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Sustainability of what?

By sponsoring Dick Hill’s “Inventing Victims” article in a recent newspaper article, the County Sustainability Group (CSG) indirectly supports the sustainability of a sinister alliance that is relentlessly destroying the Ontario countryside.  That alliance is a virtual coalition between the wind-worshipping Ontario government and the heavily-subsidized Canadian Wind Industry.
That alliance should not be sustained because it is robbing rural Ontarians of democracy, tranquil sleep, healthy home sites, safe wildlife habitat, pastoral landscapes, future tourism, life savings invested in homes, and affordable electricity.

In his article, Dick Hill from Collingwood insults the intelligence of County readers who look to community newspapers for reliable information, and who can discern fact from falsehood.
If CSG members really believe that adverse health effects of wind factories have been “invented”, let them try to prove it at the Ostrander Point Environmental Review Tribunal where several such “invented” victims will testify and subject themselves to cross-examination by expensive government and corporate lawyers.  If they want facts, CSG members could visit  where scientists, physicians and other professionals report on studies of real turbine victims.

If CSG comes to the Regent Theatre at 6p.m. on Thursday, April 25, a panel of eight experts will describe to them some of the real impacts of wind turbines on the County, and will entertain probing questions from attendees who seek the truth.  Admission is free, even for members of the County Sustainability Group.

Duncan Fischer, Picton

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  1. Chris Keen says:

    The Environmental Review Tribunal is probably one of the most important events taking place in the history of Prince Edward County yet the “County Weekly News” has provided little if any coverage of the hearing whether in print or on its website. Instead, it prints one-sided propaganda from the County Sustainability Group whose vocal members live miles away from Ostrander Point and will not suffer from any of the possible outcomes should these monstrosities be constructed. So much for balanced coverage.

    For the most part, CSG members are not attending the ERT having apprently decided that threats to endangered species and possible threats to health are non-issues unworthy of their consideration – that’s very green, isn’t it? Ironically, as taxpayers, they will not escape being on the hook for the rapidly increasing costs of the “Green” Energy Ponzi Scheme.

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