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Roads closed Sunday for County Marathon



The 11th annual County Marathon Boston qualifyer event runs Sunday, Oct. 5 for a full marathon, half marathon and team challenge for runners, walkers and wheeled athletes. This year’s chosen charity is the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation.
The following roads will be closed:
o County Road 33, Wellington to Bloomfield, 8am-10am
o County Road 12, Bloomfield to Sandbanks, 8:30am-11:30am
o County Roads 11 & 10, Sandbanks to Picton, 9:30am-1:30pm
o Picton Main Street, Lake Street to Crystal Palace, 9:30am – 2pm

Detours will be in place for the duration of the closures.
For more information, contact Race Director Mark Henry at 1.866.473.2786 or the County of Prince Edward Roads Department at 613.476.6505.

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  1. Loretta says:

    Just a comment for a outsider … but Judy your comments include “witchiness” and “get educated” sounds like the kettle calling the pot black regarding bullying!

  2. judy kennedy says:

    Fine with me. I would just like you to be able to concede that you might be wrong once in a while, and to not resort to personal attacks–and maybe apologize when you slip. Perhaps you don’t realize it, but you come across as a bully, and I will never accept that sort of treatment.

  3. Marnie says:

    Let’s stop this Judy. It’s pointless, boring and serves no purpose on this site. You seem more intent on making your personal dislike of me clear than in exchanging opposing points of view.

  4. judy kennedy says:

    I know Hallowe’en is coming, but witchiness is never attractive.

  5. Marnie says:

    I certainly believe you have had experience in farming Judy. You can shovel it with the best of them. It takes practice to gain your level of proficiency.

  6. judy kennedy says:

    Not that’s it’s any of your business, but I have first hand experience of farming. You don’t.

  7. Marnie says:

    Judy I noticed that you dodged my question about how long you have been living in the county. Perhaps that is because you are a relative newcomer and have no real recollection of what farming was like here once. I live rurally on farm land, my neighbours are farmers. I still think your expertise must have been gained in the supermarkets. I seriously doubt that you are wed to Old MacDonald or The Farmer in the Dell.

  8. judy kennedy says:

    Farming is not just about growing vegetables. Stop being so busy trying to pretend your knowledge isn’t limited, and get educated. You’re doing yourself and the county a disservice.

  9. Marnie says:

    Judy,if you think agriculture is booming in the county you just fell off the turnip truck. Forget about industry, why don’t we all become farmers? Obviously they are the ones making the big bucks and driving the local economy. I suspect that the produce section in No Frills is the source of your agricultural expertise.

  10. judy kennedy says:

    Very true, Paul. Marnie, your knowledge of agriculture is limited and from the past. We don’t live there anymore.

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