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Provincial election will be June 12

Voters will head to the ballot boxes on Thursday, June 12.

On Friday, Premier Kathleen Wynne decided to hold an election rather than see the minority Liberal government defeated in a confidence vote as both the NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak said their parties would not support the budget.

The premier met with David Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario on Friday to request the legislature be dissolved. The writs for the general election are to be signed on Wednesday, May 7.

Under the Elections Act, the election would ordinarily take place on Thursday, June 5. However, the Chief Electoral Officer has identified June 5 as a day of religious significance, and has recommended Thursday, June 12 as the alternate election day.

Wynne told party supporters they would win the election, then implement the budget.

As a reminder, here’s what happened in 2011:


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  1. KJB says:

    I agree Todd Smith did do a somewhat good job…but did we get a final decision on out big problems…I did not like the way he would smirk at the responses of the other
    candidates….If he chooses not to acknowledge that the Conservatives also made some major mistakes (Ontario Hydro and the amalgamation of our hospitals how can he correct these errors that the Liberal party inherited. Is Mr Smith strong enough to stand up to Mr Hudak when push comes to shove. I will admit that the Liberal Party may not have had a great success correcting these problems, but I trust Miss Wynne as leader more than Mr Hudak. I see him as a clone of Mr Harris and we all know how we ended up with Mr Harris leading…only the fat cats benefited.

  2. Gary says:

    Well if you operate for cancer that would leave 2 recovering patients and the NDP left to lead!

  3. MI says:

    Wolf, I don’t like anything personal on this expression of opinions. I am just saying: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    Albert Einstein
    Cut out the cancer, maybe we will have a chance of improving.

  4. Mark says:

    I agree with Gary’s assessment as I know Todd well. But I have been around long enough to know that if the Tories take power it will be Hudak’s message coming out of his mouth not neccesarily Todd’s voice for the County.

  5. Gary Mooney says:

    There’s always the question of whether to vote the party or vote the candidate. Sometimes I have done one, sometimes the other.

    However, in both 2011 and this year, it was an easy choice to vote the candidate because of the wind turbine issue. Leona Dombrowsky stuck to the Liberal Party line and gave us no help at all. So I voted for Todd. Since the election, Todd has been very supportive re opposition to wind turbines and, for this reason alone, I’ll vote for him again.

    I’m impressed with the fact that Todd comes across as a real person first, and a politician second. He’s someone who works hard to further the interests of his constituents. He has also worked hard on his party assignments – first re red tape reduction and, more recently, connecting with Ontario’s ethnic communities. More reasons to vote for him.

    Further, Todd is right up there with Vic Fedeli and Lisa MacLeod in terms of ability, and is clearly cabinet material. If the PCs form the next government, I’m sure that he’ll be in the cabinet. Yet another reason to vote for Todd.

    Todd is truly a decent guy, and deserves our support, regardless of prior party affiliation.

  6. Wolf Braun says:

    Disclaimer: Like Doris I have voted Liberal all my life. I’m now 67. My wife the same. We are both going to vote for the best candidate at the local level, regardless of what Party they belong to.

    Two things about Todd Smith that are accurate:

    1) He helped P.O.O.C.H. deliver a petition on our Hospital to the Legislature, with some 6000 names. He also helped us secure, albeit a 5min meeting with Minister Deb Matthews. Plus, his Queen’s Park aide, Mitch was very helpful navigating around QP.

    2) I met Todd Smith yesterday when he spent several hours in Wellington yesterday. The opposition may be seen as impotent at QP, nonetheless Mr. Smith did get some legislation passed that is benefiting The County. I did remind him yesterday that “he is supposed to represent us” even at the expense of his party. I think he got it. His record says he gets it.

    What has GT done for Prince Edward County, while CEO of the SELHIN, other than to assist ripping our beloved Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital down to a band-aid station?

  7. Wolf Braun says:

    sanmc: “I’m still voting Green as are some of my neighbors”

    The Green Party candidate lives outside of Perth. Legally, that’s not a problem. However, other than the Green Energy Act, what does she know about PEC ? I didn’t get much from the intro clip posted here.

  8. Doris Lane says:

    Well samac the Liberal policies have already brought us disaster.
    Our money wasted on their so called green energy which was really GREED energy.
    Can you afford double your hydro or maybe triple
    Industry is moving out of Ontario.
    we have an oil and gas plant at Lennox–not used now thy are building another gs plant behind it what for to sit there
    we have too much electricity now and we pay the states to take our surplus
    Ever seethe ugly solar panel farms that are going up covering our land
    Just think of the ugly IWTs they want o put in beautiful South marysburgh. They have already ruined Wolfe island and are going to do the same to Amherst Island.
    I know hudaks policies are not good but what is the alternative
    Todd is a good man we need him in Toronto

  9. sanmc says:

    “Samac from your comments, I do not think you know Todd Smith. ”

    Doris I know Todd Smith, I’ve watched him many times on youtube in parliament.

    Sorry Doris I meant to say if Hudac wins, and also Todd Smith wins… “Todd Smith will be in Toronto like a mute on a camel … to sit down and shut up.

    He will have to follow party doctrine, this is what will make him less effective for the people.

    Hudac’s platform will bring more disaster to our seniors, social systems – child services, affordable housing, debt, more taxes on gasoline to pay for roads, and more dangerous vaccines made mandatory.

    I’m still voting Green as are some of my neighbors.

  10. Gary says:

    Unfortunately Doris, Todd sitting in opposition does little good. As you know the ridings with the government in power get the full kernels and those that voted the other way get the chaff! It’s the way it works. On the other hand when you aren’t in power you can say whatever the people want to hear.

  11. Doris Lane says:

    Samac from your comments, I do not think you know Todd Smith. After voting Liberal all my life, I have not changed my politics on a whim
    I am very impressed with Todd and know he will do a good job in Toronto no matter where he sits

  12. Mark says:

    Governments are dysfunctional as Wolf said. Federally you have Tory, Mulrooney picking up paper bags of cash in sleazy hotel rooms, Tony Clement siphoning off millions from the G8 to his riding, Harper paying off Duffy. The Grits got caught in the sponsorship scandal. Harris had an agenda that disproportionately directed $$ away from Liberal ridings. There is no innocence on either side.

  13. Mark says:

    Hudak is a no show for the debate tonight in the North. Is the Tory brass scared to put him out in front of the electorate? If he is not prepared to debate his platform he is not prepared to lead.

  14. Wolf Braun says:

    MI: ” The provincial government needs to change regardless of whether you like Hudak or not”

    Do you honestly believe that changing the players in the seats will fix our dysfunctional government?

  15. MI says:

    Sorry everyone, The provincial government needs to change regardless of whether you like Hudak or not. We have been lied to enough by one party (and everyone in it including Wynne). Both Mcguinty and County Council, should have been kicked out after 2 terms. We would be a hell of a lot better off on both fronts.

  16. sanmc says:

    If he wins. Todd Smith will be in Toronto like a mute on a camel. His fight will be taken from him and he will be cut off at the knees, to sit down and shut up.

  17. Doris Lane says:

    Come on folks elect Todd Smith. he is one of the best MPP we have had in Toronto
    It will be another minority government and Hudack will be kicked out by his
    Todd Smith will have a chance to be the leader of the party

  18. Mark says:

    I don’t think anyone is blaming Todd for the hospital demise. Many blame his party the “Conservatives” that closed so many and reduced one’s like Picton’s too nothing. They amalgamated hospitals, cut health care. They also brought us the one tier County gov’t and roads and services have never been worse. Tim Hudak sat in on those decisions! How soon people forget.

  19. Paul says:

    I think the only way to send a clear message to Queens Park is either by wasting a vote for those who feel voting is an obligation or by not voting at all. A Minority Government isn’t great but atleast the big 3 have to attempt to work together…Maybe just maybe the party elite will think policy change is in order to garner more support next time around

  20. sanmc says:

    Another topic to ask questions of the candidates is one that is being shoved down our throats as they are about to change the policy to make protection of endangered species and species at risk almost non-existent. Wanting to make REA approvals easier and less public opposition to what is right for the environment. Passing this on . . .

    “PECFN – Ontario’s policy on our Species at Risk –
    Say No to Weak Protections for Newly Listed Species At Risk”

    WE are a species at risk, for freakin’ sakes as the world deteriorates around us.

  21. sanmc says:

    With the bookends of Lib and Cons. leaving the NDP to flip flop. It makes me dubious as to what is really happening as the media selectively chooses what info to use in a way to manipulate the sway of our practical decision, as we look to vote. I can’t help but think they want some power in the hands of the NDP. for some evil reason. It begs to look at history. Some voters will continue to vote the same as they have for 50 yrs. and wives will still be told by their husbands which way to vote, the way my grandfather told my granny.

    We don’t like Libs. policy
    We don’t like Cons. oppositing the Libs policy
    We don’t like NDP spouts off in the middle thinking about the other 2.

    The worst of three evils. To rattle the stats with mine and others Green vote is a protest strategy. Too bad this couldn’t be the alternative change to the system.

    Monday night, 26th. 7pm in Picton beside Crystal Palace is the all candidates meeting. Hope some of us can ask the hard questions ie: What do they suggest to do to get GMO’s banned from Ontario or products labelled. And what are their plans to doing about it. or if they even care. And if they are susceptible to corp. management of them and our Gov’t. ???

    GMO – Banning this kind of food will help everyone stay healthy and out of the hospitals in the first place. Prevention is the way to approach the need for a Doctor and hospital services.

  22. Marnie says:

    I don’t think we can blame the hospital situation on Todd. Too few of us stood up too late. The downsizing was going on for a long time, slowly but surely making a fully functional hospital a lame duck facsimile of same.

  23. Paul says:

    In my opinion there’s only one way to change Party policy and make them rethink. and it happened to the Liberals in the last Federal election.

  24. Wolf Braun says:

    Mark: “And, Wolf, back when the fight to PECMH was at a fever pitch, weren’t you guys getting a bunch of help from Todd. Isn’t that exactly what we’re asking for in an MPP?”

    Yup ! And we sent Todd a letter to thank him for his help. His aid at Queen’s Park was also very, very helpful.

  25. Mark says:

    I guess the point would have been better described as having little influence.

  26. Matt Helm says:


    Opposition or Government after June 12, I don’t think we’ll be seeing Todd Smith on the backbench in either scenario.

  27. Mark says:

    I don’t think the strip and burn Tories can win with Hudak. They had a review mid term and missed their opportunity to replace him as leader. He does not sell himself as a leader well.Todd is liked but he has no control on what the County is facing and will most likely be a back bench opposition member. That hurts the County more than helps. Wynne excels significantly over Hudak in Leadership. Tim needs to find a message and program that people will buy into instead of reverting to Harris style slash and burn. That got us no where. Some originality is needed with new ideas.

  28. Doris Lane says:

    You are right on. Todd is the only one who has tried to do something for the County. Lets give him another chance
    and maybe he will be the next leader of the party.
    I don’t think Todd is afraid of Hudack

  29. Matt Helm says:

    You know what, Mark? After hearing the Liberal candidate on Lorne Brooker for her one hour showcase, I can’t understand how anyone would vote for that woman over Todd.

    The guy’s actually tried to do things for the County. When his Party went silent on reforming how we sell beer and wine, Todd actually introduced a bill to help our local wineries grow.

    Every time the guy has had the chance to stand up for the County, he’s answered the call.

    And, Wolf, back when the fight to PECMH was at a fever pitch, weren’t you guys getting a bunch of help from Todd. Isn’t that exactly what we’re asking for in an MPP?

  30. Jack Smith says:

    Tim Hudak is the clone of Mike Harris coming back to screw us all. 🙂

  31. Wolf Braun says:

    Mark: “Todd is an ok guy but he has to follow party line. Todd doesn’t change shit in Toronto without Tim’s blessing.”

    That is as the world is today. Totally correct Mark.

    However, that’s not how the world was nor is it as the world should be. In this democracy, the elected representative is supposed to represent us, the people. Not the other way round. That needs to be fixed. If we the people don’t have the courage to fix this, we will never have ‘our’ democracy back.

    Everyone get busy. To begin with, start reminding whoever is elected who they work for. Write a letter. Write an email.

  32. Mark says:

    And Doris, if I may remind you Tim Hudak sat with Mike Harris and said they would not cut hospitals. We all know what they did. Todd is an ok guy but he has to follow party line. Todd doesn’t change shit in Toronto without Tim’s blessing. When Randy Hillier our neighboring Tory rep tried change Hudak tossed him right away.

  33. Doris Lane says:

    I like Kathleen Wynne but I do not like what the Liberals have done to Ontario–the GEA act has ruined us and people are moving out of Ontario
    Wynne was right in there with Mcginty
    Remember vote as you like but vote

  34. sanmc says:

    The Perth area is the same riding as the one that Amherst Island is in with. Addington-Lennox. So these politicians got to be acutely aware of the Turbine issues.

    This green candidate is a choice, she will need to be quizzed at the candidates debate, before and after. Now whether her answers get put into print is a whole other story. It makes it a blind vote. But so does the others, they spin and say what we want to hear and change their minds after elected. The Green have something to prove to Ontario.

    Randy Hillier from Perth area is knowledgeable about Amherst Is.

    The candidates will have to follow party lines. And not breaking from that is what got Leona Debrowski voted off the island PEC. Todd Smith in opposition gives him the fight for PEC he shows. But to what avail. However, Randy Hillier of Perth, got himself into some trouble here: for those interested in the party line ethics.

    headline: “Tim Hudak fires Randy Hillier over leaked email”
    “Tim Hudak has fired shadow cabinet member Randy Hillier as the Tory leader moves to stem pressure for a leadership review.”

    Still, I will consider my fractured vote for the green party as an alternative to the potato-heads that are there. Our urgent issues could shape their platform, perhaps, if we knew what it was lol, if the media would print/say it more often.

    Last night I heard another saying they will vote green.

    Seriously, this is serious.

  35. KJB says:

    Todd does seem like the best choice we have in our riding…Doris this will be the first time I have voted for the leader and not the local representative. As many have said the local members do not seem to have a lot of power especially if they don’t follow party line. The conservatives seem to be the party for the wealthy and let us not forget who changed our Hydro starting all the problems (they never seem to mention this when they are knocking the Liberal party) I feel a vote for the NDP or the Green Party is like a vote for the Conservatives..Wynne has to be my choice for the best leader, I can’t imagine her taking any sh…. from the inner circle and I feel she tells it as it is

  36. Wolf Braun says:

    Not very many good choices out there.

    The Greens have provided a candidate who lives outside of Perth, not in the County.

    The Liberals are running with a candidate who has spent most of her life living off the public trough.

    I don’t even know who the NDP are giving us.

    Todd definitely looks like the best option. We should all remind him that he works for us and not for his Party.

  37. Doris Lane says:

    I know Todd has to follow the party line but I think he has a lot of moxy and will stand up for what he believes.
    he has other people in his party who agree with him
    For us right now Todd is our best bet. He is intelligent and believes in the County
    We may be in a no win situation but if we do nothing we have no hope at all.
    He had a lot power when it came to Mc Guinty resigning–Lets give him a chance.
    if any of you know me Iam a life long Liberal and will still go Liberal for the feds. So it is not a case of me following the party line , This will be the first time in my life I have voted PC

  38. gary says:

    Sorry Doris but Todd will tell you whatever Tim Hudak tells him. He cannot deliver on big local promises unless Tim gives the nod. Hudak absolutely has to gain himself power or he is gone! 0-2 and out. I think the Tories would have had a shot with a leader but Tim is already a lame duck and not really popular in his own party. He has no vision. He speaks more about Liberal failures than what and how he will adopt change. He has not provided Principle’s and Purpose.

  39. Mark says:

    When I listen to Hudak I think of Mike Harris saying “there will be no cuts to hospitals”!

  40. Mark says:

    It,s not difficult to get a persons name and birthdate without social media. It’s public record.

  41. sanmc says:

    I hate social media because of the privacy issues and opportunity for identity theft. Sure put your name and birthdate on there. Identity once gone just try and get it back.

    “Does it matter – who knows”

    The Gov’t seems to think it matters exponentially. And the big corps who lobby and run the gov’t – Capitalists. It matter to them. They want to sell you products, services and energy to increase profits. They won’t be fixing the environment any time soon because it decreases profits. And why should they, they own the gov’t and most of the people don’t give a darn and the ones who care, many remain mute. Mutant turtles. Or the gov’t sneaks behind in backroom corridors making a sham policy that media has to dig deep to discover, albeit just about too late to do anything about it. ie changing the election act.

    The corps blame the average person using gas guzzling cars and plastic bottles, plastic bags, over population, etc. etc. And we all fall for it. In the meantime the corps are the biggest polluters. They use and waste the most energy without thinking about the metabolic rift or the process of end product that should be recycled back in a natural fundamental way ie mature from the cattle gets put back on the land to grow food for the cattle, etc. Capitalism is impossible to sustain and have an safe non-toxic environment re: climate change.

    Soooo …. the gov’t must keep creating jobs to create increased profits. blah, blah, blah.

    “Who’s watching re: credit card”
    Also, every time you use your debt card to pay for something, or you collect points on a points card, THAT is all collected so the corps can target you directly. The Gov’t alredy targets income groups and knows who gets the tax relief or how the welfare system is doing. How much beer your buying with those dollars. on and on. Even reality is hard to beer down.

    The gov’t is going to a cashless society, why? so they can get control of the cash deals, track every nickel going through every pocket. I feel like taking my money out of the bank, so they can’t use it. Pay cash.

    We’ve been conditioned well … how easy it is to not carry cash. Soon, you will not even have to carry a debit card. The chip in your forehead or in your right arm is coming in your lifetime. It’s just a matter of a few years. Make the connection. The penny was working, getting rid of it forced an inconvenience to us. You add up and subtract down when paying in cash. So easy to go cashless, you want to go cashless. Well you will get your wish.

    Is it making sense now, that the corps and the world bank are in charge. The Globalists. Welcome to full blown capitalism on steroids and a weakling gov’t. Is there enough pie to go around or enough oiled gravy pumping through Line9 yet or train cars spilling at the rail corner ie: Lac-Mégantic derailment (it could happen in Belleville and what would that do to water supplies surrounding PEC?)

    This rant is the tip of the iceberg. And I will still vote for a party that is not in the mainstream of the media.

  42. Doris Lane says:

    Well for sure Big brother is watching and everything we do is monitored and stored somewhere. Cell phones, computers all electronic equipment is capable of keeping track of us. How about the Social Media like what we are saying on here. Who has access to this. Probably a lot of people. How much electricity do we use, how much water we use,what we eat if we use a credit card to pay for i. Does it matter–who knows

  43. sanmc says:

    Well it looks like it’s going to be a digital vote anyways. That means every single digital footprint, every stroke on your pc will be collected, saved and used by the gov’t whenever they want for whatever they want. Did you miss what Snowden was saying when he said the gov’ts are spying on us and storing our data. These data buildings are a 64,000-square-feet. And there’s print saying Canada may become the world’s data centre, due to no natural disasters and the access to power, etc. (google it, it’s reported on technology and business sites)

    Seniors rights, like others are protected under the laws of the land. Gov’t must follow their own laws until they change ’em or write up new ones behind our backs or establish committees. I’m not concerned about the red tape.

    Easy to collect data nowadays with computers and micro-chip technology. Everything on you, and I mean everything is reaped. Wait till the drones start flying over head trackin’ every move, cell phones are their best piece of tech to track you as simple as a GPS locator built within, cameras. I tell civilization is collapsing and the Globalists above the Gov’ts are doing it. Free trade is criminal and gives them ultimate control. Sorry I have to say this.

    Voting is a choice, and it is a voice albeit a small voice but still it can amass. My vote is never wasted if it doesn’t impact the final outcome, imo. It’s kind of a crap game if you think your vote has that much power. If to vote according to who you think is going to win or against who you think is gonna win it’s a guess. And the polls from the media are a blatant tool in this gamble to manipulate that vote, sway it this way and that leads to confusion re: undecided voters. The history well, how’s your memory? and is the media focusing on that much? They are bought and paid for.

    I’m concerned about the robo-calls. This can be criminal when folks miss their opportunity to vote, truly tampering. I think I will vote in the advanced polls, this might avoid getting hit with the calls. Of course they will have my data registered sooner, with this method.

    We all (I mean as in the “masses”) must speak with the same voice regardless of the election or who is in power. It gets the politicians excited/concerned about the random chaos that could flood the country. And they worry about their precious seat and I don’t mean *ss.

    I hear more people talking about the green party. Not sure if I’m still going that route. And I don’t even care what their platform is cause at this point it doesn’t matter a fig’s leaf in the wind.

    oH, using googles search engine tracks what you search. There are engines now that are anonymous and will hide your searches. ie Startpage ie: duckduckgo if you really need to hide what your searching for?

  44. Dayton Johnson says:

    Thanks Doris,,,and where does it go from there? I am suspicious of government on all accounts. Like our census going to a American company for “processing”. Actually a company that could be considered involved in building arms and war materials. (Oops,,should I say that?)Big brother is always watching and listening.
    Even if you spoil a ballot intentionally at least you have had your name crossed from the voters list.
    Another question:: if I show up at the polls without a voters card through no fault of my own am I still allowed to vote?
    It has happened that my name was not on the voters list but after presenting the necessary ID I was able to vote!!! What up with that?
    The last federal election my voters card directed me to Ameliasburgh even though I have lived in SM all my life. With some investigation I was told to disregard my voters card and go to the SM poll station. I did and voted without my card!
    Too many questions and no honesty in the voting process but it’s all we got so suck it up.

  45. Doris Lane says:

    All material used in elections like list where your name is checked off is sealed in a box and returned to chief electoral officer -Elections canada

  46. Dayton Johnson says:

    I’m curious as to what becomes of those voters lists that you have your name checked off on voting day?
    If your name is not “checked off” then is there a government file on you somewhere that stores that information…who knows! Election after election of not voting does it affect Applying for any government assistance or benefits when you run into red tape,,hmmm, just wondering.

  47. Jack Smith says:

    I won’t vote Liberal, Conservative, NDP. They have all shown their true colors. I would rather throw my vote away to another independent party instead of giving it one of the first three. 🙂

  48. Jack Smith says:

    I have to laugh. All you hear is, Oh you got to vote, it’s your legal right. On June 12/14 do you think anything anything is going to change when people go to the ballots. Do you honestly think there will be a change the following day. Come on people its been going on for decades. One corrupt person leaves after their term then some other jack-ass fills his spot. The local politicians we vote for are just puppets. Sure they have their concerns but the real rulings come from the big guys and they are calling the shots. Heck I could run and promise a lot of things before the election and once I got in be knock down by the big guys. You might as well send your requests to Parliament because you will get the same response. Until we get these Idiots out of Parliament like Harper for one, Canada will always be this way. They should all be tarred and feathered and run out of Canada, never to return, until then I will not vote!!!!!

  49. Paul says:

    Most Canadians or Ontarians as it pertains here are considerate and caring of others ideas and feelings. Why is it our Governments are so stand offish unwilling to work together for the greater good. As far as I’m concerned the Government isn’t as representative of the people as much as it is of the Party. And I believe 42.1% is not a clear mandate but its good enough for politician. One more thing voting is a right like the right to express oneself (like bitching) I will exercise those rights as I see fit

  50. sanmc says:

    First of all there is little time since the announcement and the day of the election. All the bad mouthing campaigns (in USA fashion) will start NOW. Pay little attention to it. It’s all schemed to hide the real issues with confusion. And the most money wins,imo.

    second, that’s the idea to keep ALL countries in debt and owing it all to the world bank. The plan is not to fix it. No one cares about the environment on which the whole world depends. I’ll bet few here even see the toxic environment to toxic gov’t. Capitalists don’t care about the mess that is left behind all the profits.

    We have a voice, albeit the voting vote is almost mute. A massing together in the democratic way is the loudest. Find a cause to hitch your wagon too. I be skeptical about my ballot being manipulated electronically, and how would I ever know. Even the voting system has been attacked by the feds. and how it trickles on down.

    The people need a leader who knows the systems of Gov’t. We freakin’ need a hero, as we all turn into mini-heroes.

    I know for a fact that Truman Tuck has been battling Gov’t issue for years with his paperwork campaign of agitation. Not sure what he’s up to next. He asks the hard questions. Be again who cares to hear any of us, really. Canadians are kind and gentle people, as was said before. I believe it. Even our immigrants are playing in the safety zone for reasons of more immigrations of family members, so no rocking the boat or loud voices.

    I’ve noticed the masses that gather at Queen’s Park are not usually very large as once they were when an broad issue moved to people to make notice of themselves. Is it due to the aging population? or fear of a crackdown?

    I’m still voting to show my presence of mind in this country plot.


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