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Provincial election will be June 12

Voters will head to the ballot boxes on Thursday, June 12.

On Friday, Premier Kathleen Wynne decided to hold an election rather than see the minority Liberal government defeated in a confidence vote as both the NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak said their parties would not support the budget.

The premier met with David Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario on Friday to request the legislature be dissolved. The writs for the general election are to be signed on Wednesday, May 7.

Under the Elections Act, the election would ordinarily take place on Thursday, June 5. However, the Chief Electoral Officer has identified June 5 as a day of religious significance, and has recommended Thursday, June 12 as the alternate election day.

Wynne told party supporters they would win the election, then implement the budget.

As a reminder, here’s what happened in 2011:


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  1. sanmc says:

    Forget the group of panellists, who do YOU think won the debate?

    And ask yourself what are they basing the win on? delivery, personal poise, good looks, eye contact, articulate communication, the number of hums and dahs, shiitz and giggles, dagger throwing or actual pros and cons of debate.

    Seems to me they all were playing the same strategy called: “broken record” repeating itself going round and round. Some played it more often.

    Did the group of panelists sway your opinion either way? Not mine.

    WE are a group of panelists, specialist in living under gov’t dictates and faux pas. WE know what should be done for every living creature under the sun and on the planet. WE are the experts of what is needed, what the words are that will comfort us without given promises, hidden intention of ever fulfilling them. We can tell an empty promise when we hear it; it has no common sense and has no sensible explanation. That as was shown in the debate.

    What I saw was slippery eels in front of the podiums, all with a forked tongue, a knife stuck in their back, and a gun at the ready to take aim at the one who stammered the longest, or the one who could tramp on the words of the other.

    Wow, does it matter to us, that if they don’t fill their promises they will reduce their pay. We’d prefer them to take leave of office for their duping us for their own gain in the first place. Who the heck ever thought up that lame brain scheme as if it mattered to us a tinkers darn. Pay back the Billions from the gas plant scandal, relieve us of that debt, be responsible. Take back hydro privatization. Then we’d see integrity, atonement. Justice given the people.

    It’s all goes back to money, as it should, due to the fact that is what Capitalism is all about, the money, the profits. And the most offensive is usurping everything in its path… I mean everything, like a gigantic monster gulping down ravenously along its path and excreting garbage and waste as a trail for eternity (ie: nuclear, Chernobyl disaster 1986, Russia, is still as hot as fire-poker). By the way nuclear is for the big cartel to have more electricity for production and business. It’s not for the little ppl.

    Hudak said he would privatize more services ie: buses. What’s next coming done the pipe at us and our bank accounts? (God forbid us the havoc / the hudak.) I know… what’s a God got to do with any of this, exactly, well there’s no moral authority. There is no words “in god we trust” (USA) inscribed on our money, yet.

  2. Wolf Braun says:

    Paul: “Lets keep in mind Wolf the Ring of Fire is not PUBLIC land but rather a part of Matawa First Nation Traditional Territory….”

    What’s your point Paul ?

  3. Mark says:

    Hey Argyle, I would say I am far from a spokesman for the Liberal Party. If you had read my post you would have seen I said that both Hudak and Wynne failed in the debate! And that the concerns of many were unaddressed.

  4. Argyle says:

    Hey Mark, are you the official spokesman for the Ontario Liberal Party ? Sure sounds like it. To bad you can’t realize that change is needed.

  5. sanmc says:

    QUOTED Paul:
    “the Ring of Fire is not PUBLIC land but rather a part of Matawa First Nation Traditional Territory….”

    And the First Nations people are like the Mayans of Guatemala. These lands have been usurped for profits. These cultures are being decimated and fall under the radar to prevent a storm of outcry. There’s much harm here that could bring a revolution if enough ppl cared to care.

    We are brain washed in our thinking from the first day the whites landed on the shores of America to take a feed on the resources and steal their homelands. The movies of our time have done a good job on our perception of natives/aboriginal peoples and their issues.

    I don’t have the stomach for this either.

  6. Mark says:

    It was a very poor debate. Hudak does probably win but certainly not on substance. It is easy for two contenders to attack and corner the Leader. Two things come to mind. If Hudak could have explained these 1 million jobs and if Wynne could have explained debt reduction. Both failed. Wynne should have laid more back on Hudak for his Harris supported health care cuts. A non partisan voter such as seniors and youth probably shrugged their shoulders with disbelief their concerns were unaddressed by anyone. Minoriity government.

  7. Doris Lane says:

    According to a group of Panelists Hudak won and Wynne struck Out

  8. Mark says:

    Wow! What a debate. Hudak couldn’t explain how he creates one million jobs or is responsible for deregulating Ontario Hydro. Wynne couldn’t explain how she balances the budget. Horvath offered little substance. Not one of the leaders spoke to the working poor or how a young couple can hope to own a home and raise a family. No one had an answer to energy costs. They all seem to agree that roads in Toronto are more important than local rural roads. There seemed like no real defined differences or real answers on making lives better while handling costs. What can people take from this but a complete lack of leadership on all 3 major parties.

  9. Paul says:

    Lets keep in mind Wolf the Ring of Fire is not PUBLIC land but rather a part of Matawa First Nation Traditional Territory….

  10. Wolf Braun says:

    Interesting website. Thx

  11. sanmc says:

    Wolf: I think you already know why.

    I will state that: all the political parties are owned by a higher cartel, not only in this country but worldwide. Leaders are manipulated and they sell out, I expect by threats also, and I’d go so far as to say that’s why Kennedy was assassinated. imo.

    The World Bank and the extreme, extreme rich families of generations are imposing the New World Order on every country at break neck speed. I know it sounds outlandish and insane to think, and to say such a thing, but look around at the actions that give the proof. These people at the top are insane.

    Capitalism reaps profits and nothing else. It will take whatever it takes, in any way possible to make profit grow and repair nothing in return, reward no one, save not one working class, middle class. The plan is to keep a working class to produce profits. All of us like little slaves in a caste system(the book “1984”). They care little about one who works their entire life for a company then retires, “get out of the way so we can make more profits”. And then get their money from them through taxes, insurance, expensive drugs, licenses, energy costs, replacing fuel oil tanks in homes leading to increased home insurance (or not be able to get insurance at all), heating costs, hydro costs, gasoline tax, etc.

    My question is when will it end, when will “Capitalism sow the seeds of it’s own destruction” Marx. from the book “Can’t Stop the Revolution” – Hedges.

    What you state here is happening across the whole world ie. minerals taken from poor countries, Haiti and without human rights Guatemala, as well as passive countries as Canada. It’s tough to stop it.

    How? change your vote. Otherwise, what are you prepared to do? You are spinning your wheels with no where to go.

    Look here and then look around at the world:
    Foster Gamble, younger generation of Proctor & Gamble, exposes much of what he and his group have researched about it all.

    Is there anything you can/we can do? I think there is, but it’s not going to be easy.

  12. Wolf Braun says:

    Here’s what I believe is an important point…

    …Why should citizens of the Province be forced to pay $1 billion to build a road so that mining companies can make more money when they take away the $50 billion worth of minerals that the Province says are located in the Ring of Fire?

    …Why should Ontario’s citizens pay that extra billion to mining firms, when the Liberals have prevented any discussion and debate in the Legislature on the policy that insists on giving mining companies the minerals for free – not charging even one cent of royalties on those mineral resources that are owned by the public?

    …How can Ontario ever prosper under a government that is intent on running massive deficits – while at the same time giving away minerals that the public owns and that are worth billions – and not charging any royalties at all?

    …Why do the royalty and mining tax policies that the Liberals have imposed not reflect the duty of government to manage the resources that belong to the citizens of Ontario in a way that benefits the citizens of Ontario?

    Norway, by charging royalties on its oil and gas, has built up a public fund that can not be used by governments for government operations, that now contains $175,000 for every citizen of Norway.

    Ontario, under the Liberals, refuses to charge any royalties at all. Instead of building up a reserve from the exploitation of our finite mineral resources, it spends taxpayers’ dollars to help mining firms cart away the minerals for free – thus adding to a deficit that is at historic levels – and adding to a per-capita provincial debt that is more than 4 times as high as the deficit of any of the bankrupt states in the USA.

    …Why does Ontario charge no royalties at all on its natural resources? (The so called “royalty” that the Liberals introduced for diamonds but not for any other minerals is not a royalty at all – and what is more no payments have been required under that so-called royalty.)

    …How do the citizens of Ontario benefit when the government gives away the publicly owned minerals without charging ANY royalties – AND ON TOP OF THAT by adding to the already massive deficit and debt by forcing citizens to pay to build the roads to allow the mining companies to cart those minerals off for free?

    …How could the development of the Ring of Fire possibly form the core part of Ontario’s economic recovery when it costs the Province so much – and when the much larger mineral exploitation that is already being done in Ontario contributes less than 2% of jobs – and less than 2% of GDP?

    Is the Ring of Fire plank of Ms. Wynne not just one more example of the determination of the Liberals to make outlandish promises and commitments that result in more damage being done to the finances of the province and in more debt being piled onto a per capita provincial debt that is already imposing huge barriers to the creation of jobs for the young in our province. (See the report of the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies on the extremely-high youth unemployment in Ontario – and on the very poor ongoing prospects for the young who are seeking jobs in Ontario.)

    The policies and promises of Ms.Wynne provide just one more example of the determination of the Liberal Party to put the self-serving wishes of selected groups (mining companies in this case and the Liberal party itself in another ahead of the rights of citizens – and ahead of the duty of government to exercise proper fuduciary care over the public’s money and its assets.

    And will Steve Paikin, from “TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin”, have the guts to ask such tough questions of Ms. Wynne and the other candidates in tonight’s debate? Why are there no journalists willing to ask such questions on our behalf ?

  13. Paul says:

    I agree with Mark an overhaul is needed, when Party politics trumps the Democratic process the system is broken…

  14. sanmc says:

    “Seems the Liberals still hold the future as surprisingly no alternatives come forward.”

    Um, how do you know this for sure? (You do not have to answer but ponder the method used.) You have a few alternatives! Are you not an alternative taker? Brave to break away from the herd consciousness and have a vote that means: you are not going to follow what’s expected by the system, or predicted by the polls.

    It’s not over till it’s over or ’til the fat lady sings, as they say.

    Vote how you want to see things. We all know what is the best vote but, get caught in the power struggle. The major parties are parroting much of what the lesser parties are saying about what’s good for us. imo.

    Glad to see your have an intention of voting.

  15. sanmc says:

    QUOTED by Dr. Phil MacGraw:
    “A good predictor of future behavior is to look at past behavior”.

    “How can ya tell if their lying? If their lips are moving”

    I was speaking about the poll-takers and the media that reports it, they will sway your thinking and therefore the way you vote by their commentary. It’s the commentary and the stats they put forward that is manipulative to the ppl and very beneficial to the party and the corps who will pay to be put in power.

    They pay millions to do this, even this is payment is manipulated to fall within campaign regs. It is not cheap to put robo-calls into action. Incidentally the last kerfuffle was instigated inside the USA, to provide a cover that could not be traced back and is linked to international corps, which you may already be aware. Why? Very effective. The media is effective to pre-vote swaying. That is the stuff to avoid.

    I voted green party in the early vote. This is the vote that is a little ahead of its time. Mark my words.

    This is the future party that will gain strength and be placed in parliament for the people. Perhaps and naturally with a change of policy that reflects the times we are surviving through. The corps do not find them a threat at this time, so little is paid/spent to manipulate them. imo.

    This whole political situation turns my stomach, and the corruption is very upsetting. My green vote will do less harm to the ppl and not further the evils of the party in power. It is the one vote that is morally conscious. imo and makes a statement by the ppl that can’t be ignored.

  16. Mark says:

    Well if one didn’t listen to the news how would you keep up with what Hudak proposes to cut? Would you just trust your local rep? Hudak was in the Harris cabinet that cut health care to the bones. Hudak once said he would cut the LHIN’s but didn’t say what would replace that. We need a balanced approach to get the fiscal house in order. Tories are yet to present that so that a reasoned decision can be made. Tell us your true plan is all we ask. Don’t get elected and close 28 hospitals like last time. And take some responsibility that the deregulation of our publicly owned Ontario Hydro did not achieve the results as promised.

  17. Jack Smith says:

    Sorry I meant Sanmc. 🙂

  18. Jack Smith says:

    I like the way you speak Sanme. Well spoken!!! 🙂

  19. Mark says:

    Not sure I buy into that far much paranoia. Probably too simplistic but isn’t our political system in need of an overhaul? Wouldn’t it be more relevant to vote for your local rep but also who should lead government. A novel idea where MPP’s would have to work with other parties to move legislation. A voter could vote for Smith locally and Wynne to lead government.

  20. sanmc says:

    oh sure, listen to the media, they always report the truth don’t they? They will manipulate your thoughts of who is winning in the polls, so ppl will vote the opposite or the same way. See all the attention is focused on the top, not on the little guy running in your neighborhood. Turn you ears away from the news so you won’t be tampered with by it.

    I’m voting green in the advanced polls.

  21. Mark says:

    I guess foolishly there is a part of me that says ok Tim, go and fix your support of Ontario Hydro deregulation. You created the energy crisis, go fix it. Careful however not to trip over your big business $$ supporters!

  22. Gary says:

    Advanced polls today. What a mess this election is. Seems the Liberals still hold the future as surprisingly no alternatives come forward.

  23. Mark says:

    Sanmc: Too late, woodlots are already government controlled. You can”t legally cut whatever you like even if you own it.

  24. sanmc says:

    I look at the bigger picture in the election, which party is going to lead the Gov’t. This is where the power is and the power stays. Actually its above the heads of the elected leader. It’s Globalists with the billions and billions who dominate the world for New World Order. Even the leader is told what to do and any of these provincial elects will be told strongly too.

    Do not be fooled into thinking the little people real mean anything or have any power. The only time we mean anything is when we vote with one voice, march the streets as a huge mass, or stop being a consumer or when we commandeer for change. And frankly that has very rarely happened in this country. This is what makes them afraid of us and our power.

    This idea of local issues powered by the local candidate to sway the leader is non-sense thinking. imo They are muted. Look at the history. I gave an example earlier on Randy Hillier battling turbines for Amherst Is. He was working hard and at the ppl level, they moved out of that capacity to distance him, to keep him busy with other things, hard to do both.

    Look at all larger world elections taking place at this time, all the independent plebiscites being arranged for the people to confirm boundaries and resources. There are so many. This is the “New World Order” manipulating its agenda on a mass scale; pulling puppet strings to fulfill their plan. And amidst the chaos and unfair voting, they have more control in doing so. It’s freakin’ scary when we think we have some control with our little independent vote, and we DON’T. For change, all we have is hope without a stomach for anything else.

    Yes, I could see anyone who is for turbines in the county would be voting for Liberal. That’s my opinion with insight as to why, otherwise. Yes, conservatives are dangerous at the podium. . . bought and paid for over and over again.

    I will move to make the “Early vote”. I will not be manipulated or interfered with by robo-calls in this way. I suggest the rest do the same.

    I will still vote green, as there are some members in parliament now, they can work just as hard as Todd Smith to bring change from within the system. And just perhaps, just maybe the people will get behind a green party turbine issue, or lower-rates hydro bill, firewood bill. Would the gov’t start regulating firewood the way the corp. companies of propane/natural gas have done this winter and then use the environment as an excuse? eeps, I hope I’m wrong. I wonder if we need a by-law to state we have free access to woodlots, (they are a resource). darn.

    Take notice of the world around you. Line 9 legal debates taking place to combat it coming through Belleville, our toxic food keeping us going to the dr. for more drugs on drugs, the health care system it’s all related. Where is prevention of tragic sickness? The cure for cancer has been around for decades hidden up the arse of the corps and prevented from being implemented by the Gov’t.

    . . . enough

  25. KJB says:

    You know Ken I think that Katherine Wynne will be able to standup and get the job done….Do we really want a Leader the even a number of members of his own party don’t want….I am sure we all know that the back room guys are the ones who run the government in most cases. He has to worry about his own members backing him…I think Wynne can handle it

  26. Ken Globe says:

    *cough* gas plants, ornge, e-health, green energy act, HST, smart meters, hydro rates out of control, and whatever other “revenue tools” that will come in the next term…

    Most of the 100 000 jobs cut from Hudak will be through attrition over the next four years. He will be cutting the government size back to what it was a decade ago. This current government has us heading down the same path as Greece.

  27. Mark says:

    When the Liberals form another government Tim has to step down and Horvath will be nailed to the cross for rebutting an NDP dream budget. She got trigger happy and their party wasn’t yet ready. Hunger for power can cause a loss of logic.

  28. Mark says:

    I hope Wynne takes Tim to task in the debate how his service cuts will hurt. How he was a part of the Harris hospital hurts, one tier municipal governments (remember the promise of lower wages under that idea) and of course the biggy, the Tories deregulation of Ontario Hydro!

  29. Gary says:

    One of those elections where you pinch your nose and vote Liberal as the alternative is to slash and burn. Hudak does not come across at all as a credible leader. He should have been replaced prior to this election. A people person with a real vision for Ontario would have won a majority easily in this situation. Tim is scary and he isn’t even in power! There was quite a section of the party that wanted to kick him out in February but failed.

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