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Record rainfall results in flooding, downed trees and there’s more to come

Picton Golf Course fairways flooded during the spring storm Monday. David Mackay photo

Monday’s record rainfall, in already high water levels, caused nuisance flooding and the storm’s wind gusts also felled or damaged about 10 trees at Picton’s Golf Course.

The water was at its peak over County Road 28 which was the old Picton highway in Amelisburgh Ward. John Ferguson photo

Culverts filled and some lawns were slow to drain following 52.4mm of rain – more than triple the 1953 record of 17.3. That makes almost three inches of rain (69.5mm) that has fallen since Sunday.

“I have lived here for 36 years and the road has never been flooded before,” said John Ferguson.

Culverts along County Road 28 filled and at least two sections of the road were flooded. John Ferguson photo

At least 10 trees down or damaged on Picton’s Golf Course due to high winds. David Mackay photo

Flooding on low lying properties was observed throughout the County and a microburst through Picton’s Golf Course took town or damaged at least 10 trees.

David Mackay reports the course was closed for safety reason and because of significant flooding on the fairways.

Trees uprooted in Monday’s storm. David Mackay photo

“It really hurts to lose these trees even though they got in my way many times,” he said.

After the storm, social media filled with photographs of beautiful clouds and sunsets. This fiery sky, from East Lake Road. -Sue Capon photo

More rain is in the forecast for today, with some gusty winds reaching up to 70 km/h. Quinte Conservation reminds residents to ensure boats and docks are tied down as already high water levels and waves from the wind will increase local shoreline flooding this afternoon and evening.

The sun is expected to return Wednesday but forecasts have it pushed out with more rain for the weekend.

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  1. Not a lot of people deny climate change. Where there is disagreement is the cause. Most serious research backs the natural theory, not he human one but some people refuse to accept it because it not in their best interest to do so.

  2. Dennis Fox says:

    I believe that some need to investigate more on this topic. Scientists from around the world have been showing us for quite awhile that the polar ice caps are melting, with huge consequences. In a recent article on something as basic as Lyme Disease – the number 1 reason given for the rapid spread of these ticks was global warming. There are so many articles, news reports and TV docs on this topic, I don’t know how anyone can ignore the reality of global warming and its results – other than sheer denial.

  3. Mark says:

    As the Sun passes half of it’s life cycle, changes will occur. Eventually the oceans will boil and there will be no life existing on earth. Of course that is a few million years off. Point being, weather and life on Earth is very much controlled by our Sun. Famed meteorologist Kevin Williams often reminds us that nature is a balancing act. We have droughts like last year and have had in the past. We have wet springs like this one and have in the past. The sky is not falling, it’s just mother nature doing her thing.

  4. I agree with Mark. Global warming had nothing to do with this event. Having said that, global warming is happening but Mother Nature is the architect and mankind has little to do with it. It will happen over thousands of years, irregardless. We should not be wasting money on trying to change things we have no control over. Time to stop the con job.

  5. Dennis Fox says:

    We have been experiencing extreme weather world wide. Look at the drought we had last year and look at the amount of rain we have now – a rather stark contrast. My leap was not such a large one for those aware of what is taking place.

  6. Mark says:

    How did you arrive at such a leap in concluding this rainfall was a result of global warming. When records fell in the 1950’s was that global warming or just a happen so?

  7. Dennis Fox says:

    I hope that the golf course will recover quickly from this unfortunate event. But for a rain fall to be so large, I hope that those who doubt the reality of global warming, might want to reconsider – despite what the odd president south of our border thinks!

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