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Roads closed Sunday for County Marathon



The 11th annual County Marathon Boston qualifyer event runs Sunday, Oct. 5 for a full marathon, half marathon and team challenge for runners, walkers and wheeled athletes. This year’s chosen charity is the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation.
The following roads will be closed:
o County Road 33, Wellington to Bloomfield, 8am-10am
o County Road 12, Bloomfield to Sandbanks, 8:30am-11:30am
o County Roads 11 & 10, Sandbanks to Picton, 9:30am-1:30pm
o Picton Main Street, Lake Street to Crystal Palace, 9:30am – 2pm

Detours will be in place for the duration of the closures.
For more information, contact Race Director Mark Henry at 1.866.473.2786 or the County of Prince Edward Roads Department at 613.476.6505.

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  1. Paul says:

    Newspaper Headline Prince Edward County Local Group mount legal challenge against Wind Turbines heck No Frills had a bit of a battle to locate here. Industry wont come if they expect a fight and those fights have been many in the name of tourism. You’ve been here long enough to have seen these things play out Marnie. I agree with you Tourism is a part of the solution but a happy medium has to be reached it seems everytime a new business wants to locate here if not tourist related theres a fight against it..

  2. Marnie says:

    Festivals and marathons help to put us on the map. We’ve had several industrial commissioners, two industrial parks and still no light industry of any consequence Paul. There has to be a message in this. Why are we always by-passed? Our wineries and festivals draw crowds. Do we capitalize on what we do well or keep spinning our wheels waiting for that light industry that never comes? The more vibrant our community the greater the likelihood that it will be attractive as a potential industrial site. Far better to have festivals and marathons than to stagnate while waiting for what does not seem likely to happen any time soon.

  3. Paul says:

    Thats basically what Im trying to say Jim support wasn t there for industry in Prince Edward County but rather in favor of tourism and that isn t working for everyone Marnie..Tourism is a part of the picture but more light industry is needed not major car manufacturing operations.Those types of buisnesses could be attracted to the County with more effort instead of another festival..Or Marathon

  4. Jim says:

    Nevertheless, agriculture is still a vibrant industry in the county. Modernized? Surely. Changed? Absolutely. But it’s still agriculture.

    And $75,000,000 in gross receipts is higher than ever before. Let’s celebrate and support our farms and farmers.

  5. Marnie says:

    Once we had a number canning factories and cheese factories in our county. Farmers grew tomatoes, corn, peas,and pumpkins that were hauled off to be canned and shipped. East Lake Canners, the Waupoos Canning Factory, Baxter Canning, Lipson’s, Greer’s and and Edgewater Canning were thriving businesses. Now, all of them are closed and have been for a long time. Cheap imports killed the market for their products.

    My friend whose family grew apples in the county for years told me they harvested their last crop a long time ago. It cost more to produce it than they realized from it – cheap imports again.

    How many small dairy farmers in the county have sold their herds off in recent years? How many young men today are eagerly taking over small family farms.

    And you call all of the above bad information, Judy? How long have you lived in this county anyway? Do you even remember it the way it was when they called it the garden county of Ontario?

  6. judy kennedy says:

    Wouldn’t it be a good thing if people just admitted they were wrong once in a while, instead of obfuscating and trying to make other people look like liars.

  7. judy kennedy says:

    How much money does tourism bring in a year?

  8. Marnie says:

    Gee,Jim,I’ll bet that will be a big surprise to a lot of farmers. Believe me, when compared with what it used to be here,it’s “gone” as we knew it.

  9. Jim says:

    Sorry, the link for OMAFRA/Census Canada farm stats should be:

  10. Jim says:

    Apparently a comment was made about Agriculture being “gone” from Prince Edward County.

    On the contrary, it’s here and it’s thriving.

    Some current PEC Agriculture Stats:

    Farms over $200,000 in value – 447

    Farms with Receipts over $100,000 – 123

    33,155 hectares of major field crops (corn, soybeans, etc)

    345 hectares of fruit (apples, grapes etc)

    396 hectares of vegetables

    Total of cattle/calves – 10,140 head

    Total sheep – 7,317 head

    Total hogs – 2,319 head

    Total hens and chickens- 256,228

    Prince Edward County Total Farm Cash Receipts:


    Source: OMAFRA/Census Canada

  11. Marnie says:

    It really depends on what one does with the money when one gets it Paul. Poor management could be a factor. Check out the traffic in downtown Bloomfield every day during the summer, look at the crowd at Sandbanks and the large attendance at community events such as Taste and tell me that this is not a highly popular tourist destination. Firsy you complain that the tourists are destroying our infrastructure, then you argue that we are not really a big tourist destination. Which is it??

  12. Paul says:

    If this was an ideal tourist destination the County wouldn’t be in a deficit situation …

  13. Marnie says:

    If this county were the ideal place for industry,Paul, it would have been discovered by now, breathtaking vistas or not. Efforts have been made to attract industry but it never happened. What we have drawn are people who enjoy the lifestyle and all that the county has to offer. We’re getting tourists and large numbers of retirees and that’s just industry in another form – no smokestacks required.

  14. Paul says:

    This is why Industry is a taboo word Marnie “We have breathtaking views, not smokestacks here” your own words Ma’am

  15. Paul says:

    Debt ,infrastructure strained, citizens against one another. Agriculture built this County that along with Canneries, Fisheries Cheese Factories and Tourism all combined to make this County thrive.. I know those days are gone We put all our eggs in one basket sadly and now we are reaping what we’ve sown, read first sentence again…

  16. Marnie says:

    Why do you assume that people here consider industry “taboo” Paul? The present industrial park is not our first. The one up at the Heights, years ago, drew small industries until their government grants ran out and then they folded or moved on. Times change and the county has found a niche that is not rooted in industry. It would be great if a large clean industry decided to locate here but don’t hold your breath. We have wineries, lots of great restaurants, artists’ studios and many terrific events such as Taste the County and Pumpkinfest. I suspect we are the envy of a lot of communities. I don’t see us failing anytime soon.

  17. Paul says:

    Oh c’mon Marnie you must realize industry is a taboo word here in the County the industrial park was built to quell some calls for at least some effort to entice industry to the County but tourism won that showdown and just how has that worked out. I see a lot of you complaining about rising taxes crumbling infrastructure yet the County is so wondrously beautiful it will fail its only a matter of time… I read an article recently about Quite West Belleville and Prince Edward amalgamating see what happens then …

  18. Marnie says:

    Time to face facts. We are never going to attract big industry here. Check out the industrial park – there’s a church, a restaurant, the CAS offices and a fuel company. We built it but they did not come. Agriculture is gone and we would be dying on our feet without tourism. We have to work with what we’ve got. Remember the old saying Paul – be careful what you wish for. We have breathtaking views, not smokestacks here.

  19. Paul says:

    Catering to the select few who have tourist destinations and businesses that serve tourist has not worked for the majority of County residents. Most have to commute to Belleville or further for work YA YA the we’re to far from the 401 doesn’t cut it anymore look at Cera-Met,Cressy Tool and Die. Hows the County Budget looking these days I sure hope the road closure put some money into the Counties coffer..

  20. Marnie says:

    First we woo them, then we tax them. Ken’s right. They will just vacation somewhere else. People do not enjoy being nickled and dimed.

  21. judy kennedy says:

    that last message was meant for Ken.

  22. judy kennedy says:

    I doubt that very much.

  23. Jan says:

    To the cultured, progressive one with class, I would have responded sooner, but I just
    returned from a conference in the U.S. It’s a shame that everyone in the County does not agree with all the cultured, progressive and classy people of the County!! This is addressed to his majesty Mark #1 and his elitist cronies. We should have freedom of speech in the County as long as everyone agrees with the cultured progressive uppity-ups!

  24. Ken Globe says:

    If it’s more expensive to come here because of a “tourist tax”, then people will wind up going to Presquille, Grand Bend, Point Pelee, Wasaga, or many other vacation destinations.

  25. josh rutgers says:

    great event !!! all the hater shut up it is a great event for a half a day acouple of roads are block big deal .. get a life

  26. judy kennedy says:

    Yes, you could make it optional–I think many people would understand the need for it and pay it anyway. So what’s the big deal?

  27. Ken Globe says:

    You can refuse to pay it in Niagara Falls. All you have to do is object to it at the business.

  28. judy kennedy says:

    I suggest you Google -tourist tax- and scroll around. It is a global phenomenon.

  29. Ken Globe says:

    The only town I know of where there is a visitor tax is Banff, and only because it’s in a national park. Many businesses there have a “local” price and a “tourist” price.

  30. Marnie says:

    No complaints about our schools, but have you driven some of our roads lately? With all of the taxes and permit fees we currently pay a lot of the county’s middle class families are struggling to make ends meet. The wealthy seem to be doing just fine. It is not a rosy picture in the county for those in lower income brackets.

  31. judy kennedy says:

    We already pay those costs in some other places. It’s not a new idea. It would just be integrated and calculated as part of the overall cost.
    BTW taxes are not pleasant, but I’d rather live somewhere taxes do the good they’re supposed to (eg roads, hospitals, schools, infrastructure) than live somewhere that under taxes (U.S. for example) and then have to live in a society where only the wealthy prosper, and roads, schools, etc. are not up to reasonable standards.
    Chacun a son gout.

  32. Wolf Braun says:

    >>>a tourist or non-resident tax suggestion

    Anyone proposing such a tax should be prepared to pay a similar tax when visiting another jurisdiction. I’m not for the idea given that as a society we already pay way too much taxes.

    However, I can see the day when places like Toronto will charge visitors a tax to walk on their sidewalks. I know, it’s a silly idea ! But then again, most bureaucrats and politicians these days come up with silly ideas. 🙂

  33. judy kennedy says:

    I understand your point, Ken. However, we have the largest population of over 65s and retired people in the province, many of whom will need ever growing support systems, a largely bedroom community composed of the small working population , and no new sources of revenue in sight. Our tax base is too small to support the services that people need and want-locals as well as tourists. It’s not sustainable.

  34. Mark #1 says:

    Jan…. in terms of class, i suspect its something you know nothing about.
    The internet is perfect for people like you. So easy to complain about anything without knowing anything.

    God forbid anything half classy, positive and forward thinking happens here without the local pajama wearing, Carling drinking yokel getting in a huff. And no, I’m not painting all locals with the same brush. I’m 7th Generation county but like to think i’m progressive, cultured (imagine that!) and have a little bit of class.

    I would take 1,000 tourists over ONE local who contributes nothing to this place beside sitting in front of Tim Horton’s drinking coffee all day.

  35. Ken Globe says:

    So you are proposing a tourist or non-resident tax Judy? There were 1100 participants in the race, I would imagine the lions share weren’t from here. Quite a few would probably made a weekend of it, staying in hotels or B&B’s, eating in the local restaurants, possibly some shopping. Others might have just come in on the race day, possibly buying fuel for their cars, and probably something to eat down here. So in a sense, they are paying something down here. When Mel Lastman was mayor of Toronto he proposed a tax on all the people coming into Toronto on the GO Trains from the 905 area code. It didn’t fly and he took a lot of flack for it. I think the same applies here. We need the tourist dollars, the local businesses need the tourist dollars. It’s coming down to the final push for any extra money these places can get before the long winter of dead time down here.

  36. judy kennedy says:

    On a slight tangent…it is fine to have all the visitors
    but when will we start asking for support from them for the infrastructure they use? Why are we afraid to levy an extra tax for roads, for example?
    It won’t scare them away, and it will help keep the county a place that is a well maintained place to visit, instead of a place where local people complain about the condition of the roads.

  37. Marnie says:

    It’s once a year. How hard can it be to plan an alternate route to work or downtown and allow a little extra time for travel? Are we that self-important that our routines must never be disturbed even for a few hours. Nobody made this much fuss when the Mohawks blocked the Skyway Bridge.

  38. Jan says:

    Just what the County needs–world class events!!!

  39. Mia says:

    With all of the “back roads” in the County is it really necessary to block all the major routes?? Some of us would like to be able to get to work or even the grocery store without having to go 20km out of our way. I’m sure they could think of a better route. 2nd year they’ve been caught in the rain. Hope they all catch a cold.

  40. Rut says:

    Thank God there are more forward thinking people in this world (especially the ones that work hard to plan & organize great County events) than the few who choose to sit back and bitch about the slight inconveniences. Seriously, selfish people are always thinking about themselves vs. how they can get out and make a difference! “Closed roads does not equal closed minds”!!

  41. Wolf Braun says:

    Threw come clothes on and went down to the start of the race in Wellington…. saw the runners coming around the corner at the one and only traffic light in the village.

    Volunteers and OPP out doing a terrific job. Only a hand full of residents there along with myself who cheered on the runners! The whole thing lasted minutes.

    Went home to read my newspaper and drink my coffee. Nice way to start my Sunday. 🙂

  42. Theresa says:

    The PEC Marathon is celebrating its tenth year. It is a destination weekend for hundreds of people including runners, their families and their friends. The County thrives on tourism and this is tourism at its finest. We are, indeed, fortunate to have a world-class event like the PEC Marathon and many of us are grateful for the revenues generated for our local economy. Both of my sons have participated in the full marathon – neither of them live in The County. One travelled 4500kms to be here for the Boston Qualifier. Welcoming visitors, staging events and being good hosts is what we do best. From 9:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. – four hours – some of The County’s roads will be restricting traffic. Have another cup of coffee, enjoy the warmth of your home and hit the road after 1:30 in the afternoon.

    I’ll be one of the “traffic volunteers” along County Road 10…..see you there!

  43. Marnie says:

    It’s one day of the year – why complain? It would be more productive to go out to cheer on the runners. Other community events sometimes cause temporary inconveniences as well. Let the marathoners have their day. Surely, with a little advance planning we can get on with ours.

  44. Lisa Vincent says:

    This is such an amazon event for Prince Edward County. I have lived here my whole life and am embarrassed by the selfish comments mad by some people who imply tha they represent all of the residents of this great place! It is one day a year and there is tons of notice regarding road closures, so keep an open mind and try to show some County spirit!

  45. Wolf Braun says:

    It’s a first class race. Does a lot of good things. Get over it. The volunteers will always get you to your destination. Plan for it.

  46. Jan says:

    In response to Carole, this is not the first marathon of the year!! I agree with Jack. Let them do their marathon up and down the Sandbanks Beach where it is not inconveniencing anyone!

  47. Jen Ronan says:

    Really? Have u seen how busy the county is! Maybe a word of thanks and a little appreciation too all the volunteers! It is a great event that has been going on for 10 years.

  48. carole says:

    I have 2 children and a grandchild in this race, and I will gladly take the back roads to watch them arrive at the finish line. One day of the year, and someone is complaining? It never fails.

  49. Carolyn Van Dijk says:

    Honestly, get over it! It’s one weekend out of the year. It brings in money, yes money to our county….that means more support for our hotels, b&b’s, restaurants, etc….and proceeds to our local hospital. If we as locals are inconvenienced every time there is an event in our county, then we must be ready to say goodbye to all the restaurants, stores, etc that keep it vibrant. Let’s face it….there aren’t enough locals to keep businesses going. We need tourists!!! Welcome them and thank them for being here even if they close a few roads on a Sunday in October.

  50. Jack Smith says:

    Why can’t they have this marathon elsewhere instead of making it confusing and inconvenient for local people living here. I thought is was against the law to BLOCK THE QUEEN’S HIGHWAY BUT APPARENTLY NOT IF IT IS GOING TO DRAW MONEY TO THE COUNTY. The people that plan these events should start getting feedback from people that live here before starting these events. I imagine a lot of stores lose business cause the roads are being blocked. Why not have the Marathon at the Outlet Beach or better Long Point where traffic is less, it only makes sense. I work all week and a lot of others do. We look forward to the weekend without having certain roads blocked!!!!!

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