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Election is about control of our future

This upcoming provincial election is about control of our future and how it is achieved.  It’s the most important election Ontarians have ever had to face in the history of our Ontario.
Politics has become a movement of  “public relations”, of media spin . Of carefully selected words, to imply fear, suggest doom.  To redirect, misinform,  change the issue course, and confuse the true issues Ontarians have and rightly feel concerned about.
If you doubt this, how you feel about climate change and the notion of fixing the world’s ills by adopting for profit alternate energy really varies depending on what media you listen to or watch.
I say this because although we listen to radio or TV experts on their views on these issues, do we ever really know about the background of these people?  Do they have relationships that set their agenda, are they paid lobbyists? Or are they industry investors?
Point is, we don’t know.
The media public relations campaign however has only one intention,  to control how people think and feel.
For those of you today that still feel that you have the luxury of not bothering to vote, or feel not voting is a protest  vote, think again.
In January 2012 Ontario will adopt Cap and Trade.
Enron may finally get what it lobbied for…, putting a price tag on air.
Cap and Trade, embraces alternate energy as the fix for all man kind, according to the pro alternate energy side. It will save the planet from certain death, the polar bears will have a future, the ice caps will not thaw, the water levels will not rise.  It will somehow be the magic bullet to control mother nature and weather. And those that oppose this direction are evil.  They are Pro Oil, Pro Nuclear. Deniers. Fools.  Evil foolish people. Complicit in killing thousands of people a year by standing in the way of closing  coal plants.
That is public relations at work.
Since the Ontario Liberals came to power  8 years ago, there has been a war on electricity.  Using power has been spun as evil. We have been pushed to conserve, use different light bulbs, buy new furnaces , windows, insulate our homes, buy new appliances .
All to combat evil electricity.
An entire new language has been born.  Green, sustainable this or that, carbon footprint, peak this, peak that.
It has been used so often by media , that we use the language as well without even realizing we speak the spin.
The public relations campaign has been masterful.
Pure genius.
We have environmental groups, aligned with Industry polluters, political parties and select media together for a social global war.  Climate Change.
We are relentlessly bombarded with the notion that if we cut our power use,  be socially more responsible by being colder in the winter, hotter in the summer, buying new $40 light bulbs, new appliances and   “green” products that cost more, recycle our trash, and use clear garbage bags,  we will save the world from destruction by our thoughtless carbon footprint.
The Liberals want to close down our few remaining coal plants which were the cleanest burning in North America and build Gas power plants.
These Gas power plants will become the main power source that partner with wind and solar energy that the public will pay 3 times more for wind and 12 to 15 times more for solar.
We will have spent 2 Billion on TOU meters that can control our power use, we will spend Tens of Billions on a Grid Rebuild.
Nuclear Power plants will still be built, gas plants will still be built. The costs will still be there for us all.
Because the reality is we need power in our lives. And nothing will have changed despite the claims and all the sacrifices. The air won’t be cleaner because of IWTs and Solar.
But we will certainly pay more for power. How can we not?
When Industry is being paid 3 times more for wind and 15 times more for solar , the more of these developments that are are built, the higher our costs will be.
Corporate interests will have been served by making it possible to make enormous profits because of what the Liberals agreed to pay,  allowing them to continue polluting elsewhere while earning credits for wind and solar here, enabling even more pollution and being paid to do it with your money.
Public Relations will have proven itself to be the new voice for politicians.
Truth will no longer matter.
No one will know what it is.
And if we allow this to happen, what kind of future have we made for our children ?
Did you know power use works out this way?  Homeowners use 30% of demand and Industry uses 70% of demand?
Yet we continue cutting our forests down that clean our air, continue to increase our population putting more demand on resources, create more pollution , require more food and water . So that more people will be shopping in our Mega Malls.
An entire public relations industry  works every minute of the day to divert our attention from reason.
Alternate energy is not the magic bullet.  In fact  it  may actually do more harm than good. One thing is for certain it will make a huge amount of money for corporations. Trillions.
I hope we all step back and prove that we are not the fools they take us for.

Ernest Horvath

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