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Natural gas service coming to Cherry Valley

At today’s announcement, from left, are: Jim Sanders (vice-president, Enbridge Gas), Todd Smith (MPP for Bay of Quinte and Minister of Energy), Athol councillor Jamie Forrester and Prince Edward County Mayor Steve Ferguson.

Todd Smith, MPP for Bay of Quinte and Ontario’s Energy Minister, joined local officials and Enbridge Gas today to announce an up to $5.2 million allocation from the province to help get natural gas to approximately 152 homes, businesses and farms in Cherry Valley.

“We’re making good on our promise to deliver affordable energy and expand natural gas pipelines to even more communities across Ontario, including our own right here in Prince Edward County,” said Smith. “Under Phase 2 of the expansion program, access to natural gas will help even more families and businesses find energy savings, while promoting economic development and job creation across Bay of Quinte.”

Phase two of the Natural Gas Expansion Program is expected to allocate more than $234 million to support approximately 8,750 connections in 43 rural, northern and Indigenous communities – including in Tyendinaga and Tweed, soon to be announced. The projects are also funded through a $1-per-month charge to existing natural gas customers.

“As part of our government’s plan to make life more affordable, we are lowering energy costs for homes, businesses and farms across rural, remote and underserved communities,” said Smith. “With Phase two, we’re putting people first, bringing prosperity to their communities, and ensuring Ontario remains open for business. This will be a game-changer for these 43 communities.”

The average household could save between $250 to $1,500 per year in energy costs by switching to natural gas from costlier fuel sources. Businesses are expected to save up to 30 per cent per year on energy costs.

Public consultation and open houses are to be announced, providing further details for future customers.

“Residents and businesses have expressed their desire to see natural gas expansion occur in Prince Edward County, and we’re pleased to see this move forward,” said Steve Ferguson, Mayor of Prince Edward County. “Natural gas is the most common, affordable heating fuel in Ontario. The municipality fully supports the efforts of the government of Ontario and Enbridge Gas. We look forward to working together to expand natural gas access in our community to attract new opportunities, help create jobs, and lower monthly costs for residents.”

Construction for projects under Phase two are to begin as soon as this year, with all 28 expansion projects expected to be under way by the end of 2025.


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  1. Dennis Fox says:

    The fact that “some” of our youth like to party in a careless way at this time is nothing to worry about – they represent a very small % of young people. I have great faith in our youth – like it or not they are our future and right now they have a much better handle on the environmental issues than what most older folks do. So relax, they will not disappoint us.

  2. Teena says:

    Alright then. It’s ok to put forth valid arguments concerning the way we heat and power our various lives, but how about including viable, relatively cost effective alternatives, or belt up!

  3. angela says:

    Step aside and let the younger generation take the lead? Reading about the recent street parties and conduct of the younger generation at Queen’s this fall that’s a scary thought. Better proof needed that they have the judgement for this.

  4. Chuck says:

    This isn’t about gouging. It’s Covid, high demand and low supply worldwide. A bush cord of wood is selling at $400.Thank goodness we have natural gas as wind and solar just do not cut it.

  5. Dennis Fox says:

    I don’t believe there is any doubt that the world is going to have to get off fossil fuels, if our planet is going to survive. Don’t be at all surprised by huge price increases because the oil shareholders will want to gouge us for as much as they can before the tape turns off. In the meantime I think it will be an exciting time to see what alternative energy sources emerge – stand aside and let the younger generation take the lead on this.

  6. Robert Sanfield says:

    You might want to research what is happening in Europe with wind/solar/gas. Come about January 15th our opinions might be different as well….

  7. Laura Snow says:

    Natural gas is as dirty as coal! It should not be being expanded. To do so is to sign the death warrant of the planet and our children’s figure. Natural gas’ only place to expand is to be a back up for renewables. If the wells leaks even 1% it is as dirty as coal and most leak 1-3% and some as high as 18%. Plus it destroys SO MUCH water!!! water that can never ever be cleaned again.

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