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No 15-minute ferry service this summer

Glenora-FerryMayor Robert Quaiff is furious there will be no 15-minute Glenora Ferry service until the week after Labour Day Sept. 7. He was advised by the Ministry of Tourism and Transportation on Monday and is also concerned about the economic impact on businesses in the County.

Those using the County to Adolphustown link should expect delays as the ferry service typically increases to a double vessel, 15-minute service seven days a week in the summer – handling on average 40,000 vehicles in July and August.

Meanwhile, employees at the ferry have been doing their best to minimize impact, speaking with riders and using social media to inform when heavy usages causes delays.

“We sent out press releases in March and June and contacted the ministry and received no response,” said Quaiff in response to questions on Facebook. “We then contacted our local MPP Todd Smith who issued a section of an act to the Liberals who then had 30 days to respond. They waited until the last day and sent a very poor standard ‘thank you for your concern’.

“This reduction in service will create a significant and negative impact on visitation to the County,” Quaiff said earlier. “Limiting access to to one of the four entry ways to our County will undoubtedly reduce interest in visiting and staying as well as provide a negative experience for those who do visit.”

In March, the County was advised that MTO ferries in the area were being relocated to accommodate ferry maintenance. As a result, the MV Quinte Loyalist – which typically acts as Glenora’s second vessel, would not be made available to enable the regular 15-minute service until required maintenance was complete. Originally scheduled for the end of June, the return to 15-minute service was anticipated at the end of July and now Labour Day.

Where possible, motorists are encouraged to car pool, or use alternate routes including Highway 401 to Highway 49 or Highway 62 to enter and exit Prince Edward County. Using alternate routes will help reduce wait times and avoid delays.

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  1. Wolf Braun says:

    What message ADJ ? You have no message. Try asking some questions of people who post here rather than spout off your nonsense suggesting that I’m wallowing in pity. Whatever gave you that impression?

    Why would I want to work in market gardens. I love giving wine tours. It’s not about the money ! The money is a bonus.

  2. ADJ says:

    And again Wolf your not getting my message! Granted I didn’t have the 8o yr. old in mind when I was mentioned pulling beans and painting the outhouse but maybe you still get my drift.Those were just examples that I have done personally. If you are in reasonably good health and still would like to supplement the income why not offer your services to the garden market businesses? From doing your wine tours I’m sure you realize how difficult it is to get help in the opening and harvest season. Not everyones cup of tea but it’s a job to make a few bucks.
    My point from the get go was to inform two entries here that the tourist trade was not to blame for our increased water and sewer fees or because the town just isn’t like it used to be(something along those lines) I attempted to encourage them to get off the pity train and make the tourist trade work for them as supplemental income…much as you have with your winery tours.
    I much admired the older fellow who for years worked at one of Pictons grocery stores and was constantly seen wheeling out groceries and collecting carts.
    Again if you want to wallow in self pity there will always be an audience and arguments will go back and forth but really what’s the point?
    You preach about “Purpose and principles” so you may use this as an example.And for me the topic is CLOSED. I think the horse is dead!

  3. Marnie says:

    It’s difficult for young people to find work in the county much less senior citizens. Grest to know that you are still gainfully employed Wolfe. Do the folks on those wine tours tell you that you appear to be in your 50;’s after the tastings? Just kidding.

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