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MPP calls MOE conduct ‘deplorable and unprofessional’

Prince Edward-Hastings MPP Todd Smith wrote the Minister of Environment this week to denounce the ministry’s practices throughout the appeals process – regarding the Dec. 20 ministry notice of granting Environmental Bill of Rights approval to the Gilead power nine wind turbine project planned for the south shore.

“The conduct of your ministry in doing so [ignoring PEC council] has been both deplorable and unprofessional.” Smith said in his letter. “You announced the approval prior to a 15-day consultation period which included two weekends and three statutory holidays during which government offices would not be opened. When my office contacted your ministry to inquire about having the closed office days factored into the appeals period, we received no response from ministry staff.”

Smith said the seven closed office days during the appeals period effectively cut the time that County officials and residents actually had to launch an appeal in half.

Earlier this week  PEC councilllors decided against launchin an appeal due to the expense and small chance of success. Smith took issue with the appeals process as well as the timeline that had been given to the County.

“In addition, the council of the County of Prince Edward has made a complaint that they believe that the appeals process will force them to incur an onerous cost to the municipality and that your ministry has to stack the appeals rules in favour of the developers, the chance of success for the municipality…would be remote.” Smith said.

“All this forces me to ask whether your ministry has an interest in actually representing Ontarians or rather only in green lighting projects for certain energy firms in pursuit of an energy scheme which has wreaked havoc on the grid and on ratepayers?” Smith charged in the letter.

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  1. Bill says:

    Ontario hydro has to upgrade the power grid to accept the power coming in from the new site, if you say no to the upgrade then Gilead can not deliver the power. end of issue
    Call hydro one and tell them you will not allow the transmission lines to be upgraded for the turbine power plant.

  2. Gary Mooney says:

    The municipality has no authority to stop Hydro One from installing new transmission lines. This was the case even before the Green Energy Act.

  3. Paul says:

    I’m curious AGAIN with Mr.Smith’s stance on the‘deplorable and unprofessional’ appeal process set out by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (which I agree was underhanded and unfair) how Mr.Smith feels about the Federal Conservative Governments Bill C45 and how it removes Environmental protections and why those safeguards have been removed.Im guessing this would put even more stress on Provincial Enviromental Ministries in due diligence in accessing proposed projects.Idle No More seems to have some very valid arguments.

  4. Marie says:

    Thank-you Todd and all for fighting the good fight.

  5. Pamela Stagg says:

    Thank you for speaking out, Todd. You’re right that the deck is stacked in favour of the developers. The huge cost of taking an appeal to the tribunal means that justice is out of the question for all but the most determined groups and individuals. Hats off to the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists and the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County for taking on the challenge.

  6. Matt Helm says:


    I’ve worked with Mr. Smith’s office, APPEC and others on this issue and they’ve been incredibly helpful. Within minutes of the approval being granted, they had a letter written to the Environmental Commissioner and they had contacted the Ministry to get additional information about the appeals process for the citizens groups down in the County.

    It sounds like this letter is a reaction to the decision by PEC Council this week which explains the timing.

  7. Louise says:

    Let’s give Todd the benefit of the chance he might have been away on a holiday with his children and just got back

  8. Anon says:

    Approval was granted Dec 20, yet our MPP only NOW is commenting on it? Obviously had to get the approval of his boss first.

  9. Paul says:

    I’m curious “this week” obviously it was not Monday that the letter was sent.Better late then never but if the deadline was Jan 4th the letter was sent 3 days before the deadline at the most .Thats effective representation right there..

  10. Doris Lane says:

    Thanks Todd it was an ill timed report and also it gave MPP’s like yourself little time to comment.
    As you are well aware this whole thing has been a disaster
    from the beginning and remains one. I can not understand a government wantinf to use crown land and an IBA for such an out of line project

  11. Ken Campbell says:

    Thank you for standing up for PEC. I strongly appreciate your support.

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