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Public inquiry may alleviate distrust of CAS

The only way there will ever be a public inquiry into what is going on at the Children’s Aid Society of Prince Edward County is if the public demands it. The only way that will happen is if the public is made aware of the stories of Joe and Janet Holm and others. If Prince Edward County newspapers continue to ignore and not make it front page news a majority of people will not even know about these things.

But that is the county way isn’t it? We talk about things in hushed tones privately among ourselves but never publicly. That is because we might offend someone who is related to someone who is involved either directly or indirectly. Well to hell with who may be offended, for the best interest of the children, I say it is time to ask publicly “How did this happen?” “Why was it allowed to go on for so long?” “What is being done to prevent it in the future?” “Who is responsible?” “Are there others?”

If there is not a public inquiry there will only be more distrust of this agency and the people who are linked to it. How can that possibly be good for Prince Edward County and our families? So I implore the residents of this county to stand up and demand to know what happened! To the Board of Directors stand up, do your job and get to the bottom of this mess!
Ann Hunter, Picton 

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  1. Ann Hunter says:

    I am aware that there are other bad situations. So I take it that this foster mom was not charged? Because I thought it was illegal to have sex with someone that you are in a position of trust and authority over. I hope that she was fired. I think that it is horrible that there is no accountability. Well I hope thing do change, if not now, I guess they never will. The legacy that this director and board are leaving is more distrust, more anger and more reason to be cynical of CAS and their ability to help families.

  2. A Reilly says:

    Well Ann here is the deal: this agency has absolutely zero accountability. There has been a long history of dissension between management and staff which has translated into poor service to the vulnerable sector of the public. The powers that be are more interested in their legacy and status within the community than addressing some very concerning issues. There is a better chance of the Picton Pirates winning the Stanley Cup than a public inquiry. And, don’t think for a second that the issue related to sexual misconduct in the Bloomfield foster home is a first time thing. Not too many years ago there was a foster mom who decided to have intercourse with a 17 yr old in the shower. At the time that was considered consensual? Lucky for her Mr. Harper hadn’t changed the legislation regarding this matter. The only way things will change with this agency is if there is a complete overhaul of the Board and Management. Don’t get your hopes up!

  3. Ann Hunter says:

    Interesting editorial in the Intelligencer today about PECAS. Would love to hear people’s thoughts on it.

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