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Single surface treatment next for season of road work ahead

The County maintains more than 1,100 kilometres of roads, excluding private lanes and provincial roadways including Highway 62 and parts of Loyalist Parkway. Maintenance decisions are guided by provincial standards.

Each year, municipal staff develop a road rehabilitation and maintenance plan and capital project budget, which council reviews for approval.

Work on more than 75 km of rural roads will get underway in June.

County Council approved various tender awards on March 26 as part of the rehabilitation and preventative maintenance program for rural roads across the municipality.

The bulk of this work in 2024 is single surface treatment, also known as tar-and-chip.

Single surface treatment, a single layer application, is a preventative maintenance technique that will extend the life of a surface-treated road surface that is still in good condition.

Fifty-seven km of roads will receive a single surface treatment in 2024. Single surface treatment will occur on:

Roads receiving single surface treatment in 2024:
Burr Road (Highway 62 to County Road 2)
Chuckery Hill Road (Coutnty Road 33 to Rosseau Crossroad)
County Road 17 (Civic Address 1331 to Civic Address 2179)
County Road 20 (County Road 33 to Civic Address 613)
County Road 38 (County Road 8 to end)
County Road 7 (Civic Address 1788 to Civic Address 3587)
Elizabeth Road (entire length)
Fennell Crescent (entire length)
Fish Lake Road (Norton Road to County Road 49)
Gilead Road (Matthie Road to County Road 2)
Kelly Road (Kings Road to Welbanks Road)
May Road (County Road 4 to County Road 1)
Partridge Hollow Road (County Road 33 to Stinson Block Road)
Pleasant Bay Road (County Road 33 to Bakker Road)
Swamp College Road (Baitleys Road to Danforth Road)
Valley Road (Highway 62 to County Road 19)

Road receiving double surface treatment in 2024:
Royal Road (Lighthall Road to County Road 10)
Bond Road (County Road 10 – west end to Civic Address 416)
Kaiser Road (County Road 8 to County Road 7)

Roads receiving micro surfacing in 2024:
County Road 18 (Civic Address 2102 to County Road 12)
County Road 33 (Civic Address 15087 to Civic Address 15490)
County Road 4 (Civic Address 725 to Civic Address 1119)
Ridge Road (County Road 10 to Civic Address 608)

Crack sealing on various road surfaces in the County began May 2 and will continue through early summer.

The municipality has retained a contractor to complete the work, which may result in minor traffic disruptions and single lane closures.

Crack sealing is a maintenance technique to prevent water and debris from getting into existing cracks, protecting from further deterioration and extending the lifespan of the road.

The municipality notes studies have shown 75 per cent of unsealed cracks develop into potholes within three years, while one per cent of sealed cracks develop into potholes within three years.

Crack sealing work is planned for the following roads:

County Road 15, Civic Address 2511 to County Road 49
County Road 14, Highway 62 to County Road 15/County Road 5
County Road 33, Bloomfield limit (east of Civic Address 14726) to Slaven Road
County Road 8, County Road 17 to County Road 25
County Road 1, Civic Address 4258 to Civic Address 5065
County Road 1, Civic Address 5400 to County Road 33
County Road 3, County Road 28 to Civic Address 1460
Union Road, Highway 62 to County Road 2
Wilson Road, County Road 2 to Highway 62
Danforth Road, Loyalist Parkway to Baitleys Road

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  1. Mike Rodgers says:

    This is practice that at one time was done by the county crews on a regular bases, but was absent for many years though it maintains roads to get more life out of them. Next step, start grading shoulders on a regular bases so the shoulders do not break away.

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