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No hunting allowed at County conservation properites

Visitor-using-the-lookout-at-Beaver-MeadowHunting is not allowed at local conservation areas used for hiking and picnicking.

Quinte Conservation general manager Terry Murphy says that in the past, a controlled duck hunt has been allowed at Beaver Meadow, off Cty Rd 11 in the County, but in 2010 the conservation board decided to ban all hunting at the property in the interest of public safety.

“These public green spaces remain popular for hiking and birding throughout the year and we want to make it clear that hunting is not permitted at Beaver Meadow Wildlife Management Area or any of our other local conservation areas,” Murphy said. Hunting is permitted at Depot Lakes Conservation Area near Verona and the trails at that area are closed during hunting season.

Beaver Meadow Wildlife Management Area features a large wetland home to wood ducks, osprey and herons.  Quinte Conservation acquired the Beaver Meadow property in 1970 to be managed for wildlife.

The public can enjoy nature at the conservation areas between dawn and dusk. Quinte Conservation owns
23 conservation areas open to the public.  Some sites have significant natural features, such as the Massassauga Point
Conservation Area, with its rare bur oak savannah and a cobblestone beach and panoramic view at Little Bluff.

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  1. Banned, I guess says:

    A hunter being a jerk. Shocking.

  2. Mark says:

    Mr.Dall raises a very valid point as well. While ATV’s can be a lot of fun they have allowed folks to go places they would never have gone prior. There sometimes disregard for habitat, pollution both from garbage and noise affects wildlife. I know from my hunting in the Egan Lake area southeast of Bancroft that ATV’s are scorned. Where I would walk for a mile or two where few would, we now have ATV hunters invading new natural environments and not all of them have been positive.

  3. Mark says:

    Jack makes a very good point. The biggest issue for waterfowl is our constant moving in on their natural territory and destroying the habitat. That is why you see fewer ducks on West Lake.

  4. Jack Dall says:

    Flora and Fauna need to be protected . ATV,s should be also restricted. Personal experience,s in this area have demonstrated to me a need for these restrictions . This is for the good of all l who wish to enjoy these public lands.

  5. It’s a matter of public safety. This conservation area is very popular with hikers. Two truck loads of hunters were there on opening day of duck hunting when 16 people arrived to do some hiking. Among them, families with children. One hunter, when approached, was very belligerent and arrogant, after being told that hunting was no longer permitted. If these hunters wanted respect for their time honoured tradition, they sure didn’t earn it that day! Hunters are permitted to enjoy their sport seven days a week. Surely, it can’t be too much to ask that a few conservation areas be set aside where non-hunters can enjoy a walk in the woods in safety. Duck hunting has not been permitted at Beaver Meadow since 2008 right after the wetland drawdown, after a motion by the Board was passed that the controlled hunt be discontinued. I am curious, after six years of no hunting being allowed there, why this has suddenly become an issue now.

  6. gordon mercier says:

    It is sad that this conservation authority is determining who are second class citizens who can’t enjoy their activities on public lands, when it really boils down to political correctness. No one does more for conservation than hunters especially in the area of waterfowl. Shame on the quinte conservation authority. I will consider this the next time the local conservation authorities are fundraising.

  7. Jack Smith says:

    Very glad to hear this. Myself use to hunt there years ago when it wasn’t a controlled hunt. To me it was too easy of a spot to get waterfowl. For the safety of the public I am glad that there is no more hunting. It now can be a place for waterfowl to populate and the public can see them. We have lost a lot of wildfowl on West-lake because of the increase in building. It is nice to see a area save like Beaver Meadow where wildfowl can make a comeback. 🙂

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