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Cold snap sends residents scurrying for blankets

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A Sheltered Life – stories as told to Maggie Haylock-Capon, by Liza, resident greeter at the Loyalist Humane Society. (Photographs by Alan R. Capon)

(If you are unable to adopt a cat or kitten, there are many other important ways to help the LHS. Donations of Javex and other household cleaning products, garbage bags, grocery bags, litter, cat food and kitten food are welcome. The Loyalist Humane Society is located on County Road 4, (Talbot Street), near the intersection of Tripp Road.)
Click here for 2010 stories and photos of featured cats.

Hello, All!

It’s Liza reporting from the laundry room at the Loyalist Humane Society (I do wish they would provide me with a proper office). This week’s cold snap sent me scurrying for that pile of fleecy blankets that Mrs. Moffatt keeps in the linen closet. As I curled up for my afternoon nap, I reflected how lucky we are at our shelter to have such creature comforts.

After a very busy Christmas season, it has been relatively quiet here, with few comings and goings to report. There have been several adoptions, however. Lance and M.K. who were auditioning for adoption at Robyn’s Nest in Picton have found their forever homes. This lucky pair were adopted together. Lance is pure white and M.K. is as black as ink, so they make a striking twosome. Both Lance and M.K. came to us as kittens and we are happy that they have now found families of their own.

Girlfriend, our resident granny, continues to grow stronger and more active. She has been spending most of her time on her special kitty pillow atop the wire crates in the reception area. However, she did descend to have a word with Mrs. M. when she felt a fellow resident was being bullied. When Mrs. M. was treating a patient with a sore paw, he complained bitterly, in the way of many men when they are sick. Our Girlfriend climbed down off her perch and hurried to his defence. She meowed emphatically at Mrs. M., who patiently explained that what she was doing was for the patient’s own good. She was very impressed by Girlfriend’s loyalty to a fellow cat, however.

Great news about our website! Two of our volunteers, Henry and Natalie, who are both computer wizards, have volunteered to take over its management. We depend on this site to get the word out regarding the many wonderful cats available for adoption at the LHS.

There was also good news about the five little kittens who went off to PetValu recently. Four of them have been adopted. However, there is still one small bundle of fur hoping for a forever home.

And speaking of people who are looking for homes, follow me and I’ll introduce you to some of them.

BUTTER and The Pats
Butter is a striking cream-coloured cat with tan, Siamese-like points. When her children leave to make their way in the world, she will be looking for new adventures in a home of her own where, at last, she can enjoy some “me” time.
Her Calico youngsters, Pitty Pat  and Patticake have eyes like saucers, as Mrs. M. holds them up for their first glimpse of the wide, wide world.

Pebbles is a beautiful black and white cat who would make a wonderful family pet, if only she could overcome her drinking problem. The instant a tap is turned, she’s on the scene to drink straight from the faucet. She and drinking buddies Doren (right) and Francesa spend considerable time at the bar.

ANNA (SILVERSTONE) This week’s centrefold
A temperamental star who has no intention of playing a supporting role, Anna would make the ideal “only” cat. She can be a bully with her fellow residents, at times. Of course, when one has her looks allowances are always made.

He’s been there, done that and now he’s ready for his forever home. A mature gentleman who would be a fine companion for a senior, he has many rollicking tales to tell when remembering his past life.

Arthur is X-rated. He’s an adults only cat, since he does not enjoy the attentions of small children. He’s young, handsome, and affectionate with grown-ups and would be the ideal pet for a couple or a senior citizen.

A black and white cat with a friendly disposition, Meow would be a good fit in any household. A striking cat, guaranteed to upgrade the appearance of any sofa, she is earnestly seeking her forever home.

Orange Julius came to us as a kitten and is now ready to find a family of his own. This young cat has it all, looks and disposition and, judging from his name, interest in a family business that pays dividends.

Described by Mrs. M. as the nicest cat you could ever want to meet, Wilder would be pleased to make your acquaintance. She’s young, sweet and available. Why not visit her and discover why she is so highly regarded?

There’s one in every crowd – the smarty pants who crosses her eyes or sticks her tongue out seconds before the shutter clicks. Claudette could not resist hamming it up for the camera. She’s a free spirit who refuses to take life seriously. Come up and see her sometime.

A world-weary Tortellini views the world from atop her very own ivory tower at the LHS. She’s a mature cat who would love to spend her golden years with a senior citizen. Although she claims to have been Miss Italy 2003, we secretly believe that the closest she came was a visit to the Picton pizza parlor.

Pawnotes from the Desk of Liza:
The rumour mill has it that our Princess is about to take up residence at the Westwind condominiums. She has been chosen by a couple who summer in the Laurentians and spend their winters in Picton. I expect we will be receiving postcards from this lucky cat. Of course, since she is going to live at the Westwind, she will be likely to meet another member of Royalty, our very own Miss Pishy Puss who made her way there several months ago. Of course, Pishy Puss, will deny ever having heard of the LHS and indignantly claim that she is a society cat. She always leaves out the word “Humane”.

If you have noticed our roadside sign, lately, you will see that we are in need canned cat food here. Donations of same would be greatly appreciated by the LHS. Some of our older residents, as well as those with dental issues, cannot manage dry food.

Time to check on that lazy Franco who somehow managed to convince Mrs. M. to rent him a bed in my laundry room. If I’m not looking, he steals my favourite napping place on top of the water heater.

-Until next week,

* * *

Eight Loyalist residents begin new year with new homes

Happy New Year, Everyone!
It’s Liza coming to you live from the laundry room at the Loyalist Humane Society. It’s a brand new year and I’ve been busy making resolutions. Topping my list is a resolution to expand my career as spokescat for the LHS. I’m going to make more public appearances and try harder to conquer my shyness about meowing in public. I tried to meow my thanks to our benefactress at Angelo’s restaurant, last month, but all that came out was a rather embarrassing “mew”. Nerves overtook me and I could not express myself properly.

Of course, Franco could not resist telling me that if I am really worried about my image I should consider going on a diet. He snidely remarked that unless I lose weight, I will be popping the stitches in my new sweater. He says all I am expanding, at present, is my waistline.

We had a wonderful holiday here at the LHS, thanks to the many generous members of the community who dropped off cash donations, gifts and treats. Mrs. Moffatt spent most of Christmas Day with us and served up a fine dinner of wet food. On Boxing Day, we had turkey.

The highlight of the holiday season for all of us here at the shelter was our very own living Nativity. Just before Christmas, Mrs. M. drove to Stirling and came back with a beautiful cat named Butter and The Four Pats. These sweet little kittens were a big part of Christmas Day.

Butter has a rather interesting story. She belonged to a kind-hearted woman who was fostering a number of female cats. Among them was Lily. Unfortunately, when Butter turned up in a delicate condition it became apparent that Lily was not a Lily after all. She/he was renamed Stirling (for the creamery) and brought to our shelter. A visit to Dr. Steve has ensured that he will not be receiving any more cards on Father’s Day.

Butter gave birth to four little girls – Pitty-Pat, Patty-cake, Patsy and Patrice. In a few more weeks they will be ready to find their forever homes.

This Christmas, eight of our residents were adopted. Among the lucky ones were Jack, Cougar, Woody, Roslin, Dumpling, Chatty Catty, Dickie Icky and Rudolph, who came to us on Christmas Eve and found his forever home almost immediately. Mrs. M. was over the moon about these adoptions. While we all miss our old friends, we are happy for them and wish them all the best in their new homes.

Of course, despite the recent wave of adoptions, there are many beautiful cats here still awaiting families of their own. Let me tell you about some of them.

Butter and The Four Pats
I’ve already told Butter’s story but please take a peek at those beautiful babies. The tiny calico kitten is Pitty-Pat.

Inky Dinky Doo – This Week’s Centrefold
Inky is now having the last laugh. My ghost writer, Maggie considered adopting him last summer when she was looking for a new cat. However, she thought him rather plain and, since she already owned a black cat, adopted his fluffy tiger tabby sister, Beyonce, instead. Inky, subsequently, was adopted by a young family who returned him because he was “too laid-back”. They wanted a more active pet for their children. Not long after his return, Mrs. M. noticed that Inky seemed fluffier. In fact, each time she saw him he appeared to have sprouted more hair. He grew a very impressive beard, sideburns, and chest hair. One day, she realized he had become one of the most beautiful cats in our shelter. There is speculation that he may be a Maine Coon cat or, a “Mainly” Coon cat.
Inky is still laid-back. This sweet-natured cat, who is about 16 months old, spends his days striking fetching poses. The Brad Pitt of our shelter, he is seeking a forever home with a family who will admire him for the superstar that he is.

Meow is never underfoot. This lovable, mature cat enjoys spending time in her crate and considers it home, sweet home. She is very gentle and offers no resistance when some of the other cats here take her food. She would be an ideal pet for a senior citizen and qualifies for this role under the LHS’s Seniors for Seniors’ free adoption program.

A handsome tiger cat who enjoys napping in his basket, Tynan would be suitable for a senior citizen or a family seeking a quiet pet. He’s dressed for success in a pin-striped suit.

Well, bite me, it’s Doren, the lovable cat who has seen one too many Twilight movies. He’s friendly but has an odd way of showing his affection. Whenever he wants attention, he nips. More than one volunteer has received a love bite from this naughty boy. A true cat lover capable of seeing past Doren’s quirky behaviour could find him a delightful companion. Just don’t chuck him under the chin and ask “What’s new pussycat”.

Grumpy Old Man
An orange cat with attitude, Grumpy Old Man is earnestly seeking a curmudgeon with whom to co-habit. He’s hoping that an Archie Bunker type will offer him a forever home. He has his own opinions and scoffs at cats who snuggle. No one can remember the last time they heard him purr. The  Grumpster is handsome, independent, and willing to trade bed and board at the shelter for life with a kindred spirit.

Sometimes known as “the other Hoover” (Hoover the First makes a strange roaring noise at times), this tiger and white cat makes food disappear as if by magic. He argues that he is not a glutton, he’s a gourmet. The self-appointed taste tester of the cattery, he is the first one to the dinner table and the last to leave. If you are tired of opening can after can of wet food to tempt a finicky cat, add a Hoover to your household. He always cleans up his plate.

Three for the Road
This handsome trio is posing on “the audition table”. Whenever there is a visitor to the cattery, they hop onto the table beside the window to strut their stuff. They purr, nuzzle, and reach out to be petted, in hopes of being adopted. Can you make their dreams come true?

This one-year-old Calico miss is a real beauty and friendly, too. She’s proud of her name and thinks it sounds “very French”. She would be an ideal family cat or a fine companion for a senior citizen.

Paw-notes From the Desk of Liza
Have you seen our new sign? Look for it near the roadside, the next time you drive past our shelter. It’s perfect for advertising coming events at the LHS and also for conveying messages, such as Happy New Year. Mrs. M. became a little upset last week, when she discovered that Franco had been tampering with it. He was grounded after moving the letters around to read: “Talking cat with superiority complex free to a good home. Ask for Liza Plump.”

The youngest volunteer at the Loyalist Humane Society, two-year-old Jayden helps his mom feed holiday treats to the cats.


Our shelter has several new volunteers, among them two-year-old Jayden who sometimes comes with his mom. It’s exciting to see more and more people taking an interest in our shelter and its many wonderful cats.

Remember Girlfriend (aka Bugsy) the senior black and white cat who came to us suffering from a nasty flea infestation? She was very weak and we were all worried for her. Mrs. M. took her under her wing and now Girlfriend, who weighed just four pounds when she arrived, tops the scale at seven pounds. Her sweet nature has made her a favourite here. She enjoys being petted and becomes quite vocal at times, especially if she senses there could be a treat in store for her. All of us at the shelter are happy that this wonderful old cat is now enjoying a second chance at life.

Time for me to help Mrs. M. with chores. I am always pleased to lend a paw.
Until next week,

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About the Author: Maggie Haylock is a freelance writer and former newspaper reporter who has co-authored several books with her husband, Alan Capon.

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  1. Gil says:

    Hi Folks, YOU are doing a Great job trying to find homes for our Animal Pals. Keep up the great work,they definateley do need our help!!
    As a relatively new resident to the County,(2009) we are now the proud supporters of 9 Ferral Cats/Kitties on Big Island.
    What a joy to watch them mature with their individual personnalities.(plus they are getting fixed as we catch ’em)Of Note:
    Our 3 dogs are NOT IMPRESSED!!!!
    Your Support solicited!!What a great site to Visit.
    Thanks Gil

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