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Support for those who suffer an invisible illness

I would like to take this time to first say ” A job well done!”
I am a former county girl, born and raised in the little village of Demorestville but find the heart strings pulled back to “home” and keep up with the local news via and the Picton Gazette.

I have wanted to send a letter to the editor for some time now.
I have created a private page on Facebook named “Through Ginger’s Eyes” We are a small group of men and women that have opened our hearts and lives with honesty and respect for one another. Most of my members have been diagnosed with depression of some sort, whether it be panic/anxiety disorder, bipolar, s.a.d, OCD and the likes.
I created this page simply because at the time there was nothing out there that offered support to those of us who suffer an invisible illness on a daily basis.
We are a very close group that offers support, encouragement and cast no judgement.
It is a place to come and feel safe knowing that there is always someone who will reach out to make your day a little brighter.
Many of us are incest survivors and sexual abuse survivors.
Myself included.
Thus the reason I am compelled to write you today.
While reading the Picton Gazette recently I felt sick to my stomach knowing that a convicted pedophile has been released while waiting an appeal.
If that is not sickening enough, the local courts and papers have kept his name private to protect his victims.
This I understand and respect as I myself have been a victim, however I find it a sad day when our judicial system will pick and choose who’s identity they protect.
What about Mr. Slatter who’s name was plastered all over the local media? What about his rights? What about his privacy? He was and is an innocent man!
This man can no longer walk the streets of Picton holding his head high because it was decided for him that it was ok to tarnish not only his name, but his reputation. This man and his family have not even received an open apology (as far as I know) for the damage that has been done.
Our judicial system really needs a revamp not to mention a person’s morals and values come into question when making these choices.
My court case had a publication ban, yet it was open court.
What about my privacy as a 12 year old girl? Sure my name never hit the papers but anyone and everyone was free to sit in that court room, where justice was never served for me.
This 71-year-old had his right to privacy taken away when he willingly chose to break the law and violate young girls and taking their innocence with him.
I am ashamed of our judicial system and our laws.
It is time someone took action and became an advocate for past, present and future victims!
I would gladly have my name plastered all over local papers as a victim if it meant that I could save just one person from the mental and physical anguish of having a pedophiles’ rights protected.
A friend said to me this past week “It’s about making news and selling papers” It’s about time a letter of this magnitude not only makes news, but sells papers!

I thank you for your time and I hope someone, anyone, will read this and take note. If you would like to join “Ginger’s page” contact me on my Facebook

Janet Harrington

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  1. wevil says:

    Janet you know me and my son.i am very sorry for what has happened to have written a very good and TRUE letter.our system is so screwed up i think the only way to fix it is throw it away and start much politics involved and not enough justice.try and live the best you can with what has happened Janet you are a SURVIVOR.

  2. PJ Cook says:

    I am sick and tired of victims being victimized over and over again. There is something radically wrong with our judicial system when the pedophile has more protection/rights than the victim. A pedophile will abuse again and again, how many children have to suffer at the hands of one before the law is changed. I know of case where a child was abused and because the name of the pedophile was not released he abused several more children…for years! As far as I am concerned once a pedophile has been arrested his rights are null and void. His name should be made public so that everyone knows who it is….and so other victims can come forward because they know the perpetrator is behind bars! We really do need to come into the 21st century with our laws, especially laws about our children. I also further believe that if an accusation is proven unfounded that the person or persons affected should receive a public wonder people don’t believe in doing the right thing when our judicial system seems to be unable to.

  3. Dan Istead says:

    Takes guts not to only stand up and say I am a survivor but to also stand up for someone you believe innocent.
    Very well written and I wish you luck!

  4. Mary Mccorkhill says:

    I am so proud of your courage and strength. Children are the ones who need protected no the offender. By naming the abuser you are showing children that they are believed and they are not to blame for the evil this person does. America like Canada needs to stop violating the innocent and instead shame the guilty.

  5. Amie Frost-Lewis says:

    Very well said Janet. I too agree with everything you said. When people molest, assault, abuse children or anybody else for that matter their names should appear in the paper so that others can make sure they protect their children. They should have no rights!!

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