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A Sheltered Life – stories as told to Maggie Haylock-Capon, by Liza, resident greeter at the Loyalist Humane Society. (Photographs by Alan R. Capon)

(If you are unable to adopt a cat or kitten, there are many other important ways to help the LHS. Donations of Javex and other household cleaning products, garbage bags, grocery bags, litter, cat food and kitten food are welcome. The Loyalist Humane Society is located on County Road 4, (Talbot Street), near the intersection of Tripp Road.)


Liza is still confined to her bed with a severe case of Spring Fever.

Hi, Everyone,
It’s Liza, reporting from The Laundry Room, soon to be the nursery, at the Loyalist Humane Society. The first of this year’s rug rats made his arrival only a few days ago and what a surprising event it was. His mother, Candice Cane, came to us a few weeks ago, as a stray. Mrs. Moffatt said she was about ten months old and it was rumoured that she had been pole dancing to put herself through college. Imagine everyone’s surprise when this little vixen was forced to admit that she had been receiving gentlemen callers. And that wasn’t all. Our Candice shocked us when we learned that she was in a delicate condition. Last week, she gave birth to Peppermint Paddy, a tiger kitten who is actually cute for a rug rat. In my opinion, most newborns look like gerbils but Paddy has character, not to mention hair. Some of those rug rats are almost as bald as billiard balls.

Did I mention that Paddy is an only child? Candace had just one kitten. She says as soon as he is old enough for day care she will go back to school to finish her education. She is studying to become a legal secretary and our resident legal advisor Crawford has promised her a job when she graduates. Being a single mom is a big responsibility but Candice has vowed to give her kitten a proper start in life.

Humane-Soc-benefitRemember our “bonfire kittens” Roastie and Toastie? They were rescued from a fire last spring by a man who was burning debris in his yard. Roastie’s tail was burned and the caring woman who adopted both him and his sister reports that it has now been bobbed. He and Toastie are both doing well after their harrowing ordeal last year and are fortunate to have found a loving forever home together.

All of us here at the shelter are very excited about the May 10 benefit concert for our shelter, at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Picton. Caruso has been begging to sing a duet with soprano Josie Farrar, but seems to have lost his tuxedo. Figaro is also eager to perform during the show but, unfortunately, the only song in his repertoire is Cat and the Fiddle

Enough about our shelter’s “fire sale”. Let me tell you about some of the other cats here who are seeking forever homes. And I have a baby picture of Peppermint Paddy.


Peppermint-PaddyThis Week’s Poster Puss – Peppermint Paddy
He was only three days old when he had his first photo shoot, but it’s easy to tell that Paddy is destined for stardom. His mom, Candice Cane, had just one kitten in her first litter, so he has no brothers and sisters. However, being an only cat does have its advantages. He receives all of his mom’s attention and lots of extra milk.

Captain-MorganCaptain Morgan
This sleek black cat thrives on adventure, loves sailing, and is quick to stress that he never gets seasick. He boasts that he can hold his rum and is quite popular with the ladies. It is rumoured that he has a girl in every port. If you would like a BFF who knows how to have a good time, be sure to ask for the Captain.

Orange-JuliusOrange Julius
Orange Julius is young, handsome, and very smart. In fact, it is believed that he could be taught to do tricks. Despite his many fine qualities he has been overlooked, time after time, by families seeking to adopt. What’s not to like? This beautiful cat has it all, except for a forever home where he could reach his full potential.

Grumpy-and-ChocolateGrumpy and Chocolate
Like Liza, Grumpy and Chocolate appear to be suffering from spring fever. They spend their days in their basket which is in front of a large window. Here, they watch the world go by and wonder what it might be like to have forever homes.

A handsome tiger and white gentleman, Brennan is seeking a sponsor. He is in need of dental work and sponsorship would ensure care for his pearly whites. Although he is not happy about the prospect of visiting the dentist’s office he knows it is important to his general health and is hoping he can soon get the treatment he needs.

Tiger came to our shelter when his visually impaired owner moved to a retirement home where pets were not allowed. He is 14 years old and must wonder why he is suddenly living in a new place. The good news is that Tiger now has a sponsor. Our new sponsorship program is a real perk for older cats who are not likely to be adopted because of their age.

Nubbins, a new arrival at our shelter, has a sad story. His elderly owner is no longer able to care for him or his housemate, a sweet tiger cat named Natasha so they have come to live at the LHS. This lovely black cat is blind and needs a special home where he will be dearly loved by someone willing to accommodate his vision problem. He and Natasha have been together for a long time and he would very much like it if she could be adopted with him. Can you open your heart to these cats?

Beautiful Mattie would be the perfect accent for any sofa or wing chair. This petite miss is proof that good things come in small packages. Young, personable, and in search of a forever home she is hopeful that 2013 will be her year.

Crawford, the shelter’s legal advisor, is bracing for his busy season. With an influx of kittens expected momentarily, he soon will be up to his ears in paperwork as he attempts to obtain child support for all of the single mothers who arrive on the shelter’s doorstep. He reports that most of the delinquent dads give phony names and disappear never to be seen again.

Despite his movie star looks, Brando has not yet been adopted. He and his brother, James Bond, have been at the shelter for some time now and are earnestly seeking their forever homes. Hopefully, a movie buff will stop by to inquire about this pair.

Caruso, the cat with the pipes, is still practising his scales in hopes of a comeback. This young gray and white gentleman was wearing a tattered suit when he arrived at the shelter. Since then, he’s found a good tailor and is now smartly turned out in a silky waistcoat. Handsome and affectionate he would be happy to sing for his supper. Just invite him home for dinner.

Like Atticus, Rocky no longer worries about finding a forever home. He has a sponsor. This venerable old gentleman was adopted by a 12-year-old girl named Gilly, who lives in Kitchener. She writes to him and is making plans to visit him this spring.

A respected senior citizen at the Loyalist Humane Society, Atticus is no longer concerned with finding a forever home. He proudly reminds everyone that he now has a sponsor. He’s content to spend his days snoozing on his favourite blanket, secure in the knowledge that he is loved.

This lovely gray puss named B.B. enjoys nothing more than daydreaming on a lovely spring afternoon. She’s imagining what it would be like to have a family of her own and hoping that one day she will find her forever home.

AwakeningThe Awakening
A disgruntled Liza staggers from her bed annoyed at being disturbed. She may be up, but she’s not rarin’ to go.

Younger than springtime. Mittens is an affectionate Calico kitten who is approximately eight months old. She’s hoping to began a grand adventure in her forever home soon. If you’ve been thinking of adding a new member to your household be sure to consider this delightful miss.

From the desk of Liza:
Don’t forget to visit Pet Valu this month, during its Appreciation Days event. There’s a silent auction in progress with lots of great items donated by county merchants and this weekend some of the residents of our shelter will be auditioning at the store for forever homes. Paper “paws” will be on sale at the store, throughout the month of April, with all proceeds to the Loyalist Humane Society. Last year, Tricia and John Daley, owners of Picton’s Pet Valu, placed first in their region in this fundraiser and fourth  Canada-wide. This year, they are hoping to raise even more money for our shelter. When you stop at the store, don’t forget to say hello to TJ, the official greeter cat. He was adopted from our shelter and is setting a fine example for all cats, by holding an important job.

Sadly, I must report that two of our residents, Furby and Tad, have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Furby was a resident of our feral room, while Tad was a young kitten who failed to thrive. We all miss them very much.

I am excited to report that 19 of our senior cats and residents with chronic health or socialization issues now have sponsors. There are approximately 50 cats at our shelter who are unadoptable for a variety of reasons ranging from age to behavioural issues (Moey pees in toasters, but you didn’t hear it from me). Under our new sponsorship program you can support the cat of your choice by giving a donation of $20 a month towards its care. You may sponsor a cat for a full year or for as short a period as one month.


Spitty Riley is sponsored by a lawyer.

This program has generated a great deal of enthusiasm. One sponsor writes to her cat and has sent her photograph to him. Another supporter who chose Ophelia, one of our senior residents, as a big sister for her cat came by the other day with a photo of her cat. Now, Ophelia has a real sense of family and tells everyone that she has a sibling. Our older residents are enjoying the extra attention and all of us are excited to see their visitors. Spitty Riley has mellowed a little after being sponsored by a lawyer. Queen of the feral cats, she tells everyone that she now has an attorney.

The Bloomfield United Church Craft Fair will re-open on the first weekend in May. Mrs.M. is already trying to decide which of our residents would be best suited to audition at this event.

Details are not confirmed, but there is a possibility that local kayakers will be staging a fundraiser for our shelter and a car rally has been suggested as another way of supporting the LHS. We are very grateful to all of the organizers of the community events held to raise money for the shelter and especially appreciative of the generosity of those who take part in them.

-Until next week,

And this just in from roving reporter, Franco – – –

Miss-WhippleA home is urgently required for Mrs. Whipple, a beautiful tabby cat who like Greta Garbo “vants to be alone”. Mrs. W. is not fond of the other residents here but would thrive in a home where she would be the only cat. She is young, lovely, and available. It is important to mention that she dislikes doorstops and has a hissy fit whenever she sees the cat-shaped doorstop at our shelter.



Sponsors making a real difference in the lives of Loyalist’s lifers

Liza-glam-shotHello, Everyone,
It’s Liza here, reporting from The Laundry Room, favourite hang-out of all the cool cats. Everyone is very excited about the success of our new sponsorship program. Since it was first announced, a lot of caring people have come forward to sponsor some of our “lifers” and special needs cats. Their generosity is making a real difference in the lives of these residents. Take Rocky Kittywhiskers, for example. Since being adopted by Gilly, a 12-year-old from Kitchener, he’s gone from being an anonypuss to a somebody. Gilly has written to him and has sent him her picture. She’s even planning to visit him soon. He now has his very own bulletin board where his young sponsor’s photo and letter have been posted.

Buddy, our Siamese cross, was sponsored by a couple who are especially devoted to Siamese cats. His new family came to visit him recently and this made him feel very important. The incomparable Spitty Riley was sponsored by a lawyer. Now, whenever she is chastised for her bad behaviour her stock reply is “So if you don’t like it, talk to my attorney”.

For just $20. a month, you can sponsor one of our long-term residents or an unadoptable resident who is elderly or has health or socialization issues. You may choose how long you wish to sponsor your special friend. Sponsorships are available from one month up to a year or longer. When you decide to become a sponsor you may visit our shelter to select your own foster cat or ask our shelter manager Mrs. Moffatt for a recommendation. A few of our residents have asked me to post their profiles in hopes of obtaining sponsorship. Let me introduce you to them, then we will continue our virtual tour of the shelter with introductions to some of our residents who are seeking forever homes.
BobbittBobbitt – seeking a sponsor
Bobbitt is a handsome black and white cat who had his tail amputated after it became infected. He’s often overlooked by potential adopters, despite his affectionate nature. He would greatly enjoy it if he could boast that he has a sponsor and promises to write to his foster family.

101101 – seeking a sponsor
101 – This tiger tabby has seen hard times (what could be worse than being named for a civic address number?) and is now grateful for a safe and caring home at our shelter. Health issues make him unsuitable for adoption but it would greatly lift his spirits to have a sponsor.

TigerTiger – seeking a sponsor
Tiger, who is a 14-year-old red tabby, would very much like to have a sponsor and special friend who would visit him. His owner, who is visually impaired, just entered an assisted living facility and he is now making his home with us. Since his age makes him an unlikely candidate for adoption, this handsome old gentleman is hoping for sponsorship. You could make a difference in his life.

Liza-catching-zzzsNews Flashes from Franco
Roving reporter and assistant editor Franco has some scoops for us this week. Two more of our residents, Violet and Ophelia have been sponsored! Ophelia was adopted from our shelter eight years ago, then returned about a year ago. She is a senior cat who now has a sponsor friend. Violet aka Shrinking Violet is a pretty tiger tabby miss whose self-confidence received a big boost, when she, too, was chosen for sponsorship.

Bonnie, a pert little black and white kitten with a crooked tail, has found her forever home. She was adopted by a woman with a particular fondness for jellicos or black and white cats.

And here’s a juicy tidbit for all of Liza’s fans. Our resident meeter and greeter seems to be growing idle of late. If she does not soon stir out of her basket, cobwebs will drape themselves over her ample figure. Perhaps she just has a bad case of spring fever.

-Catch you next week,

Sleep-CountrySleep Country
Nap time is a highly anticipated event here at the shelter. All of these slumbering beauties are eagerly awaiting their forever homes. Why not visit them? That certain someone may follow you home.

Obviously a connoisseur of fine wines, Dudley was found at Huff Estates winery and brought to our shelter. He’s young, very good looking, and appreciates the finer things in life.

Bo-JinglesBo Jingles
Found in Wellington this winter, Bo Jingles was wearing a blue collar when rescued. No one has come forward to claim this beautiful, young, tiger and white cat so he is now seeking a forever home. If you are tired of the singles scene consider inviting Bo Jingles to join you for cozy evenings on the porch or perhaps a barbecue. His manners are impeccable.

Footloose and fancy free, handsome Kramer has decided it’s time for him to settle down with a family of his own. Found near a palette factory it is believed that he may have some carpentry skills. However his fondness for his wicker basket suggests that he may lack a work ethic.

JeffJeff – This Week’s Poster Puss
Formally attired in a tuxedo with ruffled white shirt, Jeff is dressed for all of this season’s special events. He will happily accompany you to concerts, wine tastings, and cocktail parties. Does not do hoedowns, pot lucks or street dances.

Bite-Me-Brother,-Grumpy-and-Moo-MooBite Me’s Brother, Grumpy, and Moo Moo
These three amigos enjoy catnapping together but would very much like forever homes of their own. May be adopted singly or as a gift basket three-for-one special.

Jake, a new arrival at our shelter, was dearly loved by his owner but when it became necessary for her to move she was unable to take him with her. Now, this striking six-year-old gray cat is seeking a new home. Although he is a mature cat, Jake has many good years left and would make the ideal pet for a retired couple or a lonely senior. Don’t overlook him because of his age.

Rocky-gets-mailRocky is having sweet dreams these days, for he has a sponsor. His friends are very happy for him for he is a favourite here at our shelter.
Rocky gets mail – Rocky is very proud to have a sponsor and recently became the first cat at our shelter ever to receive mail. A letter arrived for him from Gilly, the 12-year-old Kitchener girl who is now sponsoring this delightful senior. She’s planning a visit to meet him this spring. Because he is now receiving mail Mrs. Moffatt decided that he needed his very own bulletin board.

Zeke-and-AtticusZeke and Atticus
This is as good as it gets say Zeke and Atticus who have both found sponsors. These two seniors enjoy naptime together and often reminisce about the good old days. Zeke still holds his pilot’s licence and goes flying regularly. He’s made a few crash landings lately but has managed to emerge unscathed.

Three-year-old Pubster is a handsome young man who was rescued from life on the downward path, after being found lurking outside his local pub. His pub-hopping days now over, he hopes to settle down with a family of his own.

From the Desk of Liza

Store owner, Trisha, allowed Miss Manners the freedom of the store and she repaid her kindness by snitching several cat toys from their display bins.

Pet Valu store owner, Trisha, with Miss Manners who was given freedom of the store and repaid her kindness by snitching several cat toys from their display bins.

I am sad to report that Sir Prize, a resident of our shelter for the past few months, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. A sweet-natured cat who was abandoned by his owner, in one of the outdoor runs at our shelter, he quickly became a favourite here. We will all miss him very much.

Don’t forget to visit the Picton Pet Valu store this month. Owners Tricia and John Daley are donating all of the funds raised during Appreciation Days to our shelter. Tricia has lots of special events planned and on the weekend of April 19 some of our shelter residents will be auditioning for forever homes at the store. Come out and join in the fun. Tricia hopes to raise $6,000 this year and knowing her dedication to a good cause we are confident that she will do it.

Here at the shelter Mrs. M. is bracing for the annual flood of spring kittens. If you are thinking of adopting a rug rat be sure to think of us. Soon they will be arriving in all sizes and colours. Just the thought of it gives me a migraine. Kittens always ask a million questions and mew incessantly. No wonder I chose a career as a meeter and greeter over motherhood.

-Until next week,

* * *
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About the Author: Maggie Haylock is a freelance writer and former newspaper reporter who has co-authored several books with her husband, Alan Capon.

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