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Micro surfacing treatment on roads begins

Micro surfacing on several roads is set to begin Aug. 30 by contractors retained by the County and is expected to continue for the next two weeks on the following roads:

County Road 1 (from County Road 2 to 1 km east)
County Road 3 (from Old Orchard Road [east end] to civic address 3072)
County Road 3 (from civic address 3472 to Loyalist Parkway)
County Road 12 (from the Bloomfield limit to civic address 634)
Loyalist Parkway (from civic address 15490 to civic address 16057)

Micro surfacing is a road rehabilitation technique designed to extend the life expectancy of the asphalt roadway.

The technique seals the road surface to prevent water from infiltrating the road base. The technique also creates a road surface with a coarser texture for enhanced skid resistance and reinstates a safer wearing surface.

A specialized machine mixes material (emulsified asphalt, aggregate, filler, water and additives) that are then spread over the existing road surface. After a short curing period, traffic is provided access to the new surface.

The micro surfacing work is one aspect of the 2023 rural road rehabilitation program.

The bulk of the work in 2023 focused on single surface treatment, a preventative maintenance technique that extends the life of a surface-treated road surface that is still in good condition. The goal is to get a lot more use out of these roads before they have to be fully reconstructed, which is a much more expensive undertaking.

Single surface treatment work began July 4 and wrapped up on July 20.

That work included:
The following roads will be affected and are scheduled to be completed in this order:

County Road 19 (Cunningham Road to Civic Address [CA] 1450)
Hubbs Road (Valley Road to Victoria Road)
Lakeside Drive (Melville Road to Link Road)
Station Road (from Hillier/County Road 33 to end)
Wesley Acres Road (Millennium Trail to end)
Ridge Road (CA 608 to County Road 12)
Cowan Road (entire length)
Salmon Point Road (County Road 18 to End)
Scotts Mill Road (from Old Milford Road to Crowes Road)
Chapmans Crescent (entire length)
Murphy Road (County Road 10 to County Road 13)
Long Point Road (CA 5036 to Point Traverse Sign past CA 5546)
Miller Road (County Road 17 to Old Milford Road)
Bongards Crossroad (County Road 7 to County Road 8)
Black Road (East of 1052 to Doxsee Road)

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