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Latchford is ‘a doer who thinks’

In Mr. Inrig’s screed to the media last week, he begged the question as to whether Prince  Edward County residents need a ‘thinker or a doer’ as our Mayor, inferring that our choice is either one or the other.
Mr. Inrig, we need both.
The fact that Sandy Latchford has begun erecting signs indicates to me that she understands that a certain percentage of the voting public are seasonal residents.  Attempting to declare her candidacy to include all residents, both seasonal and permanent, is not hypocritical – it is good business sense; intelligent business sense. I find nothing hypocritical about her logic and execution in so doing, and view it as refreshing and forward-thinking.
As to tying Ms. Latchford’s position regarding the ‘all candidates meeting’ to erecting signs and campaigning, again, Mr. Inrig, there is nothing hypocritical about her decision not to participate in an all candidate’s debate three months before all candidates could be declared.  Remember, campaigning began for all candidates when they announced their intentions to run. Sandy Latchford did not acquiesce to the pressure of participation and making presumptions about what is important to voters – again, good business sense.
Shamefully, you dismiss Latchford’s heritage stance as “not cutting it;” her County roots “don’t cut it.” But, your slighted definition of ‘business experience’ does cut it? Isn’t it the ‘business experience’ of the past two councils that has mired the County in $45 million in debt? Didn’t the ‘business experience’ of the majority of council last week condemn a 135-year-old landmark? Isn’t it ‘business experience’ that favours residential development that will drastically change the face of main street Prince Edward County and the fabric of its small towns and villages? Won’t it be ‘business experience’ that allows the infrastructure costs of development to be passed on to County taxpayers rather than carried by developers? Isn’t it also ‘business experience’ that is affecting the livelihood of our farmers as development encroaches on their ability to expand and earn a decent living?
Simply put, we need the balance of both business sense and a motivated, accountable driver.  We deserve a rooted individual with unimpeachable qualifications with no real or perceived conflicts of interest. A dedicated and proven person of varied employment and management experience who deeply understands the heritage, culture and fabric of Prince Edward County and can effectively lead it for four years with strength, vision, determination and passion: in other words, a ‘doer who thinks.’
In summary, Mr. Inrig, the only mayoral candidate possessing those credentials is Sandy Latchford, and the residents of the County would be well served to elect her.
Mary Malone

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