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Urban wins, Rural loses – again

Steve Campbell

Steve Campbell

The provincial election is over, and I’ve almost stopped crying myself to sleep. It isn’t that I’m not proud of having a lesbian women who bears an uncanny resemblance to Orville Redenbacher as premier, it’s just that there is no indication that she is any different than McGuinty.
After first assuming the office, she promised to return decision-making power to municipalities on Wind Turbines. Nothing happened. Hours before the election, she told the press the Green Energy Act needed to be revamped. We’ll see if that happens.
The Toronto Star trumpeted, basically, ‘Urban wins, Rural loses’, labelling us a bunch of whiners. They disregard the fact we supply their food and resources, and vacation and retirement opportunities.
But, remember, these are the same Toronto people who stand firmly behind Rob Ford, who would have been dragged out of the County on a cedar rail after his first crack incident.

Meanwhile, Ontario holds a debt that surpasses almost every other province or state in North America and we, the voters, have given a mandate for that train wreck to continue.
National economists are eyeballing this very debt, and questioning if Ontario Savings Bonds, once a secure investment, may suffer under the load.
I believe that Ontario is in for a fall.
The disparity between the very rich and the rest of us is an ever-growing gap. As a student of history, I know that, when that thermometer blows, there’s only one corrective course: Revolution.

Witness Czarist Russia in WWI. The elite dined and danced, while peasants starved. The French Revolution, and the socialist revolutions in China, Cuba and throughout the Far East, are all reminders that, occasionally, the people will be forced to level the playing field. As Dylan said: “If you got nothin’, you got nothin’ to lose.”
Sadly, socialism – like democracy – builds its own bureaucracies. This ultimately serves the people in power, at the expense of the people it allegedly serves … and the whole cycle repeats itself.

To bring this concept closer to home, let’s look at the recent Economic Crisis in the U.S. which, thanks to the one-sided deal of Free Trade, came to us as well.
Ordinary people did not see this coming. Why? Because we are not remotely players in the world of national economics. It is driven by the elite, which honours power and wealth, and is driven by greed.
And it’s greed that drove us into the Crisis. And nothing has changed. No lessons learned.
No political party will examine the huge amounts of money made by top government employees – they only focus on the jobs of the people at the bottom, who actually do the work. That’s us.
Nor will they take a look at the bloated management salaries of large corporations, because the corporations give the political parties the money they need to maintain what they want most – power.

Greed for Power has driven our provincial bureaucracy to add more and more legislative control over us. They claim to create jobs, but the jobs created are government jobs – such as LHINs, and enforcement officers to execute fines based on the daily legislation they enact.
We are policed to the max, and not just by the OPP. Every government ministry has its own enforcement teams, who seek us out to fine us – or worse – demand compliance to legislation which is simply not affordable to most small businesses. Health and Safety officers alone are playing havoc on rural Ontario businesses, enforcing legislation which can easily be handled in rich, well-serviced Toronto, but may bankrupt local businesses who don’t have access to town water, sewer or proper regional transportation. (More specifics on this in a later column.)

People who believe they can operate their homes and businesses using common sense and careful procedures should take note: There’s a whole new boss in town – and it’s moving us closer to a system in which the State controls everything. The rules, regulations, fines, licensing fees – most of which are not even applicable to rural Ontario businesses, from Timmins to Cornwall – will drive us all into compliance with a Metro Toronto mentality – or face extermination.

I know this sounds like crazy talk, but I’m disturbed by the direction Ontario is taking. On the one hand: enormous debt, destined to increase; removing the rights of rural residents and their councils to determine their own futures; and the growing rift between urban demands and rural supply.
On the other hand, I see more and more people across the province turning to the government for survival – as their companies fold up or move to provinces and states that are more conducive to running a business (perhaps using some of that free excess electricity Ontario hands out to everyone but us).

More people are seeking unemployment payments, stress leaves, welfare, disability claims – all of which tax out an already overspent budget.
This is socialism in its true sense – the very thing that struck fear in our hearts in the 1950s and ‘60s. Good jobs are government jobs, created to drive out independent businesses (who are not under their control), and claim the field as their own.
This is what Ontario voted for. I, for one, am not going to stand for this treatment.
Because I have a plan …

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  1. Olmanonthemtn says:

    She did hand out Christmas treats for those of us who lost power oh I forgot “us” is liberal
    GTA ridings for all the rest of us we may have bowl turned into an empty bag

  2. David Norman says:

    Actually Gary, I’m rather fond of Orville’s microwave popcorn… I’m just waiting for the day when I can exclaim, “look! she (Wynne) turned the bag into a bowl!”.

  3. wevil says:

    It is easy to sit back and complain. So why not step up to the plate and get your name on the ballot and make a difference

  4. Gary says:

    Well that’s a good thing that a resemblance to Orville did not sway the majority into voting based upon appearance preferences.Diefenbaker and Mullroney got elected despite the!

  5. David Norman says:

    @ the Smart Mark… I always assume that any comment in respect to Steve Campbell entails sarcasm. As to reading a Glenn Beck book, I cadged the well worn copy of it from my dentist’s office, which I started reading while waiting to receive a root canal. I defined this book as a treatise in the context of the poem Le Tretiz (circa 1250) which emphasizes that “children be better taught in speech and not made fun of by others”.
    I must admit however that my logic is somewhat impaired by the persistent overwhelming image of the “uncanny resemblance to Orville Redenbacher” now stuck in my mind.

  6. Mark says:

    Argyle must not be touched by the senseless loss of life.

  7. The Smart Mark says:

    David, I assure you my comment was sarcasm and I’m sorry that you read a Glenn Beck book.

  8. argyle says:

    Dave, you nailed it, thats Gary for sure.

  9. David Norman says:

    @ The Smart Mark…
    Liked your reference to Glenn Beck… I thoroughly enjoyed reading Beck’s treatise “Arguing With Idiots”. And here’s an appropriate quote from it for Gary;
    “Idiots can’t be identified through voting records; look instead for people who hide behind stereotypes, embrace partisanship, and believe that bumper sticker slogans are a substitute for common sense.”

  10. Gary says:

    Steve likes to slam the provincial Libs but seems to leave the Harper dictatorship untouched. Perhaps he is an old County Tory! Harper continues to snip at Russia’s leader over Ukraine but he did little to respond to children being gassed to death in Syria. All the lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan and he has little to say. Lives lost for nothing I would say. They have fought for 5000 years over religious nonsense. Not one more Canadian life should be sacrificed.

  11. The Smart Mark says:

    Oh, its ok guys and girls… the Glenn Beck of the County has a plan, oh boy!

  12. Gary says:

    The difference with Ontario’s debt as compared to Greece, Spain, etc. Is our Canadian brothers and sisters will have to pick up and help the debt. Transfer payment inequity’s have hurt Ontario as well. Quebec receives much more with no sound logic. You can slam the Libs but the Tories offered no realistic alternative.

  13. Olmanonthemtn says:

    Again the mouth piece for the LIBS the TORONTO STAR reports; ” Whether it’s social engineering or a money-saving strategy, the Ontario government has spent years prodding homeowners to conserve the electricity they use. It’s been a surprisingly successful effort. But, as the Star’s John Spears reported this week, a new draft policy proposal from the Ontario Energy Board recommends a fixed monthly fee for all energy delivery – no matter how much electricity is actually used'”

    Yup a week after the election and as Sherlocke Holmes would say: “The games afoot!”

  14. Olmanonthemtn says:

    The following is an excerpt from The Toronto Star one of the LIBs best freinds titled: Ontario economic fundamentals need fixing:
    “While long-term growth in Ontario is poised to decline by more than 30 per cent, net government debt has been on a serious upswing, ballooning 85 per cent between 2007 and 2014. Net government debt today stands at about 40 per cent of GDP, atypically above all other provinces except Quebec and considerably higher than the federal government. The saving grace so far has been extraordinarily low interest rates, which have reined in the costs of servicing all this new debt. But, as rates eventually begin to return towards more normal levels, the proportion of each revenue dollar that goes to service the debt will rise, putting more pressure on the fiscal framework. And these pressures will only be exacerbated by declining long-term growth in Ontario. Without the implementation of viable fiscal and growth strategies, Ontario runs the risk of a ratings downgrade.”

    The Business New Network BNN reports:
    “Ontario’s $250 billion of bonds rated by Moody’s is the most of any sub-sovereign borrower tracked by the New York-based ratings company. Its debt-to-revenue ratio, which measures its ability to pay back the bonds, is at 237.7 percent, among the worst of the sub-sovereigns, according to Moody’s. Ontario is rated Aa2 by Moody’s, the company’s third-highest investment- grade rating, while Standard & Poor’s rates it AA-, the fourth- highest rank, with a negative outlook.”

  15. Snowman says:

    Note to the Neo-cons as you contemplate new leadership:
    Find someone who is good at math ( 1 million jobs ,yah sure)
    Find someone immune to foot in mouth disease( you can reduce the public service over time, just don’t let 500,000 of them think it’s going to be them, 3 weeks before an election, where 100% of them and their spouse’s and kids are going to vote against you in virtually every riding in the Province!)
    Find someone with a dose of humility (less arrogance too)
    Find some one who can appeal to urban voters(‘cuz like it or not,that’s where the votes are)
    Find a closet to hide Randy Hillier and his ilk, at least ’til after the election.

  16. MI says:

    The voodoo economics of the Liberal party are unprecedented from green energy rationalizations to spending and debt management. We cannot believe any of it. In four years you will see whether we have been saved, or if the majority is insane. (definition:”Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

  17. judy kennedy says:

    Blah blah blah–your long absence wasn’t long enough.

  18. Chris Keen says:

    A debt to revenue ratio of 238% and yearly interest payments of $11 billion are not a concern? Well they should be of great concern to everyone living here. The only way out of this mess is fiscal prudence which the McWynnty liberals have shown no stomach for, or a strong growth in GDP which all indicators suggest is not going to happen.

  19. Ian Macpherson says:

    I take issue with your suggestion that Ontario’s debt is a concern.

    Here’s a list of national debt to GDP ratios. I defy you to describe a pattern as you scan down that list from highest debtors to lowest.

    Liberia and Oman are really examples good government? Jamaica really has something to teach the Japanese about fiscal prudence?

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