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“Paws”itively great friends and music musts

It has been great to see so many comments on my blog. Special barks go out to Sophie as she recovers from surgery. She’s a great friend but – dog if you look at the picture in the previous blog you can spot she has the fashion sense of a tenured teacher.

And Zig- Zag – you’re articulate as hell – but are you afraid to show your face? No pictures?? And Richard Parks – my Buddy Dave liked your comment about how he made a lot of sense.  He said his ex-wives would probably disagree, but he’d vote for you if you ever decide to run for office.

Apparently a few people have expressed a concern about the fact that a dog has a blog. Most of them were concerned that the editors were allowing something without a college diploma to write a blog.  I told my buddy Dave that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and at least 75% of the people in the County fit that category, so what’s the problem?

My belief is this… you get up every day and make people smile; you wag your tail and you don’t kill the neighbour’s grass or torment her cat. If you do these things who gives a rat’s behind about how many degrees you have. (I would normally bark “rat’s ass” but the editors always change it any way. BOL!!). For me life is pretty simple – what you feel and how you act is a lot more important than the letters attached after your name.

The big news this week is that my Facebook page is ready. My Buddy Dave left me this week with my new BFF’s Rick and Diane – so I have lots of time to work. It’s a bitch (sorry mom) to do a Facebook page when you only have paws. However I am working on a Mac and that makes all the difference. If you want to be part of Dodger’s journey go to Dodger MacChaos and I will add you as a friend.  There will be great pictures from my adventures, as well as lots of stuff on how to travel with four legs.

This past summer my buddy Dave and I drove across North America and back. That’s a long time to ride in a car. To pass the time Dave and I listened to a lot of satellite radio.  He likes CBC (yawn) and Country and Western. Now for a dog with attitude this is boring stuff. I would start barking or howling until he changed the channel. Here is a list of my downloads from the road this summer:

Ray Lamontagne: Trouble is dynamite but I also love Beg, Steal and Borrow. You can download anything by this guy – the coolest guy since Boz Scaggs

Iron and Wine: Love Vigilantes – really weird tune.

Court Yard Hounds: The Coast

Peter Yorn: Life In a Chain

Need to Breathe: anything by these guys. Lay’em Down is a great one, More Time will  break your heart and Washed By the Water will bring back romance).

Lucinda Williams: Lake Charles +  Are You All Right ?  –  any song by this very cool lady.

Matt Nathanson: Come on Get Higher

Broken Bells: The High Road

Will Young: Leave Right Now

Daniel Bedingfield: If You’re Not The One

Tom Petty: I Should Have Known

Guster: Do You Love me?

Pearl Jam: Among The Waves

Counting Crowes: When I Dream of Michelangelo

Michael Frantini: Sound of Sunshine

One Republic: Apologize

Gaslight Anthem: The Diamond Church

Paul Thorn: Tequila is Good for the Heart + Pimps and Preachers. (all good on this CD)

Take some time to listen to these tunes and you will get a good idea where this dog’s head is at!!

Next week my buddy Dave and I square off and give our picks on which candidates we see as the winners in these elections.

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  1. Broo dog says:

    Look forward to reading more. Dave really reminds me of someone i once knew. You even seem like a pet he would have made his own. Keep blogging. 🙂

  2. ZigZag says:

    Hey I’d love to show my face but don’t know how to do it in the “Leave a Reply’ box. Tried to cut & paste but it didn’t work. You’re human is more skilled at this social networking than mine! Still don’t have my facebook page, and not for lack of whining and howling on may part (I am a howwww-houwww-hound, after all!)

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