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Smaller council, keep wards – yes we can

Yes we can downsize our cumbersome 16 member Council without changing ward boundaries.

The two northern wards could together elect three councillors. Picton and its neighbouring Easterly wards could elect three.  And Wellington with its neighbouring Westerly wards could elect three.

Our more compact 10 member council would have equal representation from each of three major regions in the County, and everyone would have an equal vote for the mayor.  We would achieve a more effective downsized council and fairness for all.

And there would be no changes to our historic ward boundaries.

Jim McPherson, Milford

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  1. JYBE says:

    KJB, Why not let the one with the most votes be Mayor and the rest follow suit until you get to some number that the County as a whole voted on. So the ballot would have two votes recorded, one for your best choice as Councillor and the other for the number of Councillors, be it 5-15. This way there are NO boundaries to get in the way and everyone would have just the one vote. The next term you would have one vote, for one Councillor.

    The downside would be that no one would run for Council because they couldn’t afford to sign, pamphlet, or knock on doors in the entire County unless they were wealthy or have wealthy backers. Good bye democracy, hello USA style politics.

  2. KJB says:

    If candidates can run in which ever ward they want, I can’t imagine what the problem would be if voters could vote for whom ever they want…No one is going to vote for someone they feel does not have the good of the county as their first choice

  3. Mark says:

    Oops! Exactly KJB. It is the most democratic process allowing residents to vote for the platforms they prefer that affect them in all ways. It also removes the comparable population issues and does not pit North, East or West in possible territorial debates. One vote for all residents for all of Council. Too democratic for some?

  4. KJB says:

    Better still let the voter for whom ever they want regardless of wards….Every councilors decision affects all residents…..

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