made the comment you did. At no point did the author suggest any other political party provided a better solution. He simply pointed out that THE political party that did introduce the Green Energy Act has been woefully neglectful of the rights of all Ontarians. And – why, oh why do you make stupid remarks about the summer visitors?

  42. Doris Lane says:

    There must be someone who can straighten out this mess the county is in.
    Maybe we need to put everyone on leave and bring in an outside manager to see if they can put things to rights.
    I really do not know the answer to our tremendous problem but i do know that there are people with some knowledge who just shake their heads.
    Maybe amalgamation with Hastings or Lennox who seems to manage things well

  43. Mark says:

    Gary, Department heads lead departments whether the CAO is there or not. Most orgs leave an acting head but they don’t receive the greater pay for 2 – 4 weeks work. I for one would hope that we looked far and wide for the next CAO rather than within. The two Commissioners are basically Finance and Public Works. The fiscal situation hasn’t been worse and well for the roads it’s disgraceful. Mr.Dewing commended these 2 for administrative excellence. I have to question his early judgment in that regard. I know you are a believer in these two but with a finacial crisis and crumbling roads with heavy tax increases I can’t buy into it. We deserve better accountability at the top ranks.

  44. m york says:

    FANTASTIC article and well said, i mean seriously what to he** is going on over there at Shire Hall. And can anyone out there explain to me how somebody who was just hired, who is on sick leave and still is for the past months get this position? How are they being paid sick time, supervisor pay or both? hmmmmm…… Nope nothing funny here and this is why we need transparency.

  45. Gary Mooney says:

    Steve, I have to disagree with you. And judging from reading comments by others, I’m the first and only person to do so.

    In the absence of this program, what decisions would be made when the CAO (not CEO) is on vacation or absent for other reasons? Likely none. And who would keep count of the trucks (eh, Doris)?

    What if Merlin remains in the CAO position only until the end of the Council term? Would any of our senior staff be qualified by experience to apply for the job? If not, we might have to look even farther afield than Sioux Lookout for our next CAO.

    I believe that Merlin established a similar project when CAO at another municipality. By designating more than one acting CAO, he is creating a competitive situation. (Imagine using the words “municipal” and “competitive” in the same paragrap!)

    While I appreciate your using County Mag as a model for how smaller municipalities should be run, I feel obliged to point out that you, Steve, are a special person. ‘Nuff said.

  46. Mark says:

    You have nailed it again Steve.We just pay through the nose for the top guns. And I still think I am right when I say the 2 Commissioners who were handpicked to cover for Merlin have far than proven themselves in their time here.Far from administrative excellence that he tried to get us to eat.
    And on a small note Merlin is not CEO he is CAO. The mayor is CEO.

  47. Paul Cole says:

    If the stupid people voted for Mcguinty just imagine the poor slugs who voted for Hudak they must drool and murmur silly things similliar to some of Hudaks quotes.We do have more then our share in the County thats for sure especially in the summer…

  48. Chris Keen says:

    Steve: Having read Michael Trebilock’s damning indictment of McGuinty’s Green Energy Act – “Blown Away” elsewhere on this site, I would suggest that those who should top the list of “stupid” people are the ones who voted for him in the last election!!

  49. Doris Lane says:

    We do not need three stand ins for the CAO–the last one only worked 4 out of 5 days and got full pay
    Now at this time when we are in a grave financial position in this county we pay “a little more” to three people to do what–What does the CAO do anyway but take a lot of holidays so I am told.

    On the other part of the story, I was going down main street this afternoon and a car pulled out in front of Miss Lilly’s and did a U turn and went down the town hill
    Picton has the worst drivers and the worst pedestrians of any place I know

    Keep up the good work Steve

  50. Evil says:

    I agree with you Steve Mr.Dewing should get over himself, he is so full of that stuff that is running out of his ears.

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