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Ontario’s Energy Leap to Destruction

Steve Campbell

Steve Campbell

I was in the middle of a column about Wynne’s Hot New Energy Plan for Ontario, but Times editor Conroy beat me to the punch, and said it better than I could.

Still, a little extra screaming about the insanity of our duly-elected rulers wouldn’t hurt. It might even send us scrambling to our new liquor store, to ease our personal pain, and provide extra provincial tax money to fund this circus of fools. Not to pay off the growing billions of provincial debt, mind you, but to provide ‘incentives’ for us to turn green.

Not everyone knows about Wynne’s draft plan, leaked to the press, so I’ll do a brief sampling:
• Eliminate natural gas, propane, oil pipelines and oil production facilities;
• Huge rebates for electric car buyers (paid for by somebody);
• Energy study on houses before they can be sold (great for century-old rural homes).

It is a rather draconian concept of forcing people – with lots of punishing legislation – to remove themselves, and their homes and cars, from carbon emissions. It appears to be loosely based on the NDP Leap Manifesto, which in turn was based on an hallucinatory dream by the far-left, totally-green cultists who managed to help Mulcare snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the last federal election.
Nothing like showing the ‘crazy stripes’ of your supporters just before an election. Just ask Preston Manning.

So why has Wynne selected a plan that fractured and broke the NDP? Perhaps to draw votes from those really crazy green power people, who would be willing to destroy every piece of earth and every living creature to save the planet from carbon.
This is like walking into a biker bar, pointing at the huge guy with the weird beard and a body full of tattoos, and saying: “We want you on our side!”
Our premier has become so empowered by wind-power juice, that she will be offering a $14,000 subsidy to buy an electric car! Yes, that’s part of the plan, which the province’s auditor general has predicted will result in an over cost of $133 billion by 2032. This is a debt that will outlast me, and probably Wynne, but I’ll at least die happy knowing that my kids can pay off my accumulated debt, with the help of a piddling $50,000 bank loan.
But hey! If I get cremated in an electric furnace, I might get the whole thing back as a Green Rebate!

Meanwhile Kathleen is building a plan that assumes she will still be in power when she’s about 102 years old. God knows what it will cost for an electric cremation then!
Back in the day, current MPP Todd Smith trounced Leona D, who did little but parrot McGuinty’s edicts: she campaigned on getting rid of “Dirty Coal! Dirty Coal!” as a fuel. Well, that was done, and that’s a good thing.
Now, McGuinty’s progeny is gunning for natural gas and propane – though both are regarded as being quite efficient and, depending on the crazy economy of supply and demand, less costly than electricity, which is spiraling in cost every day. Testimony again to the government’s botched energy plan.
When looking at the Energy Menu, let’s go with the most expensive meal on the menu. The province won’t admit that natural gas and nuclear MUST BE part of our energy equation.
So here’s the deal: While everybody has been looking up at natural gas and nuclear generating stations as the ‘bad boys’ of power production, nobody is looking at the main causes of carbon emissions – cars and manufacturing plants.
Sure, the grand Wynne plan calls for replacing every vehicle with electric cars, but she might better wish for an electric-powered rocket ship to fly us to Mars. This is simply not based in reality – although, if all you see is Toronto, this wacko plan would make sense.

For those of us who are packed into an electric ambulance at Long Point, on our way to QHC Belleville for emergency surgery – that pesky recharge stop at Mountain View might be considered an issue.
Even the most ardent supporters of IWTs should be waking to the fact that they’ve been sold a very bad bill of goods.
I’m green. You’re green. But giving way to green fanatics is going to hurt a lot. You and me, and the oblivious voters of Metro Toronto who keep planting Wynne back in office – we’ll all bear the burden of a green pathway born out of an obscene marriage between foreign corporations and blind and deaf government ministries.
The corporations have skilled engineers, but profit is their main goal. Land and wildlife are simply consumables toward that goal. The government has politicians who, I suspect, bow to the powers that tell them what they need to think. Playing the game is the goal.
And reasonable approaches to green energy are the unwilling victims.

In my dream, Canadian research and development teams would construct green energy plans, and Canadian workers would build them. But I’m just a stupid guy who doesn’t accept that all our ideas and jobs need to be exported, in order to assemble a proper plan.
In typical Word on the Street fashion, the people I talk to don’t quite understand why politicians and civil servants are in charge of a major, future-altering project that requires, well, scientific brainpower and skilled labour.
The Word also can’t figure out whether our Premier is a communist or a fascist, which is a knee-jerk reaction to the realization that all of our power has been taken away, and we need to check daily on new legislation to see how we should behave.
I don’t think the powers in the province understand a primary rule of a capitalistic democratic society: You do not mess with free enterprise.
Destroying one way of producing power, and favouring another, would have major consequences for Ontarians. We’re talking production facilities shut down, hundreds of thousands of employees out of work, manufacturing plants – already suffering in Canada – unable to convert to expensive electricity, large-scale plants moving to other provinces or states for cheaper operation. Screwing around with the free market system has a tidal wave of repercussions.

This is like Orwell’s prophetic book Animal Farm: “Oil-based resources bad; electricity good.”
Though this is ultimately true, in the long run, changing the thought patterns of an entire province can’t be done overnight.
People thought I was kidding when I talked about seceding from the province of Ontario. But we have everything we need here. The province gives us little, and rural dwellers are invisible to them. Time to edge our way toward the exit door.
The smart man on the Titanic sees the iceberg before it hits the ship. That makes him the first person in the lifeboat.

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  1. Taffy says:

    Are Steve Campbell and Rick Conroy the only public figures in the County with vision, appreciation of the truth and the will to fight back? “Not-a-willing-host” resolution seems to mean little to Council in its pathetic lack of meaningful follow-up but at least we have two reputable journalists who see it as it really is, and say so.

  2. Olmanonthemtn says:

    some thoughts to be considered without an official party bias

    Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies. grouch marx

    A Liberal progressive is someone who always does change for the sake of change totally unconcerned with the law of unintended consequences, full of Hubris with their progressive/regressive politics.
    A Conservative/progressive wants to know the following before proceeding blindly with any progressive/regressive agenda.
    a) what is the problem your trying to fix
    b) is this a real problem or only ideology
    c) will the change fix the stated problem
    d) what are the holistic consequences of this change
    e) what are the unintended consequences of this change
    f) what are the unknown – unknown’s your change will reek on society

    author unknown

  3. Marnie says:

    It does not matter where it began. What matters is who will stop it. Harris is history.

  4. Chris Keen says:

    Vincent – What democratic government’s should NOT do is remove some of its citizen’s democratic rights to be involved in decisions that profoundly affect their futures as this government has done once, and is now apparently prepared to do a second time.

  5. hockeynan says:

    It all started with Mr Harris but nobody will admit it

  6. Marnie says:

    Are you also proud of the exorbitant energy costs that are making it difficult for those on fixed incomes to remain in their homes? Governments can and should burden people with bills they must struggle to pay? Right now, in our corner of the world Kathleen Wynne IS one of our biggest problems.

  7. Vincent de Tourdonnet says:

    Personally, I’m deeply proud that Kathleen Wynne and her government are proposing an ambitious plan to address one of the world’s biggest problems. Because that’s what governments can and should do.

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