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Open Letter to the Premier

Steve Campbell

Steve Campbell

Ms. Wynne, I’m sure it will come as a surprise to you that Prince Edward County residents are angry and frustrated to the point of explosion. I assume this is surprising information, considering you have evoked our democratic right to voice our opinion concerning proper location of Industrial Wind Turbines, and thus take control of our own future.
As a column writer and a vocal proponent of our County lifestyle, I would like to state my purpose upfront: The people of the County insist on the cancellation of two wind projects poised to destroy our south shore.
Couldn’t be simpler, and sources tell me that you and the Ministries of Energy and Environment have that ability in your hands.

Our concerns are explosive on a number of fronts: the removal of our rights, the override of our elected municipal council’s decision to be “not a willing host”, the cost effectiveness and necessity for IWTs (our local solar manufacturing company claims to already be supplying four times the electrical power we consume here in the County through solar farms alone) and, of course, the destruction of turtles, bats, birds (in a designated Important Bird Area) and other wildlife, and the removal of their feeding, breeding and resting sources in an extremely fragile ecosystem.
In short: You don’t save the world by destroying wildlife and corrupting the land.

The MOE should know this, but chooses instead to violate your government’s endangered species act to fulfill its own selfish purposes. Or perhaps just following your orders, and not asking questions.
It’s tragic that local naturalists and environmentalists – as eager as you are to fight carbon emissions – have been forced to wage a battle with Ministry of Environment – which pretends to be a protector of all of the above concerns we have expressed. The hypocrisy of your government is appalling!
You pretend to pay attention to our arguments, but only by your rules, through legal means, and with an extremely limited field of allowable objections.
And, of course, your so-called studies on health effects and wildlife devastation – bought and paid for – narrow the field even further, making claims for a utopic future which are not substantiated by evidence.
(Your researchers – if you have any – are so focused on ‘the plan’ that they have neglected to consider other less-invasive and more-advanced technologies, which are burgeoning in other countries. Check Tesla, and Lockheed Martin’s research on nuclear fusion (not fission) – a generator that can fit in the back of a pickup truck, and a future of eliminating nuclear waste.)
I suspect your ministries know little about power generation, conservation and preservation, and lots about how to sign expensive deals with corporations.
Everyone knows you will win your ‘fixed’ game in court … after all, you’re using our own tax money to fight us. You’re just counting on having way deeper pockets than us, and I witnessed your lawyers in the first ERT in Demorestville stalling and re-asking questions several times, in hopes of running up our legal bills. A David and Goliath tale if I ever saw one!
I also know that you want to fulfill Dalton McGuinty’s Green Dream, and leave a legacy as a world leader. Here you will be remembered as a draconian fascist/communist (we haven’t decided on that yet) bureaucracy who holds their ill-conceived edicts above the wants, needs, sensitivities and sensibilities of Prince Edward County.
It’s worthy of note that I hear talk of civil disobedience, protests and possible vigilante action here, should you proceed. This is not a threat, I just listen to my people – something you may wish to consider.
I see possible action of Caledonia proportions, with coverage by local, metro and national press – which will make both of us look like crazed fools in the eyes of the country.
Though “unwilling host” is a rather benign term, I’m afraid you might find out how completely unwilling we can be.
I strongly suggest you abandon your plans for destruction of our south shore at Ostrander Point and through the recently-approved White Pines Development.
This is not Oakville and Mississauga … we are not concerned and disgruntled.
This is our land, and our lifestyle, and the feeling here is that nothing will make us give it up for the legacy dream of someone else, miles away, who only understands urban concerns and considers rural Ontario to be a vast exploitable wasteland.
You are not good stewards of our land – we are.
You may have convinced the electorate of the GTA to vote for you but, here in Worthless Land, you are considered reckless, insensitive and cold-hearted in addressing the concerns of your constituents, and those of our MPP Todd Smith, who has spoken on this topic many times. Our Mayor was also furious with the approval of WPD, especially considering the financial resources of County people are severely tapped by the continuous onslaught of your lawyers in the fight against the Gilead project.
In effect, you have made us all powerless against your bulldozers, and this is not something that sits well in a community with strong Loyalist roots.
Putting your brainpower into the environmental damage you are about to cause, and the lifespan of outdated technology – and your heart behind the damage you have already caused in the fracturing of our local community, and ignoring our concerns about health and property values – would go a long way to showing some degree of compassion for the needs of rural Ontario.
Cancelling these projects would transform our perception of you from ‘despotic ruler’ to ‘visionary leader’.
Sadly, I fear my words will mean nothing to you, and you will simply put on your blindfold, put your fingers in your ears, and wait for the Big Bang.
But single-minded pursuit of destruction of land, life and communities does not a good government make.
Please give this – and us – some consideration.

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  1. Susan says:

    What a crock! Does anyone believe that the vast majority of County residents support Turbines. Supporting that is why would they? What is the benefit unless you are one of 27 landowners selling out.

  2. Olmanonthemtn says:

    lets not ignore the unknown demographics and the provocative leading of the statements

  3. Sam says:

    Old Man, the polls are easily explained. The Quinte News poll had over 1000 votes. 80% in favour of White Pines. Although somebody claimed to have voted multiple times, repetitive votes are not counted, unless you are using different computers. Try it. The results don’t change.

    The Green Quinte poll does not report the number of votes, only the resulting percentages. When you wrote your comments, it was 33% yes and 67% no. I voted once. That changed the results to 40% yes and 60% no. Therefore we can determine that there had been 3 votes for yes and 6 votes for no. My vote changed it to 4 votes yes and 6 votes no. Therefore there are currently 10 votes cast. That is less than 1% of the participation in the Quinte News poll.

    Not too difficult to see which poll is more reliable in its representation.

  4. Olmanonthemtn says:

    the Quinte News poll of July 17/15 being often cited in the comments used the following statements

    No. Residents don’t want turbines, and they will have a negative impact on the natural environment and the local economy.
    Yes. No one likes change, but we have to stop killing people by creating energy from sources that pollute the environment.
    80% support was for the second yes statement

    A July 15/15 green quinte poll had the discrepant results using the same statements
    with 67 support for the first no statement

    Why the discrepancy between the exact same poll statements. It seems the wording of the statements are weighted to compel a response.1080 responses were made to the Quinte News poll but there is no information as to the demographics. The preponderance of them could be made by those in the Quinte area who do not reside in PEC and have no worry over IWT’s. One person commented:’The problem with the survey was it allowed one person multiple votes. I, personally, voted 4 times.” from:

  5. Olmanonthemtn says:


    Compact Fusion · Lockheed Martin

    Cheap fusion beats fossil fuels – EE Times Europe…/cheap-fusion-beats-fossil-fuels.html?...

  6. Chris Keen says:

    “The wind power industry claims switching from conventional power to wind power will save consumers money and spur the economy. However, data from the top 10 wind power states show just the opposite.”

  7. Alex Oliveira. says:

    Nuclear fusion???? really? Did you honestly suggest a nuclear reaction that only occurs in the centre of stars would fit in the back of a pick up truck? Unless this was facietious it defeats your whole argument. While you’re at it lets see how much energy we can get from ground unicorn horn and leprechaun gold?

  8. Marie says:

    At Sharon, in case you forgot, in 2012, 489 people in South Marysburgh voted AGAINST wind turbines to 51 people for.
    That’s 90% against locally. I would only assume that if 10 or families stood to benefit off of the wind turbines, that it wouldn’t be unreasonable that there could be 3 to 5 family members or close friends that support. What this means Sharon, is that basically 9 out of 10 people in SM do NOT support your GREED. Do I have hate in my heart for what you have done? Absolutely. Enjoy your riches.

  9. Gary says:

    I recently sold farmland at East Lake. In speaking with realtors this week in regards to the Milford area it is always the same response. Too late!

  10. Chuck says:

    There is a lot of cheap land available in South Marysburgh. I would expect that the wise would have disposed of property several years ago. If not, enjoy the massive invasion. The beautiful landscape will never be the same again!

  11. Sue3 says:

    Question for Sharon (and I mean this kindly) – what happens if the turbines go up, begin operating, and the landowners find that there are indeed health issues associated with them and they are no longer able to live in their home? Are there escape clauses in the contracts? Are there gag orders? Can these companies put roadways and power lines wherever they wish on the leaseholders land, or are the locations of these guaranteed in the lease? Are there guarantees that the turbines will be removed when they are no longer operational, or is the land owner going to end up being responsible for the costs of dismantling them?
    I just find these leases extremely risky, regardless of the financial gain. We are handing over our land to foreign owners – I doubt they are overly concerned about land stewardship in rural Ontario.

  12. Susan says:

    Who is “you” you are referring to? The vast majority? $$ make people do strange things.

  13. Sharon McAlpine says:

    First off I think Wynne is awful and needs be pulled out of office. 2nd of do not presume to think you speak for all residents of my beloved home of Prince Edward County. Some county folk are on board with this and have looked into the situation and this is a way of survival and keeping our family lands in the family as they have been for generations. If you are going to speak for a group of people make sure you are actually speaking for everyone.

  14. Gary says:

    Come on Judy, the next thing you will try to tell us is that Turbines are Green with no huge carbon footprint.

  15. Chuck says:

    Judy; visit and have a good read. lol

  16. old local says:

    @ Sam, Judy and Daniel….
    Sticking your heads in the sand won’t help. And Daniel that was over 90% against not 80% for. If you are going to use numbers, then please, don’t just make them up.

  17. Olmanonthemtn says:

    An Example of local ingenuity and co-operation at a private/public sector in creating less obtrusive green energy

    “Peterborough Utilities is partnering with Veridian and the City of Belleville on a power generation venture that involves implementing hydraulic power generation at three Belleville dams, placing Belleville among the first to use such technology.
    Mark Turney, Veridian’s vice-president of operations, said the objective is to apply to the FITT 4 program next month.
    “It would be one of the first in North America,” Turney said of the dams. “They have a low impact on the environment and they’re particular to any of the type of fish that are in the Moira River.
    “Each project is about $4 million and produces about 1,900 megawatts each per year. The FITT rate is forecasted to be around $240 per megawatt hour.”
    Veridian Connections, Quinte Conservation, Peterborough Utilities and Belleville now make up the consortium of partners bidding to have the projects plugged into the Ontario Power Authority’s renewable energy feed-in-tariff contract. The feed-in-tariff contract would be for 40 years. All three sites are owned by Quinte Conservation, set to make $12,000 per year for each rental. Capacity of each project would range from 375 to 500 kilowatts, with one grid connection bridged through Veridian and two through Hydro One distribution.”

    from the Peterborough Examiner June 23/15

    In 2009 Belleville retrofitted the conservation authority’s McLeod dam built in 1979 to generate hydro. Such projects reinforce the concern of the auditor general that the province with the GEA did not fully evaluate the “impact, the trade-offs, and the alternatives.”

  18. Sam says:

    The graphs on this web site are or anybody who think that because two things happened at the same time they must be related. Like wind turbines and eggs without yolks.

    For the rest of us who know better, they are still good for a laugh.

  19. judy kennedy says:

    Seriously, Daniel is right. And I don’t believe a word of the so called Australia story.
    For one thing, eggs without yolks would signify a nutritional problem. But it’s all unbelievable anyway.

  20. Susan says:

    Tell the people in Waterloo, Australia that Daniel. Severe life threatening health conditions. Eggs with no yolks, cattle miscarriages at high levels. Properties boarded up and left behind. Would you like to live next door to one?

  21. Daniel says:

    they have also proven that there is no health risks with wind turbines. Can you say the same for the other options? there is no valid argument to not put them here.

  22. Daniel says:

    county residents are about to explode? doubtful, over 80% of residents are for the turbines. this argument is stupid. lets keep raping the land for oil while killing the environment just so, currently, you don’t have to look at turbines in your backyard. out of the options, nuclear, coal, oil or wind and solar, which is better? and i dont mean for your pocket or land value, i mean for future generations. get over your selves and fight to change the real problems facing the born and raised county residents.

  23. Emily says:

    Yes Sam, we should just be suppressed and do as we are told!

  24. Sam says:

    So many amazing and unique ideas. Letter writing, threats of civil disobedience and road blockades, even poetry. It is too bad that the other “victims” of wind turbines weren’t as clever in their efforts to oppose.

  25. Sue3 says:

    There is a list of MPPs with contacts here:

    I agree with Mark, probably Todd Smith would have an easier way of doing it.

  26. You have it all wrong. Don’t go for the destruction or health. Go for they are dumping hydro now as the grid can’t handle what HYDRO is producing. So they put us on well don’t us it here but use it here and then they through it away because they can’t handle. Why don’t they fix the grid so it can handle what it produces now before adding more waste to it. 🙂
    Factual info

  27. Olmanonthemtn says:

    Well Steve I’ve been saving these lyrics for the right time. I was inspired by Bruce Cockburn”s protest song “Call it Democracy” and felt I needed to take the spirit of the song and apply it to what is happening today with our government(s). I was thinking Cockburn’s melody could be applied but I would be happy for others to come up with their own melody and feel free to add/modify the lyrics

    And They Call it Democracy

    our rights are to deny, our concerns are to ignore,

    divide and conquer, favour some, alienate more

    pick your candidates who may not be the best

    but can you sell their name and image unlike the rest

    use the media when you can bend the truth

    make us feel hopeless in the voting booth

    bribe, intimidate, manipulate the vote

    more regulations, more restrictions you have us by the throat

    we care for your community and its environment is what you say

    but harm the land and wildlife when things don’t go your way

    hide behind false ideals and use them for deceit

    bloat the bureaucracy, reward buddies we call the elite

    legislate with impunity and close off debate

    consider the opposition is only there to berate

    and when things get hot shut the place down

    those looking for truth make them look like a clown

    mismanage, overspend, borrow like theres no tomorrow

    cut our services, increase our costs add to our sorrow

    use your fake majority to go your own way

    but when the election time comes we will make you pay

  28. Mark says:

    Steve; contact our MPP’s Todd Smith’s office. They will have the distribution list for all MPP’s and I am confident would assist.

  29. County Steve says:

    Everyone is free to use this in any way they wish.
    I have sent to the Premier & 2 ministers, and all the metro papers as a possible op/ed piece: Globe, Star and National Post, and have a reach out for a friendly source at the Sun (since it will only allow 150 words).
    I have invited each of them to contact me for information, and will connect them with the proper County groups, if they take up an interest in the story.
    The MPP idea is a GREAT one! Don’t know how to do it without tracking them down one by one. Any ideas?
    Your responses have done a great deal to lift my despair … great to know there are ‘count on’ people out there.

  30. Mark says:

    I truly believe we need to all join forces and mobilize. And there is a time and a place for civil disobedience. This is one.

  31. liz j says:

    I believe PAUL BLISS of CTV who is the Queen’s Park Bureau chief would make good use of this information. Maybe Pat Forran, the CTV consumer advocate as well…. Can anyone tell me if I may forward Steve’s letter? thanks

  32. Sue3 says:

    Steve, may be a bit of work, but it would be great to see a copy of this sent to all of the Ontario MPPs. Liberal MPPs are probably the only people that actually have some power to stop this woman.
    This letter captures the sentiment of the people of rural Ontario more than any other that I’ve come across.

  33. liz j says:

    I suggest forwarding this letter to the Globe, the Financial Post and the National Post. There are people “from away” who would be mortified by all this. May I forward the letter, with your name, on your behalf to the editors or can someone give me permission to do so. I will be one of those civil activists you mention, by the way…

  34. PATRICIA says:

    Steve, this is the best articulation of rural Ontarians’ feelings about WTs that I’ve read so far. Reading it, this Amherst Islander cheered aloud.

    The time of writing till our fingers wear out and fighting in court till the money runs out are drawing to an end. As you note, the former gets us nothing but form letter replies and the latter, endless debates about what the meaning of “is” is. And always at our expense.

    If / when a call goes out to mobilize, there are plenty of p.o’d rural folks across the province who are ready and able to answer.

  35. Joe says:

    Well written Steve. Nailed it!

    The only thing that would make this perfect … having our ELECTED mayor hand deliver this to the Premier on everyone’s behalf.

  36. Bill says:

    Excellent Letter… Some how this present provincial government and past(liberal of course) reminds me of a past( 1939 ) well known government in Europe . And we all know what happened there….

  37. Shannon says:

    The WPD approval has gotten my hackles up like never before. that’s my backyard…and though it may seem like a straightforward ‘not in my backyard’ argument, it is SO much more than that. Industrial development should require FAR MORE forethought than these turbines have been granted — why not in an already industrial area like a main Hydro corridor or along the 400 series highways that crisscross Ontario? Along the shores of Lake Ontario in Prince Edward County, where we see all kinds of wildlife enjoying our protected fields and forests and shores, it just seems so short-sighted.
    Thanks for this letter. I hope it (and our collective ‘disobedience’ to follow) makes a difference!

  38. Best letter ever Steve…boggles the mind that they/she and all of them consistently ignore the people they feign to represent….how is it that they can make such heartfelt promises going into their jobs then proceed to ignore, backtrack, deny, and outright misrepresent once they get into those cushy positions…its shameful! Are there no honest people in high places when we need them???

  39. Mark says:

    I just messaged the editor of the Toronto Star requesting publication of both letters. Anyone can do this and the more the better.

  40. Sue3 says:

    Steve – so very happy to hear that you have sent copies beyond the County! We’ll keep our fingers crossed 🙂
    You nailed this one!

  41. Diane says:

    Wonderful letter Steve…. as always!

    We WILL win this fight! I am excited to participate in whatever it takes and pray that many, many others join in.

    Keep up the dialogue please to ensure everyone stays motivated. SO important!

    County friends and neighbours – let’s really stand strong together on this.

  42. County Steve says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my rage and our frustration with ‘government gone wrong’.
    This has been sent to the Premier and the two Ministries, and I am forwarding a condensed version (150 words) to all the metro Toronto newspapers as a Letter, with the full version as well, in case they might choose it as an op-ed piece.
    We really need to educate the city people about the consequences of ‘destruction of the earth, to save the earth’.
    I think it was Darwin who said: “If all the insects on earth died tomorrow, there would be no life left on the planet in 10 years. If all the humans died, the earth would prosper.”

  43. Steve Ferguson says:

    Much of what you have written is absolutely true and, as you suggest, many of the residents here in South Marysburgh are in the mood for a fight.

    I received an email this afternoon advising that the PECFN v. Ontario (MOECC) ERT commences on September 2 at 10:00 a.m. at Demorestville Town Hall and is scheduled to continue to September 4th. It goes without saying how important it is that this be well attended.

  44. James S. Finan says:

    Perhaps the best letter thus far on the iniquities of the socalled Green Energy Act & its related outmoded and environmentally harmful technologies. There is nothing GREEN or democratic about the Liberal’s socalled Green Energy program. Indeed, it is certainly anything but that for rural and small town Ontario whose political & economic rights are being abused in this process.

  45. Rett says:

    Steve: thanks for expressing what we’re all thinking.
    One look at Wolfe Island will scare anyone that still thinks turbines fit here and are a good idea. Hopefully Wynne will be stopped in the next election. If that’s not too late.

  46. Myrna Wood says:

    This letter is worth framing. I will definitely save copies as information handouts for the “coverage by local, metro and national press” coming to the County when the creative protests you warn her of irrupt.

  47. Argyle says:

    The real culprit in all this is Dalton McGuinty…….he and his liberal cronies have bled this province dry… wonder he packed his bags and headed back to the Ottawa valley…..Wynne is just one of his pupils…..she knows no other way of governing.

  48. Mark says:

    Send this to the Toronto newspapers.

  49. Sue3 says:

    Great letter Steve!
    How do we get letters such as these published beyond the local area?

  50. Angela says:

    Steve Campbell, this is, in my opinion, a terrific letter and puts into words everything that I have been thinking and feeling.
    Nobody likes to be bulldozed and that’s what I feel is happening, we are being bulldozed by our own government into accepting something that I for one deem to be unnecessary.
    We definitely need to find alternate and more environmentally friendly sources of energy in order to aid in the preservation of our world, however, the destruction of the rural landscape is absolutely not the way to go and would be counter-productive.
    Thank you for your letter

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