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Weed Man Picton nourishing Prince Edward County lawns 

For decades, Weed Man Picton has created outdoor yards and landscapes that customers are proud to call home. From lawn fertilization to weed control, integrated pest management and everything in between, Weed Man has a lawn care program for every lawn.

Prince Edward County’s experts are Reg and Paula Kelly – the current owners of the Weed Man franchise at 74 Mitchells Crossroad. It was managed and operated by Paula’s parents from 1993 to 1999 before passing on the proprietorship to Reg and Paula and their staff of experts.

If you’re interested in improving the health of your lawn, ask about the “Most Popular” lawn care program. However, each lawn is different and your Weed Man technician will advise you if anything pops up during a scheduled visit.


Lawn care can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. Ask about Weed Man’s core services, including:

Fertilization is an essential part of any comprehensive lawn care plan. To put it simply, fertilizer feeds your lawn the nutrients it needs in order to produce strong roots and leaves. A well-fertilized lawn is not just greener and better looking; it’s also healthier and better equipped to withstand weeds, disease, and drought.

Weed Control
Let’s talk about weeds. They’re pesky, stubborn, and difficult to control. They interfere with the health of your turfgrass, and, on top of it all, they’re not so nice to look at! Don’t get stuck in a never ending battle with these invaders. With more than 50 years of industry experience, we know a thing or two about eliminating and controlling weeds (it’s in our name, afterall). Here’s what you get when you have Weed Man on your side.

Insect control
Insect infestations can cause considerable damage to your lawn very quickly as the insects multiply rapidly during their short life spans. Lawns that are already thin, dry, or infested with weeds are especially susceptible to surface insect activity and damage. Fortunately, Weed Man’s certified technicians are trained to diagnose insect damage specific to your region and lawn conditions. Using Integrated Pest Management (IPM), an ecosystem-based strategy that targets long-term prevention of pests and pest-related damage, we build a custom surface insect control program for you.

Crabgrass control
Crabgrass is a troublesome annual weed that does not blend well with the healthy, desirable grasses in your lawn, and it can be very invasive if not dealt with appropriately. Often confused with quackgrass or tall fescue, crabgrass has a lime green colour and resembles a miniature corn plant as it starts to grow in early summer. Later in the summer, it develops large seed heads, eventually turning a purplish colour and dying off in late fall. Areas that are sandy, sunny, already damaged by pests, or located along sidewalks and driveways are especially susceptible to crabgrass. Once crabgrass is established in your lawn, it can take several years of care and attention to get it under control. Your Weed Man lawn care professional will put expert methods to work for you, and in a few seasons, you can achieve a thick, lush, crabgrass-free lawn that is well worth the wait!

Aeration Service
Mechanical core aeration is the process of removing small cores of soil and thatch (the thin layer of organic debris below the grass roots) from your lawn to deepen your lawn’s root system, improve drainage, and allow water, fertilizer, and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil where they are needed most. Often performed in conjunction with overseeding in certain regions (including Canada and the northern U.S.), mechanical core aeration improves the appearance of your lawn and makes it more resistant to conditions like disease, insects, drought, and heat stress. This creates ideal growing conditions to help your lawn grow lush and healthy!

Call or visit the Picton Weed Man website to request a free quote, or ask about other services to care for your lawn, including overseeding, seed and feed, grub prevention, moss control, liming, tick and perimeter pest control, soil revitalizer, crack and crevice control and mosquito control services.


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