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About Two Special People, and a Dog

How can anyone possibly ignore nature and what it has to offer when there are scenes like this to stir the imagination? Photo by Louisa Ielo

We have always wanted to found our own village –   Louisa and I. A place where we, as like minded people, can reside and enjoy the simple things in life – wildflowers, abstract images in Nature, quietude, where motorists don’t speed and every day, regardless of weather,  is a special day. Louisa is a good friend of mine and she and her husband, Bill, enjoy a beautiful setting at Pleasant Bay. We often e-mail back and forth about things she has found on her walks with Sayde. Sorry – that should be Princess Sayde. Sayde is their dog and if you check into her blog, aptly named Reflections on Pleasant Bay, you will sense that appreciation she has for wild nature and her understanding of biodiversity and how every living thing she comes across has a purpose in the natural scheme of things. I have been trying to inspire people to the concept of biodiversity for decades, and often what I get back in return are blank stares. “Whatever are you talking about, Man? I don’t understand a word of that drivel!” Yet, Louisa  has managed to grasp the meaning, entirely on her own, with no help from me.  Her blog and her convictions are an inspiration for anyone who reads her writings. She desperately tried to achieve that inspiration where they used to live, but it was a challenge in a community of noise, fast cars, unexplained hollers in the darkness of the night, as well as litter and questionable element along her favourite trails. Her blog bespeaks of the tranquility both she and her husband were seeking and I think they have found it here at Pleasant Bay. The accompanying photo is one of my favourites, taken on one of her many walks, and illustrates her ability to capture the abstract in nature that so many of us miss or even bother to acknowledge. And, I think she has taken the first step in her search for that special village. This one has a gate.

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About the Author: Terry Sprague became interested in nature at an early age. "Growing up on the family farm at Big Island, 12 miles north of Picton, on the shore of the beautiful Bay of Quinte, I was always interested in the natural world around me. During my elementary school days at the small one-room school I attended on Big Island, I received considerable encouragement from the late Marie Foster, my teacher in Grades 6 through 8. Her home was a short distance from where I lived and through the years she was responsible for developing my interest in birds. The late Phil Dodds, a former editor with the Picton Gazette, also a great nature enthusiast, suggested I undertake a nature column - a column I have submitted weekly since 1965. The column has since expanded to the Napanee Beaver and the Tweed News. Life has been good, and through the years I have enjoyed working with such nature related agencies as Glenora Fisheries Research as a resource technician, Sandbanks Provincial Park as a park interpreter and Quinte Conservation as a naturalist and outdoor events coordinator. As a nature interpreter, currently working from my home office, I now create and lead numerous interpretive events in the area and offer indoor audio/visual presentations to interested groups. Could one who is interested in nature have enjoyed a more exhilarating period in the work force?" Terry's website is

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  1. Borys says:

    Thanks for pointing in the direction of Reflections on Pleasant Bay.

  2. Louisa says:

    Thank you Terry, these are kind words and an accurate interpretation of my beliefs. It is so good to know there are like-minded souls out there. I believe you represent many of us in your work and life. Keep on sharing!

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