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Picton water users warned of ‘coloured water and pressure fluctuations’

Picton water users were notified they may experience coloured water and pressure fluctuations in their drinking water.
Customers, in a letter Oct. 16 from Robert McAuley, Commissioner of Engineering, Development and Works were told that as a result of improvements to the Macaulay Village booster station and the Picton Reservoir, coloured water and pressure fluctuations may be experienced in some areas of the picton drinking water system. He said public notification will be provided upon completion of work.
The release stated: “If you are experiencing coloured water at your home or business, it is recommended that you flush your cold water tap nearest to your water meter until clarity improves to refresh your municipal water supply.
“Please be aware that colour in drinking water is not an indicator of poor water quality, water is still safe for consumption and bathing. Rust or reddish brown coloured water can occur as a result of variations of flow and/or pressure in the distribution system. This can cause a disruption of natural mineral and scale deposits within the water mains.
“If significant discolouration persists after extended flushing, contact the County of Prince Edward, Water and Wastewater Services Department at 613-476-2148 ext. 521. Concerns will be tracked and investigated. Residents should also be aware that significant water discolouration can have impacts on laundry. Caution is recommended if you are experiencing coloured water at your home or business.

The letter also stated fall hydrant flushing of the Picton Distribution System will not be completed as a result of construction on the drinking water system. The routine flushing operation will resume in spring, 2013. Notification of the hydrant flushing schedule will be provided in advance of this operation.

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  1. Louise says:

    We have spent millions on our water system and what do we get dirty water.
    Maybe the best idea is not to pay the water bill but then they
    will cut your water off and it costs a lot to get it turned on.
    I think they had better get outthere and flush the hydrants if that is what it takes
    We now what dirty water taps ca do they have e coli in them
    we can not get the water tested as health unit will not test town water
    sure the water is tested at the pump house but how about after it goes through the old dirty pipes
    There is a new water manager–maybe he should do his job

  2. m york says:

    No hydrant maintance or flushing spells a whole lot of trouble. If this is the kind of savings were getting than we better rethink these changes. We’ve seen time and time again how saving a dollar can affect drinking water (Walkerton)…. My son is now having to pay for water due to the discoloration of their water and this is not right. When he called for an explanation he was simply told to let it run. Well who is going to pay for the high water bills? One would think that a little bit of clear thinking could of prevented this situation. And yes the man who has made these wonderful savings is now gone once again on holidays, go figure. So who’s calling the shots this week is anyones guess????????????

  3. m york says:

    Well my son lives on the heights and his water is so dirty they are now buying water to drink. Everyone should get at least a percentage off their water bill until this is corrected. In regards to the hydrants i guess will have to wait and see when a fire breaks out. No flushing, no maintaince spells a whole lot of trouble. If this is the kind of savings were getting than they better re-think what they have done before someone gets hurt ie: health,fire protection, law suits. Remember WALKERTON COUNCIL MEMBERS !!!

  4. Mark says:

    We continue to pay the same exorborant rates for water regardless of the quality. That is not acceptable. Paying that kind of price for water that most residents will not drink due to colour, smell and taste. I also wonder with the hydrants not being flushed if the pressure is adequate for effective fire fighting.

  5. m york says:

    So i just read a notice about the dirty water in PEC that stated that it was due to work being done and that fall flushing would not be happening until 2013. So, i did a little research on-line of course and it states hydrants are flushed to improve the water and take out the silt,dirt and debris from the lines. Considering the pipes are probably 100 years old in most spots this would seem to be a dumb thing not to of completed????? So it will be interesting to see if this continues over the winter months and if so then what and why wasn’t it done before this work was started because fall flushing was to be completed BEFORE this work was even started according to the county’s own websit hmmmmm did someone drop the ball, sort of seems that way. Check it out people its all there in black and white. The County’s way of fixing the problem temporarily is to run your water, ya and we can really afford that everyday.

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