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No 15-minute ferry service this summer

Glenora-FerryMayor Robert Quaiff is furious there will be no 15-minute Glenora Ferry service until the week after Labour Day Sept. 7. He was advised by the Ministry of Tourism and Transportation on Monday and is also concerned about the economic impact on businesses in the County.

Those using the County to Adolphustown link should expect delays as the ferry service typically increases to a double vessel, 15-minute service seven days a week in the summer – handling on average 40,000 vehicles in July and August.

Meanwhile, employees at the ferry have been doing their best to minimize impact, speaking with riders and using social media to inform when heavy usages causes delays.

“We sent out press releases in March and June and contacted the ministry and received no response,” said Quaiff in response to questions on Facebook. “We then contacted our local MPP Todd Smith who issued a section of an act to the Liberals who then had 30 days to respond. They waited until the last day and sent a very poor standard ‘thank you for your concern’.

“This reduction in service will create a significant and negative impact on visitation to the County,” Quaiff said earlier. “Limiting access to to one of the four entry ways to our County will undoubtedly reduce interest in visiting and staying as well as provide a negative experience for those who do visit.”

In March, the County was advised that MTO ferries in the area were being relocated to accommodate ferry maintenance. As a result, the MV Quinte Loyalist – which typically acts as Glenora’s second vessel, would not be made available to enable the regular 15-minute service until required maintenance was complete. Originally scheduled for the end of June, the return to 15-minute service was anticipated at the end of July and now Labour Day.

Where possible, motorists are encouraged to car pool, or use alternate routes including Highway 401 to Highway 49 or Highway 62 to enter and exit Prince Edward County. Using alternate routes will help reduce wait times and avoid delays.

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  1. Wolf Braun says:

    wevil: “tourists will come to see the wind turbines just as i will”

    What’s the basis for your statement ? Do you have some insight that the rest of us don’t have. Please share.

  2. Wolf Braun says:

    ADJ: “Anyways,, by “opportunity” I mean there are ways or openings to improve your financial level..Simple as that.”

    If it’s that simple please explain in greater detail and please focus on what you know, not what you assume.

    For instance, I’m 68. I’ve been doing wine tours for 10 years now. Not just because of money. I love meeting new people and showing them The County and telling them the history. Most people mistake my age. They think I’m in my mid 50’s.

    So yes, please elaborate how seniors on fixed incomes who are older than myself can find “opportunities”.

  3. wevil says:

    tourists will come to see the wind turbines just as i will

  4. Chris Keen says:

    Gary: I don’t think that governments can create jobs per se. They can only provide the infrastructure that is required. Light manufacturing disappeared from here and the rest of Ontario because of one simple fact: cheap off-shore labour. We’re now losing, and at risk of losing more, heavy industry because of the provincial government’s insane electricity policies. Manufacturing is not coming back to the County and perhaps not Ontario. Period. We need to focus on tech like the PEC Innovation Centre, service industries catering to an increasingly older population, and agriculture in all its forms.

    And, despite the fact that several posters on here seem to think that tourism just happened in the past ten years, it’s been a fact of life for a hundred years, and entrepreneurs are needed to service this critical segment of the County’s economy. The number of tourists is growing because the population of the surrounding areas is growing. Tourism has not caused the County to be in debt, successive provincial governments downloading costs our population can’t sustain is the main problem. As it stands now we will never get out from under the financial mess we’re in unless the province steps up and takes over a significant portion of the costs for roads and water and sewage. Sadly, because of massive financial mismanagement by the current and previous provincial governments, this is a faint hope.

    One can be forgiven for thinking that the last few governments would be happier if rural Ontario was paved over and covered with IWTs and solar panels and we were all forced, like Smallwood’s Newfoundland, to move from the “outports” to the GTA. Life would be so much simpler for Ms. Wynne. My advice to the mayor would be to steer council away from some of the boneheaded, costly mistakes of the past, and spearhead action by the Eastern Ontario Warden’s Caucus or the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and start a significant and persistent lobbying effort to convince the province to restore funding to rural Ontario. Everyone in Ontario is entitled to the same quality of life.

  5. Rog says:

    Disruption in Ferry Service. First problem is that a government agency runs it. Then there are TWO gov’t agencies involved. Next, you’ll get some knob from the CRA that will want to apply some B.S. tax because the Ferry isn’t running on the quarter hour; but still want more tax when it is.
    Why not have it run by an Adolphustown/Glenora CO-OP ?

  6. Marnie says:

    You are a regular pillar of virtue ADJ, out there painting outhouses while faulting those of us who make valid points about the cost of living in this county. Lipson’s FYI closed following the deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Lipson but that does not mean that the demand for the goods they sold disappeared. It was not a shortage of customers that resulted in closure of the store. How do you know what some of us have done to make ends meet? There may be those among us who have laboured just as hard as you have at menial jobs. I’ll bet you walked three miles to school, too, and worked your way through college selling magazine subscriptions. None of this changes the fact that there are a lot of people struggling to make it in this county today – not because they are lazy either. They just have not had much luck with those great opportunities that you have mentioned.

  7. Susan says:

    @ADJ; understood your message loud and clear!

  8. Emily says:

    Main street does not resemble a community in any fashion. It is a circus and caters to big spending visitors. Is that not the case? The County has sunk deeper and deeper in debt since this tourism route beggan. What does that say?

  9. ADJ says:

    Ah Wolf…I think you have misunderstood my message to Susan. I know she did! Anyways,, by “opportunity” I mean there are ways or openings to improve your financial level..Simple as that. Struggling to make the monthly bills(water+sewer,rent,hydro then get up off the pity pot and earn a few bucks to help yourself. I don’t care if you don’t want to work in the tourist or wineries business or not,,go pull beans for a farmer,paint the neighbours outhouse, cut brush for the same. I’ve done all of these and still worked an 8 hr. job. Because I wanted a better life for my family and self does that mean that “all I think about is money”?
    Whiners don’t impress me. You don’t hear truly disabled people whining about “There’s too many people moving here” or “Why can’t things be like they used to be”?
    Susan and Marnie continue to make me chuckle. Susan’s water rates are affected by the influx of tourist!! yah right! and Marnie can’t find a bargain like she used to at Stedmans or Lipsons.I’d guess profits from the off season just couldn’t carry those business’s and the owners closed up. Tough noogy. Not much we can do about it.
    And Wolf I feel insulted if you are thinking I am one who lacks virtue…You clearly didn’t understand my message.

  10. Paul says:

    I disagree Chris I’m not sure how long you’ve lived in The County but in the “good ol’ days” there was a happy medium with light industry and tourism and things were pleasant. Since council after council has focused on tourism The County has slid down a slippery slope all OUR eggs in one basket so to speak. Lots of folks have invested in property hoping for a boon with to many variables a strong dollar, gas prices and now windmills and the lack of two ferries effecting the number of tourists it hasn’t panned out.. Time for council to re focus or at least start thinking about it maybe what do ya think Chris ?

  11. Wolf Braun says:

    Susan” ““Opportunity is there”. If the sole goal is reaping as much wealth as you can and to h..l with historic community driven lifestyles then no thanks. There is more in a person’s life and community than the almighty $$!”

    Well said. People who have as their purpose in life “to make money” lack virtue. There are more important things in life to be passionate about than money.

  12. Marnie says:

    I’ll take my chances Chris. The way it stands it’s tanked anyhow in terms of being a pleasant place to live in the summer months. Another Alexandria Bay is not my idea of home.

  13. Chris Keen says:

    Well the Boo Birds ought to be thrilled with the MOE’s announcement yesterday. If these IWTs are built, tourism numbers will tank, many wineries will be forced to close because farm gate sales will plummet, and the “haute cuisine” restaurants will follow suit. But hey, on the plus side there’ll be lots of room on the ferry and you’ll be able to park easily on Main Street. It’ll be just like the good ol’ days.

    Of course those who own homes in the affected areas are screwed, you still won’t be able to buy Levis jeans in Picton, your taxes will be even higher because of businesses closing, and housing developers will be anywhere but here near 50-storey towers.

  14. Marnie says:

    Sadly, you are right, Paul. It is becoming more and more expensive to live in the county and those on fixed incomes may have no choice but to move to less expensive communities.

  15. Olmanonthemtn says:

    According to the Gazette both Glenora ferries are due for scheduled maintenance in 2016.
    I’m sure MTO will have a plan just like they did in 2014 & 15 to ensure people will not be inconvenienced. The Gazette quoted an MTO spokesperson: ‘The mandatory dry-docking of these vessels will be planned in advance to take place in the off peak periods of the year and will not impact the level of service” Hey why wasn’t this advance planning done
    for the past 2yrs and doesn’t it seem a little suspicious that they say ADVANCED planning WILL take place , you’d think planning would be well underway by NOW.

  16. Paul says:

    Sadly with rising rents, electricity, property values and taxes going up in The County(it will happen it has to).Local longtime residents will need to retire to a less expensive region. 😉

  17. Marnie says:

    @ ADJ For Sale Cheap: Fantasy equipped with high-end shops and haute cuisine eateries, thousands of tourists and wealthy retirees from big cities. Wind turbines and traffic congestion included free. Reason for sale, bubble burst. False sense of values triggered eventual collapse. No reasonable offer refused. E-mail Camelot@fool’

    The good old days were not that good by accident ADJ. Today we sorely need some of the common sense and traditional values that made them what they were.

  18. ADJ says:

    Right on Marnie…jobs, jobs, jobs!
    For Sale: slightly used Time Machine
    open to offers,perfect for those that need to escape the real world today.
    It’s not about the money at all and I still have to work to pay my bills. It’s reality and wishing for the old days ain’t gonna happen.
    Isn’t this fun?

  19. Marnie says:

    Right on, Mark. Some of those who are so excited about the newcomers are profiting financially from the great migration from Toronto. The realtors must be ecstatic as are the builders who are renovating old county homes as McMansions and constructing new luxury houses. The newcomers are much like the tourists – nothing wrong with them at all, just too many of them. Between the two they have completely changed the character of the town and county.

  20. Mark says:

    I feel that local residents that are not fully pleased with being a playground for visitors should be respected. We have lost a lot of our uniqueness that brought new comers here. When that is gone they will move on to a new quaint community and the end result will be taxpayers to deal withh. Driving downtown or even the rural areas is a drastic annd very quick change for locals. That voice should have a spot at the podium.

  21. Marnie says:

    You call it opportunity? Do you really think it is all about money? I feel sorry for you.

  22. Susan says:

    “Opportunity is there”. If the sole goal is reaping as much wealth as you can and to h..l with historic community driven lifestyles then no thanks. There is more in a person’s life and community than the almighty $$!

  23. ADJ says:

    Well Susan and Marnie in your minds you both prefer the old days but unless your able to be reincarnated good luck with that.Wish ya both luck but don’t expect everyone to feel sorry for you. Opportunity is there you just refuse to recognize it.
    Tried my best but you are not about to change so I guess that makes you the winners.
    I’ll be checking in here occasionally to see what other pot you try to stir. Ba Bye for now

  24. Susan says:

    Oh my God! Approval for 27 turbines in South Marysburgh & Athol! Of all the places to erect these unreliable and super expensive monsters. Local objections ignored. No common sense just a $$ driven agenda.

  25. Marnie says:

    Are we talking about the same Picton ADJ? Look again and you will discover that it is not the long-time residents and shop owners doing most of the business on Main Street today. With a few exceptions it is newcomers whose shops cater to the wealthy. The long-time shop keepers are gone. Don’t expect me to feel sorry if the guy flogging the $17. hamburgers does not see many customers. An equally tasty burger and better tasting fries can be bought at the chip truck at Canadian Tire for less than half that price. The sad truth is that Picton is a pricey little place that capitalizes on the fact that there are a lot of rich retirees from Toronto and a heavy tourist trade. Recently I met a very pleasant former city dweller who has purchased a fine old county home. He was talking to me about local history and seemed genuinely enthused about our county. I was quite impressed with him until he mentioned that on the outskirts of Picton there are a lot of run down houses that give a very poor impression of the town. At both the east and west entrances to town there are some very nice homes and a number of ordinary but well-maintained houses. This man equated what many Pictonians can afford with “run down”. It is people like this to whom a lot of the new Picton businesses cater. If keeping up with the times means that I should buy a $17. hamburger for lunch without blinking and regard the homes situated on the roads into Picton as run down disgraces I’ll stay in the past thanks. Long live the CT chip truck and the humble bungalow. They are a lot more real.

  26. Susan says:

    If a town of full of tourists went to a rural property and all used the toilet what do you think would happen to the system? Yes ADJ the infrastructure would be under stress. Same thing happens in reality in urban areas but the taxpaying residents pay for that infrastructure stress. Hope that simplifies it for you. And you miss the mark on affordable items of need.

  27. ADJ says:

    Perfect example Susan. You want to buy good Levi jeans lay out a business plan, find out who else wants levi jeans locally and open a store yourself. Take on some business partners and see your banker. I don’t know how to explain it any better. Be a bit more independent,rise to the challenge. Sitting and whining about “it’s all the tourists fault” doesn’t fly.If those jeans are not available and are overpriced then undercut the competition.
    The infrastructure here in the County has been in decline for years and I guess that can be blamed partially on our Prov. govt.No financial assistance means no upgrading unless you want the municipality to carry the full load then watch your tax rate climb.Explain to me how tourism affects your utility bill? Are you offering free fillups from your residence garden hose? If a tourist flushes a toilet at Tim Hortons do you not think that store is still making profits? and employing local residents I’d guess.
    The reference to football comes from the old saying “He would KICK if he was playing football”.Meaning is– regardless of other options some people would just rather complain about nothing. Kind of that Dog in the manger attitude.

  28. Gary says:

    There may be fewer tourists soon now that the government today has approved White Pines to proceed with 27 Industrial Wind Turbines in South Marysburgh. I imagine any property sales in that region will come to a screeching halt.

  29. Susan says:

    You may love football but you are playing dodge ball! I believe Marnie’s point was that the necessary everyday goods are not available or outrageously priced. Where do you buy a regular pair of Levi’s in this town as an example? My point was that tourism can add burden to the residents that sustain the tax base. I am not death against tourism but I do not want to be unduely burdened by utility bills that provide an urban water supply for tourists and rural residents for that matter. That use burdens and stresses the infrastructure that only the urban taxpayer is supporting. That is not equitable.

  30. ADJ says:

    Uh, Marnie nowhere did I say that Picton’s main street was a big improvement…it was built for the horse and buggy and remains so. What I was trying to get through to you was that long time residents and shop owners have adapted to the changes of our town and County because they truly wish to remain living here. Granted it’s a struggle but they have deep roots here otherwise they would have moved on long ago.Obviously you do not wish to change with the times and evidently you prefer to shop out of County…that’s your choice but you certainly cannot be applauded for supporting our local economy.I think you need to look at the real reason that cost of items are out of your budget. Try and hire even part-time help, open a burger joint, pay all the utilities and insurances then supply your burgers and buns then sit and wait…not too many customers that day? too bad but your still paying out all of the above expenses.
    On the other hand selling pencils off your front step won’t make you wealthy but hopefully it does create income because of your low overhead and you can claim some deductions as operating expenses. Thereby in turn can spend more here to support our economy. Thank you for that.
    We have seen the cost of living explode over the years and we all try to survive as best we can. That might mean mowing lawns for cash after working the part time job. Don’t blame the visiting tourist for driving up the cost of living here in the County. Thank God we have them to supplement our income.
    And Susan,,if those said grocery stores did not have the expected cash influx from our increased population during 3 months out of the year do you think they would continue to operate here given the competition and our small base of full time residents? And don’t forget to subtract the snowbirds from those “full-time” residents. And those big trucks “pounding up the roads” well, the railway left years ago so how would you move produce to the grocery store?
    And to Gary, no, I don’t think that tourism will lower our taxes at all but hopefully we can supplement our income a bit through tourism and still remain in the County we grew up in. Water and sewer rates are I believe set by our municipality and are tied directly to paying down the huge debt of the new sewage plant.There were cheaper options and certainly better locations. Who puts their poop plant upstream from the water filtration plant? I love to watch football but hey, you can’t kick all the time…a well planned pass and running game is more exciting.

  31. Jeremy says:

    Why hasn’t the County created a bylaw to collect a “destination tax” ?? You go to Toronto and stay at a hotel, you get a 3% charge for destination tax. You go to any “tourist” destination and you have that charge (destination tax – usually 3%) which goes back to the Municipality/City. Why isn’t the County collecting this to offset infrastructure? Wineries, hotels/motels and B&B’s, Campgrounds etc. should all be charging this and putting it back into the County. You want people to come to your businesses and spend $$, you should be willing to help offset the infrastructure problems we, (the 25,000+ listed inhabitants of the County) are expected to shoulder by the taxes. Bus loads of people being dropped off for shopping in Bloomfield & Wellington. This is money that the County could have been collecting to help fix roads, etc.

  32. Susan says:

    Marnie is not off base and Gary raises some very interesting queries. The $18.00 hamburg is not for most County folk. No Frills, Sobey’s, Metro all pay a base tax rate. If they double or triple sales because of tourism the municipality doesn’t get one more dime! More big truck delivered however pounding our roads.And Gary has always had a well deserved point in that if there was no Picton where would the tourists go for services? The outrageous water & waste water taxes locals pay is not passed on to tourists. Urban residents are striving to keep with those costs with no relief in site. There will come a time when they cannot support a Town that quite frankly they no longer can enjoy or find affordable everyday items.

  33. Marnie says:

    ADJ please take some of those tourists with you as you leave. If you can look at our town today and say what you see on Main Street is a big improvement your head is in the sand. We have lots of gift shops and expensive new eateries catering to tourism but few stores that offer the everyday items that most of us need. Thanks to the tourists grocery prices take a hike in the summer. Nice touch. Our Main Street is a congested mess.Main Street once had character but now it looks like Alexandria Bay. You can buy a $17. hamburger with fries at the new restaurant or a $100. handbag at one of the women’s apparel shops but try buying some of the everyday household items that were once sold at Lipson’s or Stedman’s. Never thought I’d say it but give me the mall.

  34. Gary says:

    ADJ; you present quite a list from dumped couches to a few cement jobs to part time work. I’d like to know if the tourism industry equates to lower taxes for residents thru a higher tax base for the municipality?That equation of course would have to include stress on local taxpayer supported infrastructure such as roads, waste, municipal salaried and water & wastewater.

  35. ADJ says:

    For the sake of argument the tourist didn’t cause our infrstucture problems. Granted they will litter the roads but I really doubt it’s them that are dumping couches, mattresses and tires on Airport road. Even if the tourist doesn’t spend a Ton of Money here those places of business have hired at least part time help usually locals(students perhaps?) to help. It’s all circulated back into the economy somehow.
    And now we can order those pencils from the wholesaler and have them delivered right to your door….no parking problem that way.
    I’m old enough to remember how things used to be here in the County but things have changed. Imagine if you can where the County would be without say the Cement plant and our tourism business? Then you would have something to complain about because your tax bill would be out of reach or the town of Picton would cease to exist. Seniors can’t afford it now you say….well if it wasn’t for the “cottage industries” what would you suggest?
    Take those lemons and make lemonade. I’m outa here.

  36. Olmanonthemtn says:

    Snowman its not just a liberal gov in TO its a GTA elected majority Liberal gov how much do they care about us rubes in rural, small town or the Northern Ontario. I quoted Lord Acton in County Steve column:

    “The one pervading evil of democracy is the tyranny of the majority, or rather of that party, not always the majority, that succeeds, by force or fraud, in carrying elections.”

  37. Marnie says:

    Sorry ADJ but I don’t love the tourists the way you do and I am not convinced that they leave tons of money in the town and county. They do leave behind their garbage however. If they are the key to the county’s success today how did we survive without the current level of tourism for so many years? Glad you think we all should establish cottage industries by selling the tourists something. The problem is I can’t find any place to park while I look for a pencil wholesaler. The difficulty is not that we have tourism. It lies in the fact that we lack the infrastructure to cope with the high numbers of summer visitors which we now have.

  38. ADJ says:

    Want a free shuttle service approach Council for one and I hope they can help finance it. Would it be feasible? Would it raise everyone’s taxes just to pay for it? Can you afford a tax increase?
    Although Marnie and the other negative Nellies won’t admit it the tourists do create cash flow here.Nothing new to anyone but you look at all the attractions that tourists spend money at. Include the roadside stands,gas bars,restraunts,B+Bs,wineries and the Prov. Park.. All these facilities hire seasonal employees who pay rent or pay utilities and in turn spend money to live here…our tax base. Would you rather they lived and spent elsewhere? Don’t think so, that would increase everyones share right?
    Why not encourage and even offer a business plan of your own and get in on the rewards of the seasonal population increase. Quit whininig about “oh I can’t drive main street like i used to” or “the parking lots are always full” Boo Hoo! Can’t beat em? Join em! Sell pencils off your doorstep with the County Logo on them. Claim the tax benefits. Selling Baked goods will make you more than minimum wage…Think up something yourself…what’s your talent? Then get out and try it.

  39. Marnie says:

    Alas the locals have been forgotten. Never mind that they keep the town open the rest of the year. It’s all about the tourists. Instead of a free shuttle service to bring them from the beach to town maybe there should be a free shuttle to take elderly locals to a few community places or events.

  40. Olmanonthemtn says:

    Forget about the tourists, what about the resident county people who depend on accessing unique goods/services in Kingston on a timely/regular basis.

  41. JackieNez says:

    Well, don’t count too much on the two Murray Canal bridges as they have to swing when boat traffic to and from Bay of Quinte is busy. That slows down traffic tremendously.

  42. Mark says:

    How does the glut of tourists equate with infrastructure stress particularly roads and yes water & sewer? Is it beneficial to taxpayers? There lies the mystery.

  43. Marnie says:

    It’s Bridge, people, Chris.

  44. Janice says:

    Being one of the people impacted by ferry line-ups, I have been very impressed with how the ferry has been managing to practically run 15 minute trips with one boat. These guys and gals need a huge thank you. As for ferry maintenance, I totally agree that this needs to be carried out during the winter months. Get with the program MTO.

  45. Emily says:

    They wouldn’t actually encourage tourists to use Hwy 49 would they? Talk about a negative experience! Actually on the lighter side have you seen the sign that says “Bump” just south of the cement plant? Really! 26 kilometers of continuous bump and they erect one sign in a spot that is better than most. Why not a sign at each end of the County road saying “continuous bump for entire length”. Lol

  46. Susan says:

    Should have elected a Liberal MPP you suggest. There are 3 bridges that people can use to get into the County. If we can sustain anymore people here. Some would say this tourist circus has ruined the quiet quaint community. Food for thought!

  47. Chris says:

    Who are these “Bridge People”?

  48. Marnie says:

    Drive down Main Street and ask why we need more tourists in the county. It’s one big traffic jam now. Instead of being “furious” about the ferry the mayor should be wondering how many businesses are losing customers because those who regularly patronize them cannot find anywhere to park. Bloomfield is a nightmare, too. Off-street parking is no solution. The off-street lots are full and there is scarcely any parking on the side streets/

  49. Snowman says:

    Surprised? The mayor is furious? It’s out of his control.
    Chil-ax Mayor Quaiff. We are a rural Tory riding. Queens Park is run by The Liberals. Use The Bridge People.

  50. Olmanonthemtn says:

    Imagine if these characters had to run a business! Knowing that these ferries require scheduled maintenance why wasn’t a schedule designed to remove them from service during off peak, causing less inconvenience to travellers and stress for their employees?

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