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Upcoming “public” meeting a sham(e)

Ain’t it a shame we are once again being subjected to a sham “public” meeting?  wpd has recently announced a government-required meeting about more changes to their industrial turbine plan. Presumably it is to give the community information about transmission lines, as details were not specified in the original plan. However, even at this late juncture, details are still not available.

There is a suggestion that some lines will be buried, where there is not too much rock. Where might that be, since much of the 29 kilometre route from Royal Road to County Road 5 is limestone?  The project plan uses terms such as “could be”, “expected”, “not anticipated”, and, as such, is meaningless.

There is no information on the height of transmission poles, or the diameter of the hole required to install the poles. Similar projects use poles 60-80 feet high that are set in reinforced concrete. There is no information on placement of guy wires. Similar projects require them for even a 5 degree change in direction. Buried wires will be three feet underground.

There is no information on enclosure of the wires. Similar projects have wires enclosed in a sheath filled with oil. What guarantee is there that the oil will not leach into the surrounding soil?
There is no information on the effects of the vibrations produced in constructing the trough in the limestone on nearby structures – or who will pay for damage. The impact on tree roots as well as on the water table and drainage cannot even guessed at, let alone scientifically investigated, until the exact location and details of buried and above ground wires are known. Then, the corporation should be made to perform thorough vibration, environmental impact, and geomorphology/water studies to ensure there will be no impact prior to commencing construction.

Recently, wpd had 5 meters either side of Mapul Layn surveyed, and the beautiful old iconic maples marked. These trees and both shoulders are on private property. Last spring the private property issue was specifically raised and wpd was advised by the municipality that the trees may not be removed for wires; trenches may not be dug on the shoulders. Yet here they are again, marking trees presumably for removal. Even putting a trench under the roadway will put the outstanding maples at risk, through root damage.

Attend the wpd meeting and demand details: April 29, 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm, Prince Edward Community Centre Hall, 375 Main Street, Picton. Do not allow the corporation to put trees and the water table at risk.  Help protect our County and our rights.
Garth Manning
Chair, County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy (CCSAGE)

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  1. Doris Lane says:

    Who is Jason Alford? Is he the person White Pines has hired to be a liason with the county All you have to do is look at the flyer CCSAGE has put out and you can see the mess that white pines is going to make of South Marysburgh and how they are going to destroy a whole lot of property building a long transmission line.
    What does mr Alford think he is going to do. There is no way anyone in the county is going to approve of what White Pines is going to do so they are wasting their money hiring someone to convince the county that this development is a good thing. No one is going to put a good spin ona bag idea.

  2. Jason Alford says:


    Thank you for your question. The meeting will be to present and display information regarding the proposed transmission route and to provide answers on that subject. As stated in the posting of the public notice, “There is no set time for any formal presentation. Members of the community are welcome to drop-in from 5:30-8:00pm.”


  3. marie says:


    Regarding the format of the meeting on Monday…

    Will White Pines be speaking to the audience as a whole?

    Will the members of the audience have a chance to repond in a question and answer format?

    This is a meeting sir.

    Anything less is a divide the masses show and tell.

    People have been pointing this out at every meeting White Pines has been forced to have.

    From ground zero…turbine-land

  4. Jason Alford says:

    Chris Keen,

    I am not certain that this site is the proper location for a questions-and-answer session either.

    Reading through the posts, I am having difficulty finding any sincere questions. There are a lot of statements, speculation and rheological questions (eg. “Do these landowners or the County residents impacted by this realize what is coming?”).

    Truly, the best place to receive information on the transmission route is at the meeting on Monday.

    If you, or anybody else, have a question about wpd’s proposed development then please send me an e-mail and I will do my best to provide a factual answer.

    Thanks, Jason.

  5. Doris Lane says:

    Obviously White Pines is too far from the sub station on Countyroad 5. It is ridiculous to build a wind farm that many Km from a sub station and disrupt the landscape for so many places.
    everyone should go to the meeting on Monday night even though White pines is bot known for its hospitable meetings


  6. Chris Keen says:

    Jason – Obviously the ERT is not the place to respond. I was suggesting you respond to this post on Countylive.

  7. Jason Alford says:

    Chris Keen,
    Respectfully, I suggest that the best way to hear about our plans for the transmission line is to attend the meeting on Monday evening. The ERT hearing is not the proper venue for me to be making public announcements relating to our developments.

  8. Chris Keen says:

    Perhaps, instead of yukking around with Gilead’s lawyers during breaks at the ERT, Jason Alford could spend some of that time clarifying what wpd is actually intending to do?

    He could start by confirming that the property owners on either side of Maypul Layn gave their permission for the survey and the marking of trees for cutting to takeplace.

  9. Dayton Johnson says:

    Any blasting involved to set these poles? I know of one case in GreenBush where Ont. Hydro blasted a hole and diverted the well vein and the 40 gal/minute well dried up.It had to be drilled deeper and with no compensation to the owner. Still was never as good as the original.

  10. Mark says:

    29 kilometers of massive transmission lines destroying hundreds of trees along the route. Can you envision these going down Sandy Hook and in front of the Waring House? Do these landowners or the County residents impacted by this realize what is coming?

  11. Renee says:

    My understanding is that they won’t be using existing hydro lines, they will be adding their own so those people along the transmission route may be treated to two sets of hydro poles.

  12. Doris Lane says:

    Gary in comparison to other transmission lines that we have what do these look like

  13. Gary Mooney says:

    Where the wires are above ground, it will be necessary to cut down mature triees. We’re talking about a 29-km transmission line here, so the loss of trees could be in the hundreds.

  14. Doris Lane says:

    Great article Garth and it looks as if White Pines is at it again–Information sketchy at best . All should attend the meeting on Monday. Is this the type of thing that all the pro wind people want happening throughout the County/

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