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Project X ultra raunchy but lots of laugh-out-loud moments

Paul Peterson

So, it’s coming up on Easter weekend and of course, my thoughts turn to a theme column.
Top 10 movies with rabbits in them. Lets see, Hop, Watership Down, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Velevteen Rabbit, Down The Rabbit Hole or whatever that one is. OK, I’m stumped Thumper probably had a sequel to Bambi.
So how about Top 10 religious shows? The 10 Commandments, Last Temptation…OK there’s a lot of them but who wants to risk the wrath of the readership and the deities by ranking them. Even I don’t have that kind of arrogance.
So, I’m just going to further guarantee my own wing in Hades by reviewing the ultra raunchy, very funny Project x.
A few things about this film. It’s from the same people who made The Hangover possible. It stars three guys who I’m sure you’ve never heard of but if they follow the same path as Jonah Hill by being part of a comedy machine (in his case Judd Apatow) then they’re destined for big things.
The movie is laugh-out-loud funny but, oh, man is it rough.
Our story so far
Thomas Costa and JB are three pretty nerdy guys although Costa is so oblivious to the world that he pretends he has street cred in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. It’s Thomas’ birthday and his parents have just given him their mini-van and he’s pretty happy about that. Like most young men of a certain age he is really only interested in sex and so he turns to his friend Costa to deliver a party.
We need to suspend reality quite a bit here because the writer/director want us to believe that Thomas has a beautiful best friend who he’s never pushed anything with or maybe didn’t realize she was beautiful which is right up there with Lois Lane not knowing Clark Kent is Superman.
We are also expected to believe that anyone would trust Costa to do anything.
Ok onward and upward. So we buy the premise and Costa and JB use social media and networking to get the word out. Hey, what could go wrong?
Ok well, let’s start with the neighbours calling the police, a small person getting locked up in the oven and a crazy drug dealer torching the entire neighbourhood because Costa stole his xtc-filled garden gnome.
I buy that quicker than I buy the supermodel high school girl who decides to put out for Thomas. Happy Birthday doesn’t explain that away.
I have to declare a conflict of interest at this point. I’m old. Seriously, terribly, we-were-happy-then anecdote old.
And as these kids are trashing their parents house I cringed, felt bad about the hardwood being burned, the carpets being thrown up on and the Benz being given a bath in the swimming pool.
I couldn’t relate. I had this internal calculator telling me how much all of that would cost and it really bothered me.
But it was funny.
Especially when the midget (not his real name) busted out of the oven and punched a lot of people in the junk.
Over and over. Ya that didn’t get old.
At the end of the day, the party makes the news, the choppers are dispatched and Thomas faces multiple charges. JB has to ride the special bus and Costa, well, he just runs some more BS.
It was funny and at times laugh-out-loud ridiculous. I think sometimes that’s all you need from a film. It’ll make a great rental when it comes out. Maybe not for the family at Easter but Christmas is coming.
As always, other opinions are welcome, but wrong. That’s it for this week. The cheque’s in the mail and I’m outta here. Paul.

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