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It’s not about power; it’s about control

Steve Campbell

Steve Campbell

I haven’t given up on the concept of County Independence. Ironically enough, I was distracted by the several attacks by our Provincial Government on our County way of life. Maybe that was the plan: “Let’s keep those annoying dull-witted sod-kickers busy by threatening their entire south shore with IWTs, and cutting the heart out of their hospital.”
Clearly, the provincial agenda is to bully people they pretend to serve, until they give up or fight back.
Oddly enough, bullying is a high profile issue right now, and people across North America are gathering forces to stop school bullying and web-bullying. But government bullying of its citizens, and corporate bullying of its employees, seem to be exempt from the social order that normal clear-thinking individuals like us are trying to maintain, before it is lost forever.

As I’ve said before, the government no longer makes decisions with us; they make decisions for us. Our stand against them must be frustrating for them, since we’re expected to lay back and take it.
I don’t think they understand our irrational desire to protect our health and our future, and our need to once again be part of the province’s decision-making process, instead of being discarded as mindless dweebs.
It was a marginal and surprising win for opponents to the Ostrander Point project. It’s nice to stop a bully in their tracks, something I could never do in public school.
My recommendation now is for South Shore people to go in and find Blanding’s Turtles, and find a way to make them mate like crazy. I figure they eat oysters, which is a known aphrodisiac, so I’m hoping they will breed like rabbits, except at a slower pace. Some candlelight and some County wine might not hurt either.
Perhaps a Turtle-Porn website might heat things up, showing female turtles seductively removing their shells, over a 72-hr time period. I think I need to know more about turtle mating habits.
As soon as the turtles are done doin’ their wild thang, and they’re laid back on their shells smoking a cigarette in the turtle afterglow, we can rush in and grab the eggs and sell them to other rural Ontario communities bullied by the province and their Green Energy Act.
This could be big money, surpassing the wineries, the LCBO and the Beer Store as the only businesses in the County making a profit!

Next up is the White Pines project, which threatens the rest of the shore, and  the village of Milford. Picture a handful of CN towers outside your back door, towering over the historic Mt. Tabor and St. Philip’s Church. Nice fit, don’t you think?
This time around, I expect the issue will be setbacks, and not turtles.

Meanwhile, even the Metro news columnists are finally calling for Premier Wynne to re-think wind power, largely based on the economics of it, since the devastation of the rural landscape is not really an issue for them.
The Sun’s Paul Rimstead pointed out that Ontario regularly exports the equivalent of all Ontario wind power production, sometimes at discount prices, for free, or even paying for neighbouring states and provinces to take it. We have not yet begun to pay the price for this fiasco.
This is because the Green Energy Act was designed by bureaucrats and politicians, who know about as much about the workings of IWTs as I do about setting the clock on my DVD player.
I say this, not to annoy the County Sustainability Group, but to point out something obvious that has been ignored in the giant dust cloud of discussion: Ontario’s power problem is not how to generate more power, but to more effectively CONTROL the power we produce.
This means taking it out of the hands of the big dealmakers – government and corporate – and put the problem to our Canadian research and development scientists. The Ontario Power Workers have been shouting this for years: power they can’t control is of no use to them. They need to be able to turn it on and off faster to meet demand and decline in usage.
Sadly, this requires the province to release its chokehold on power generation, in order to bring in a fresh set of brains, and proper “re-thinking’ from the beginning.

This, of course, will never happen, since politicians consider themselves holier than us. Well, maybe ‘holier’ isn’t the right word, considering the secret pay-offs, influence money, under-handed dealings, information-hiding and general lack of morals or ethics.
But they do consider themselves smarter than us, and become upset if anyone questions their obvious intellectual superiority.
It’s like the former ruling class known as the Family Compact. Ignoring the people, while treating themselves lavishly (despite the lack of private jets and helicopters), led to Mackenzie’s 1837 Rebellion. Mackenzie lost the battle, but won the war. The concept of ruling without consideration for the needs of the people was dismantled.
Now we elect them to rule without consideration for the needs of the people.
It’s much better.

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  1. Andy R. says:

    I agree with most everything Steve writes regarding the abuse of power by the Ontario government.
    Cloaked in satire, Steve columns provide valuable insight.

  2. Mark #1 says:

    Its the same article, week after week.

  3. Jethro says:

    This is to Steve. I think you better stay trying to set your clock on your DVD player as you don’t know much about wind turbines eather. You just write on here trying to get the non IWT people riled up

  4. Gary Mooney says:

    And the Sun’s Paul Rimstead died in 1987, 26 years ago.

  5. Ken Globe says:

    145 m from base to top of blade does not a CN Tower make Steve.

  6. Wolf Braun says:

    ” But they do consider themselves smarter than us, and become upset if anyone questions their obvious intellectual superiority. ”

    This definitely applies to bureaucrats !

    We, as a freedom-oriented individuals, have certain attitudes and ways of looking at the world that affects how we interact with other individuals. Bureaucrats have a fundamentally different orientation that affects how they view us. We mostly believe in conducting our affairs in any way we choose – privately if we wish – so long as we don’t trample on the rights of others. Bureaucrats usually don’t think like this. Some bureaucrats give lip-service to freedom, but in practice will do everything they can (“just doing my job” is a typical excuse) to thwart our freedom. For bureaucrats it’s all about RULES.

    Canada’s public service is just out of touch with reality!

    The legacy cost of a huge public service retiring on defined benefit pensions is a burden too heavy for the next generation. We should just cancel all agreements NOW !

    Despite decades of warnings, the Canadian health care system continues to focus on treating illness at ever escalating costs. We are slowly going broke paying for outdated health care. Same for education, homelessness, welfare and a raft of other public services that resist change, lead by elected political parties that cannot stomach reality…. all they want is to be in power.

    We need to rethink what we want as the PURPOSE and PRINCIPLES of Government. This task belongs to all of us. We need to have the courage to face reality.

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